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Game review: CarX Drift Racing Online

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CarX Drift Racing Online is a racing game developed by Russian developer CarX Technologies. A port of mobile title CarX Drift Racing, the game was released on PC in 2017, followed by PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch ports afterward.

When you compare CarX Drift Racing Online with arcade racers such as Need For Speed and Forza Horizon, the game is totally different. The game lacks career mode. No storyline and sidequests are present in this game either. Instead, you will level up and gain in-game money used to purchase a car and unlock a track in this game.

The game is more on getting good at drifting rather than doing races or missions. At start, you’re trying to get the hang of drifting-focused physics while getting money enough to purchase better car and mods. As the time goes by, you have obtained yourself a fully-tuned, drift-capable car. You’re already get used to the game and having fun.


The driving mechanics feel so fluid. It is still accessible even by beginners. Despite this, the chance is you will spend times practicing how to drift properly and doing research for the best setup that fits your driving style and your car.

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The modification element is greatly simplified. Instead of parts you can install on your car, the game gives you four mod choices: turbo, racing, drift, and ultimate; the latter unlocks all tuning available while being the most expensive. The tuning, however is in-depth as shown by various number of settings available such as wheel track and wheel lock adjustment on suspension part and horsepower and torque adjustments on the engine.

On the customization part, players can install body kits, rims, and interior parts. You can also change specific parts such as bumpers and spoilers, as well as paint and make your liveries. Unfortunately, the game lacks livery sharing feature, meaning you have to make your desired design by yourself.


The game mode is separated into two: single player and multiplayer. The former has four modes: drift, time attack, tandem drift, and practice; all of them are already fun on their own. Especially tandem drift mode which pits you in a judged tandem with the ghost car of your choice, not unlike real-life drift competitions.

Multiplayer is another fun fest. Either you’re in your own or someone’s drift lobby, you can expect yourself tandeming with your mates or random players in cross-platform supported online play. So far, no serious network issues ever occurred in the public lobbies too. The only downside of the multiplayer department is the lack of the ability to save replay which I concern with.


CarX Drift Racing Online is a racing video game that you can just grab and play. It is reinforced with simplified game modes and driving physics that is easy to navigate.

The community is unsurprisingly large too. You can easily find a public lobby filled with experienced drifters. Some twitch streamers playing this game often host a public lobby that you can join in.

Despite the game lacking progress-based quests and is more casual, drifting in the game can be fun and a little bit challenging. If you’re looking for a racing game that incorporates the joy of driving without being stressed out over unforgiving career mode and bosses, CarX Drift Racing Online is a must-buy

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