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Game Review: Sally Face

When it comes to unusual, interesting games, Sage is all over it. She believes in giving every game a chance, no matter the genre.

Title character Sal.

Title character Sal.


A charming, dark, story-driven adventure game, you play as Sal, a boy with a prosthetic face and mysterious past. During the course of the game, the player can interact with the surrounding world, as well as Sal's nightmares. As you get deeper into the game, a deep mystery slowly begins to unfold, among other smaller mysteries.

Sal also meets a wide array of characters, some who become his close friends, others who want nothing to do with poor Sal. Larry is the first friend you meet, and become best friends with. Todd is another you meet, same with Ashley, and the four of them end up forming an odd group.

There are apparently little extras hidden around the episodes for players to find, if you are up to the task that is.

Sal and Larry meeting for the first time.

Sal and Larry meeting for the first time.


The game is separated into episodes, five in total. So far, only four have been released and the fifth is currently in production.

Episode 1: Strange Neighbors

Starts out with what seems to be a flashback, showing a younger Sal. After the flashback, which turned out to be a nightmare, Sal is seen talking to Dr. Enon, a therapist, when he is asked about a body. This is where the game really starts in a flashback, to where Sal and his dad first move into the apartments. You control Sal, going around, meeting the neighbors and stumbling upon a gruesome mystery. You also meet Larry and his mom in this episode, among other weird residents. As Sal and Larry decide to help try and solve the mystery, another darker mystery is slowly appearing. The end of this episode has a rather interesting twist.

Episode Two: The Wretched

Yet again beginning with a nightmare, then going on to a therapy session with Dr. Enon. This episode, however, takes a more paranormal turn. Introducing the Gear Boy as a way of finding paranormal hot spots, as well as revealing ghosts. The history of the apartments is also slowly revealed, showing a much darker past. In this episode, you get to meet a few ghosts, one of which is Sal's friend, Megan. Aside from meeting ghosts, you also meet Todd and Ashley, two more close friends of Sal. The ending of this episode will either piss you off or cause you to be in disbelief, or both.

Episode Three: The Bologna Incident

This episode begins a bit differently from the other two, still starting out with a nightmare, but instead of a therapy session, Sal is being interviewed by a local news station. Instead of the story taking place mainly in the apartments, it starts out in school. The group of friends begin to think too deeply about the possible source of the bologna at school, and attempt to figure out just what it is made of. This reveals a new mystery, and brings you into the darker history of Addison Apartments. After figuring out what the bologna really is made of, the friends try to decide what to do. Cut back to the interview yet again. Todd is mentioned....but what exactly happened to Todd still remains a mystery.

Something much darker is unfolding...But what could it possibly be?

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Episode 4: The Trial

So, this is where the game gets real. We see a weird, trippy dream sequence with Sal, which then cuts to an older Sal in a different house. The group is now out of high school, and living together in a decent sized house. This episode, however, will answer plenty of questions and bring forth even more questions. The episode goes between the day everything happened, to the day of the trial, with Sal explaining what happened that faithful night. Ashley also takes the stand, explaining what happened after she had a date with Sal, mentioning that she wasn't so sure what is happening with Sal and says he needs help. This episode does introduce a new paranormal fighting gadget, travel between the living and dead worlds, as well as revealing the truth about Terrence Addisson, the owner of the apartments. Also, keep a eye on what the occupants of the apartments are saying, they all pretty much say the same thing. Things are just peachy. The end of this episode will reveal just why Sal was in jail, and what happened to Todd. The episode ends, revealing Sal's fate.

Episode 5, the final episode, will be released late 2019. This will mark the end of this wonderful game, and hopefully answers everyone's questions. As well as show us how Sal looks under his mask.


Creator and Some Thoughts

Perhaps I should mention, this fantastic game was created by ONE man, Steve Gabry. He does it all, art, story line, music, everything. Give a hand to this guy, creating such a charming, fascinating game.

Sally Face is one of those games that, despite having creepy imagery at times, is not classified as a horror game. Few games can pull off this style, and this one does it amazingly. If you haven't had a chance to play it or watch some videos on it, I highly suggest you look it up.

This is one of those games that really pulls you in with the story, you really want to figure out what is going on.

How are all these mysteries linked?

What lies behind Sal's mask?

What is the true history behind Addisson Apartments?

Where did it all go wrong?

Hopefully, these will be answered in the next episodes. I am excited to see what happens next!

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