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"GTA VI" Leaked Gameplay Footage Shown

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The Hack

On 9/17/22, through apparently a social engineering hack, gameplay footage and an early build of the game were accessed and now the internet is awash with gleaned footage.

When I look at the leak, I see Miami. I'm thoroughly jazzed and think they're nailing it. Vice City was lit.

The hacker claims to have also hacked Uber through similar methods. Just like when your work IT department says not to give your information to suspicious people, a suspicious people got access to someone's keystrokes, had them log in pretending to be a representative within the company and took their info.

Rockstar is exceptionally secretive and I bet someone is highly ticked.

I'll fight the good fight and try and keep my video links live, but I assume the videos will get pulled making my article a steaming pile. For the time being, here's the dirt.

Features and Bennies

There's a robbery mechanic similar to RDR2, which is nice. The level of map detail is sick.That bodega or whatever looks like the inner streets of Miami Beach to me. Palmettoes, peeling paint, faded awnings from all of the salt and sun. Absolutely immersive.

Lucia isn't fat, she's thicc tho and I can dig it. Be nice, youtubers lol.

The level design footage shows scenes that come straight out of real life. The camera angles inside of some buildings almost look like security footage, which feels cinematic. This world was built like a gigantic movie set, where every detail was made to look real.

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Look at the grass in the background and the trees. Most games have awful flora. GTA 6's plant life looks convincing. The way grass is patchy along the medians, manicured shrubs and trees look intentional, but overgrown and wild places appear properly dissheveled and unintentional.

I'm sorry you got took for a ride, Rockstar devs. Your game looks juicy and we thank you and hope our voyeurism doesn't stymie your progress.

But How Are The Cars!?

The cars look savage. And this is an early build, but the physics look solid and I like the way the movement appears.

Let's be honest, GTA vehicles pretty much always feel good. But this one has adjustable interiors, dominant hand and other components that beg the question: Will this make me purchase a VR device?

For me, the answer is of course it will. I'll take nausea-supressants if I have to.

Here's a video that shows other details as well, such as the cone of light that appears under street lights when it's raining. Such romantic visions of urban sprawl are the new high water mark for open world games and again, this is an early build.

I need to start banking PTO hours now so I can continue getting paid while I quit life for a while after release. Maybe I can get turned into a cookie like in Black Mirror so I won't have to worry about my stupid corporeal form getting in the way of a good time.

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