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Game of War Fire Age - How to Trade Resources for Gold

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Finding a Trading Partner

Okay, you have amassed large amounts of silver and ore and are now ready to start trading it for something you need more. In most kingdoms Kingdom Chat will be where you see most of the trading activity. You may also be in a kingdom that has a dedicated board for trade. Whatever the venue, be sure to watch the board for a few days and see what prices are being offered. This will give you a feel for how much you can charge in trade. You can also tell if resources are currently in greater supply or demand.

Follow the Pack Offers

As you watch Kingdom Chat you will notice times whey all the trade offers are sellers, and other times it is all buyers. When Kingdom Chat is filled with sellers you have a surplus and the price will start to drop. Timing your sells when items are in demand is what you want to target. How do you know when the price of a resource will go up?

Follow the Pack Offers - Many of the high level packs offer a substantial number of speed ups and special event materials. You want to find packs that are selling with minimal silver or ore (as those two are not in many packs), or one that offers a lot of 30 day speed ups. Money players are going to be the majority of your buyers so you want to have the stock available for when they need it. Pack with 30 day speed ups tend to increase silver spend on high level research, so a lot is removed from the market. Also, when new event gear comes out demand for silver can go high again. The current Xena's gear costs 100 million silver for each piece!

Waiting for the right time to sell can make a big difference how profitable you are in your trading. I can't stress enough how important it is to watch Kingdom Chat if you want to be an active trader.


Can I trade for Gold?

Yes, Kind of. You cannot trade for gold directly but can trade for "gifts" based on their gold value. For Example, my kingdom's current rate for silver is 500 gold per 1,000,000 silver. If I am trading 100 million silver I expect to get 50,000 in gold items in return. I would tell the buyer exactly what I would want in the trade, I'll use 1 million hero experience as an example (5000 gold each).

I would send the buyer the 100 million silver and they would gift me the 10 1 million hero experience points items. Who sends first and when should also be negotiated before trading.

Basics of Trading Resources in Game of War Fire Age

There are a few basic requirements to trade resources in Game of War Fire age. You must be on the same server, in the same alliance, and be trading with someone in gift mode. Generally when a trade takes place, one player will join the others alliance for a brief time so the trade can begin.

Once you are both in the same alliance one of the trading party will use an advanced teleport to be close enough to the trading partner. You should determine who will teleport as part of the trade negotiations. Unless you know and trust your trading partner, if you have a farm hive it is better to not give your location and to teleport to the buyer. This helps prevent someone from moving in on your farm accounts.

You should negotiate the price, quantity trading and nail down who will teleport and which alliance.


How Gift Mode Works in Game of War Fire Age

There is a misconception about tgift mode that you can send items you already own to another player. This is not how gift mode works, you cannot send items you already own to another player.

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Gift mode allows you to purchase with gold an item for the other player. All the items in the gold store are available to gift.

You will not be able to trade for Sacrificial Daggers, Iron Shackles, War Bonds or Books of War as these are only available to be gifted in a quantity of 1. (so to gift 5000 the gifter would be clicking 15000 times).


John on November 02, 2015:

That's a very low exchange rate for silver. I get 4x as much

Gamer G (author) on September 10, 2015:

To send speed ups to your other account you must have gift mode activated on the account that will be sending. You cannot send gold directly, just items in the store that can be gifted.

Gow on September 10, 2015:

Is there a way to send speed ups and gold from one of my accounts to another account? Thank you

Gamer G (author) on August 04, 2015:

you cannot send to people outside your alliance. One of you will have to temporarily join the others alliance.

Erbek on August 03, 2015:

how do you sent the silver and ressources out to other that is not into your alliance.

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