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Home Game Room Decorating Ideas - Home Recreation Room

Home Recreation Room Ideas

Decorating a recreation room in your home or garage will be fun and exciting. Making this game room for the family will a special gift. In a new rec-room, there should only be games and no TV's, after all this is a "home game rec-room" not a movie room. Your family will be impressed with the cool look of a new game room in the home. This is one room that will make the family smile, and not think so much about the things going on in the world, like the so called economy or recession problems.

Start by painting your new rec-room your desired color, a fun color would be something bright or neon. You can paint your game room with just two colors if you like, for instance; two walls across from each other can be neon green, and the other two walls opposite of each other can be neon pink. Also shapes and patterns can be added on top of the neon green or neon pink walls. Shapes and pattern can be made with 'painting stencils.' But before stenciling the walls with shapes or patterns, you have to let the green and pink walls dry first for at least 24 hours.

Just remember, when paint stenciling it doesn't have to be perfect, stencil the walls your own way. Choosing any colors you want will add to your own personal 'home recreation room ideas.' Now that is the vision of the Game Room's wall paint, with a cool touch. A "how to" video is below on "Wall Paint Stenciling." This game room will certainly be attractive to children as well as adults. Playtime doesn't have an age preference.

More Home Rec-Room Ideas

Alright, in one corner you may want to add a "gumball machine." And along one wall of the recreation room, add a couple of arcade games. Whichever games or arcade games you choose, it will be exciting for everyone to enjoy.

Maybe adding a bookshelf full of stuffed animals (not books), would definitely give the room a carnival vibe. Also all game rooms must have music. Another great idea would be to put an "old school jukebox stereo" in your game room. (The jukebox stereo could probably be found at a thrift store or eBay).

Fun Rec-Room for The Whole Family

Fun Rec-Room for The Whole Family

Watch this video - How to Stencil Paint onto a New Game Rec-Room

Things to Add to a Home Game Room

There are many things to add to a home game room, such as a Bingo Game; playing Bingo for prices or money can be very fun for your whole family. A home recreation room will be a great way to reward your family, and to build family memories. Children interacting with the whole family can reduce depression and stress for everyone involved including the grandparents.

Other Things to Add to Your Home Game Room:

  • Pinball Machine
  • Karaoke Machine
  • Air Hockey Table
  • Pool Table
  • Foosball Table
  • Board Games
  • Arcade Games

Happy Feelings in the Air - Family Game Room

Your new game room will be made with love and creativity; it's a vacation within your home. Most of all, everyone will have a blast! This new rec-room can also be used for birthday parties, and just pure family fun. Children need a place to vent, especially after a long day at school. Venting out, in a fun environment is therapeutic.

Adults can have playtime too, and it helps with interacting with their children. Some adults, as I know, can be very serious most of the time. So lighten up, and entertain your inner-child, your heart will thank you for it. Where there is joyous behavior, there is strength, and lack of depression. Making a recreation room is a cool idea, in these days.

Playtime can help anyone forget for a moment, all about their current problems and stress, if we allow it to. So, crank up the fun in your home, life, and environment.

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Video - Decorating a Children's Game Room

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frankhouston on August 21, 2013:

Game room are cool to promote family time. I think getting the right game room lights and setting the mood is important. But most important is setting a day or night aside each week or each month to invite family and friends over for a night of fun.

Brinafr3sh (author) from West Coast, United States on June 07, 2012:

Hi RolyRetro, I have a game closet where I keep board games, and all other games. Fun is everywhere either with a game room or a game closet. Thanks for your comment.

RolyRetro from Brentwood, Essex, UK on June 07, 2012:

Great hub, if only I had space for a games room in my house! With 4 kids my game collection is consigned to one wall in my son's room.

One day when I make a million on Hubpages...



Brinafr3sh (author) from West Coast, United States on May 30, 2011:

Thanks Jagandelight, family room for enjoyment.

jagandelight from Florida on May 24, 2011:

nice hub. redoing a room of any kind and making it into your desire space is always a wonderful feeling and you can relax and enjoy.

Game room is a pretty terrific thing to have especially if there is kids around. Good job.

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