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Game Ideas for Your Children's Birthday!

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Birthday Party Ideas

Today, parents are fortunate to have more options than ever for children's parties, which go far beyond the classic house party. When planning your child's birthday party, keep these ideas in mind to throw an exciting party that will be perfect for kids of all ages and one that will give everyone the opportunity to form fond memories of anniversary.


Start some new & sporting activity

For his next birthday , you intend to please your child, who is growing up very quickly. Besides, he would like to invite his best classmates over to the house . You have already planned a great sugar paste cake with the effigy of his favorite hero, a decoration that throws and personalized invitation cards . Now all that remains is to organize birthday games to occupy them all afternoon. Our essential and original ideas, to organize easily

Create a craft

While fall offers great weather, it's also important to plan activities that can be enjoyed indoors. Making fun crafts is a great way to stimulate conversation while keeping your guests entertained. From bottle cap necklaces to duct tape art and painted pottery, your guests can show off their creativity by making keepsakes that will also serve as post-party gifts.


Have fun with the laser tag

Older kids may have passed the clowns and princess parties, but that doesn't mean they can't have fun. Laser tagging is a popular activity for kids today, which reaches a new level when they have enough space to run around and hide from explosions from their friends. Whether they're playing as a team or having fun on their own, this is an activity that is sure to be a hit.

Conquer a climbing wall

Birthday parties are a great opportunity to present kids with challenges and a rock wall is way more awesome than a round of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. However, when planning a climbing wall experience, it is important to choose a location that has a proven track record of using safe equipment and have trained personnel to assist you with the activity. With these safety measures, your guests can use their problem-solving skills and strength to take on new challenges at your party.


He Statue Game....!

Do you know the statue game? A version of Jacques said (not to move) revisited, in music for more fun! The principle: play a very catchy song that the children love and know by heart, and ask them to sing and dance. The moment you stop the music, the first one to move (or still sing) is eliminated. Laughter guaranteed.

La Piñata

Set up a piñata filled with confetti, small gifts and candy. Blindfold your child and ask his little friends to make a circle around it. Equipped with a stick, he will have to aim at the suspended object and try to break it to drop everything it contains. To make and hang on a beam or a tree in the garden using a string before the children arrive.

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During birthdays, at the funfair or at the school festival ... Children love angling! To do with the means at hand, take a basin filled with water or a basket, place a few colored fish or plastic figurines that you surround with a thick thread, making a knot. so as to reveal a loop. Magic wand, stick or small broomstick can be used as a fishing rod to catch floating animals. You can also stick magnetic adhesive pads ( on sale at Cultura) for convenience for children. Or, if you are good at crafts, make pretty fabric fish. Conversely, for moms in a hurry, there are complete kits, for example, at Oxybul . As a result, little gifts that you prepare upstream, with numbers corresponding to the fish.


The musical chair game

It's a must for children's birthdays ! Are there 10 guests? So place 9 chairs, back against back, so that each participant can be seated when the music stops. Whoever does not find a seat is then eliminated and a chair is removed, until only one winner remains. To make the game more personalized and original, prepare a playlist of children's favorite music. Guaranteed atmosphere!

Organizing a birthday party is much easier when you have several ideas in mind to make the day memorable for your child. From making a bead bracelet to mastering a rock climbing wall, fall offers incredible opportunities to let every guest know they are truly appreciated while still allowing them to have fun. This fall, give your child an experience tailored to their personality and interests, and your party will be a guaranteed success.

Enjoy your birthday & cake also...

Enjoy your birthday & cake also...

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