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Game Review: Halo Reach

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Halo Reach returns Spartans to the fray and chronicles the battle against the covenant on Reach which takes place shortly before the first Halo game. The game allows users to modify their character and take their much anticipated place in a troop of Spartans. The game allows players to choose their characters gender and then choose new pieces of armor using their starting funds. As they progress through the game they’ll earn credits that can be used to purchase better armor pieces.

Strong Graphics

Nearly all assets in the game have been build from the ground up which gives the game a much stronger graphical presentation and look. As Halo 3 didn’t look as nice as other games on the market at the time it received a lot of flak from gamers, that isn’t the case this time.

Modes include the standard campaign mode which can be played single player or with 4 player co-op (local or online), local 4 player multiplayer or 16 player online multiplayer. The 4 player firefight mode that debuted in ODST has been improved and expanded in Reach, as well as the forge multiplayer community features that were popular in Halo 3.

Gripping Storyline

The campaign mode is a worth successor to those of the previous entries. The major modification in the extent of set pieces in the layer mode. The game features a ton more NPCs, and there’s a lot more tense moments throughout the game. It’s also great to be fighting along side a squad or Spartans. The campaign features 10 missions and has the standard additional mechanics known from previous games including scores and a score attack mode.

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Gameplay remains mostly the same. Health kits from ODST return and can be used to quickly restore the players health during an intense fight. New weapons also make an appearance, the biggest being a weapon similar to Gears of War’s hammer of dawn which sprays a marked area with a devastating attack killing all within range. Vehicles make a return as well including a new ground type.

Worthy update to Halo 3

The multiplayer is also a worthy update to Halo 3′s. The campaign character is also used in multiplayer along with it’s armor upgrades and abilities. This is a much more customizable character experience than any previous Halo game.

The multiplayer itself includes all the standard modes plus a couple new modes. The headhunter mode has players drop skulls when killed which can be collected and deposited at zones for points. Stockpile mode has the players scoring points for holding onto flags at capture points. Generator Defense is a 3 on 3 match where one team of Spartans protects a series of generators from a team of Elites. Invasion is a 6 on 6 mode with teams of Spartans vs Elites fighting for controls of territories which reveal a core when all are captured. The core must be captured to win the match. Generator Defense and a new Spartan vs Elite mode are available in Firefight as well.

Final words

Overall Halo 3 is the new entry that all Halo fans have been waiting for. It really is a new must own game for the 360, and it’ll be interesting to see if the multiplayer can help steal some of the market from other games that have been taking Halo 3 multiplayer games for years. It’s a solid entry with a ton of new features that every FPS fan should check out.


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