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GTA Summer Update: What’s to Expect?

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On May 18th 2021, Rockstar Games teased the new update to come soon this summer. Like other updates, it will come with respective theme, with car culture becomes the central plot this time.

As Rockstar Newswire wrote, the update will bring ‘high stakes and high action’ to all corners in Los Santos. Heavy emphasis is on the automotive-centric theme, which is expected to bring fanservice-worthy of content to players, especially car guys.

But keep your expectations aside. With the new update to come several weeks from now, here are my predictions regarding the upcoming update:


Considering the vehicular theme, I can expect the vehicle department to receive a huge upgrade. That said, it would make the upcoming update a redemption after the tamer new vehicle line-up in The Cayo Perico Heist update.

With Rockstar Games to gear the update with “new opportunities for fans of performance and customization upgrades to get together with like-minded gearheads”, new Benny’s customizable rides come to mind. Since its introduction in the January 2016 update, the custom shop receives lukewarm reception with Benny’s rides have been long-requested by the players.

Distinguished from Los Santos Customs, Benny’s Original Motor Works offers more customization items and upgraded for player’s rides. The last appearance of Benny’s customizable rides was the Los Santos Summer Special update. Considering the heavy car culture theme, it is not impossible to anticipate Benny’s rides to roll out once again.

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Like in other heist updates, the new type of property is expected to play a great role as it doubles as the place where you plan heist and preps. Since the new update will be car culture-themed, it is safe to say the new properties would be automotive related such as custom shop or garage.


Lastly, the missions. Rockstar mentioned the new update to feature new types of races as well multi-part robbery missions where players will drive modified getaway rides.

Judged by the robbery part and considering good reception towards heist mission in GTA online, my best bet would be Rockstar to add another heist or at least mini-heist missions. However, normal missions might also be the best guess on this part.

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