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Tips to Get Through Gta Online's Cayo Perico Heist Solo

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Starting the heist


1. Buy a Kosatka

First of all, you need a Kosatka which is available for purchase from Warstock Cache & Carry. The submarine, manned by a Russian named Pavel doubles as a place where you do heist preps and finale. Prepare your GTA dollars since this submarine will cost you $2.2 million, or more if you are down for some additional upgrades.


2. Buy a Sparrow

Sparrow is a moon pool vehicle upgrade for Kosatka. You can purchase the light helicopter for $1,815,000.

The helicopter is highly recommended as it will save you a lot of time during heist preps, thanks to the fact that the vehicle is storable inside Kosatka. You can also clear enemies faster should you upgrade it with homing missiles for $240,000.

Gather intel & prep


1. Find a Manchez Scout

Once you land in Cayo Perico, find and steal a Manchez Scout, a military motorbike. One is located not far from the island's welcome gate. Then, ride the bike to reach the communications tower or any looting spots faster.

There is a higher chance you are spotted by the guards if you're in one of the vehicles in the island. So pay extra attention while you ride.


2. Scope out the drainage tunnel

There are eight infiltration points to enter El Rubio’s compound spread across the island. One of them is the drainage tunnel, located on the south and just right behind the compound.

If you're either new to the heist or looking for a speedrun attempt, it is highly recommended to scope out the compound entry as it is the fastest way to infiltrate into the compound. Discovering the infiltration point unlocks the Cutting Torch prep mission.


3. Complete disrupt armor disruption

On the heist prep, you are given three disruption choices. These are all optional, so you don't have to complete each.

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Should you need to do one, however, prioritize the armor disruption mission. By completing the mission, the guards will not wear body armor, allowing you to finish the guards faster given the situation you are encountered and need to fight them back.



1. Be stealthy

You're now on the heist finale and ready to loot some of El Rubio's valuable goods. But remember, being stealthy is heavily encouraged in this finale.

Now that you are going to treat the finale as if it was a Metal Gear mission, you want to aim for headshots as much as possible. Alternatively, you might approach the guards from the back and give them a traditional stealth kill.

go through the red cone and you'll get dusted by his minigun

go through the red cone and you'll get dusted by his minigun

2. Watch out for heavy gunner

Out of the guards, the minigun-totting heavy gunner is one you should be extra aware of. He is marked with a red skull icon and a narrower cone of vision.

Similar to what you will do to the other guards, you might want to give him a stealth kill, or just stay away whenever you start getting near him.

Update: The newest GTA Online update buffed the Heavy Gunner so that he can't be killed instantly, even with headshot. So just stay away from him as far as you can.


3. Make your way into the airstrip

Now that you have snatched the primary target, what about the secondary targets? Sadly, you can't enter houses in the compound as you will need another player to enter a dual keycard access door. When it comes to secondary loot spots, I found the Cayo Perico Airstrip (also one of the available infiltration points) as the safest place to grab secondary targets and escape from.

Make your way into the airstrip to grab the remaining loots. To approach it, proceed to the edge of the island and make a dive into the sea nearest.


Start swimming. Once you’re already ashore, wait for El Rubio’s helicopter to fly too far from your current place and take down the remaining guards surrounding the place.

An extra tip, don’t change your scuba suit. You are still going to dive to escape the island after you successfully snatch the secondary targets.


Now that you have finished the heist, enjoy the payout and be ready for the next heist. Hope it doesn't come from Uncle Lester

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