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GTA Online The Contract DLC: A Review

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The Contract DLC marks the return of Franklin, one of Grand Theft Auto V protagonists returns. Now a consultant, you the GTA Online Protagonists are going to establish an agency and work with him.

Unlike Trevor in Series A setup, you can play as him (or Lamar) in Short Trips. There are three Short Trips missions: Seed Capital, Fire It Up, and OG Kush, the former is unlocked after you complete the below-mentioned VIP contract. Gameplay-wise, Short Trips bring another challenge as you start with limited ammunition and no armor in your inventory. You want to make headshots as much as you can to make kills efficiently before looting weapons and additional ammo from the enemies.


Now the contracts. Security Contracts consist of missions with varied payout depending on the difficulty level. Some of the contracts might be hard but still accomplishable. Gang termination contracts appear to be the most challenging missions as you face waves of oncoming gang members. On the other hand, Specialist+ missions (available only for Recover Valuables and Recover Vehicles contracts) give you the highest payout and they are much easier.

The center of the update is the VIP contract which has three leaks and two climactic missions. You are working for Dr.Dre, a famous rapper who asks you to retrieve his phone. At start, you are paid $10,000 per leak which is pretty pitiful. The final mission, however, gives you a hefty payout of $1.000.000 ($1.500.000 if you play the contract for the mission), given the condition that you are the host of the mission.


Payphone Hits might reminisce you with pre-GTAIII games where missions are done via a payphone. To start the mission you call Franklin after which you are directed to the nearest payphone. Each hit list has an assassination condition which grants you additional bonus of $70,000, meaning you can procure a total of $85,000 should you fulfill the conditions. Fortunately, most of these conditions are easy to execute so there is a higher chance of you to acquire the bonus cash.

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The list of vehicles is more varied than the previous update although SUV appears to dominate the update. Still, it got some potential favorites like Ignus, Shinobi, Deity, and Mammoth Mil-Spec. The Imani Tech upgrades are also helpful, especially the missile lock-on jammer to prevent you from being shot by random missiles. The only complaint from the vehicle department is probably the bikes are sold for ridiculously high price. The weapon department, on the other hand, sees the introduction of EMP Gun and Heavy Rifle as well as returning Stun Gun.

Aside from updates, numerous fixes have also been done. Notable fixes are fewer phone calls from random characters telling you to buy a property that you don’t have, the increase in safe capacity, and the new conditions in leveling auto shop reputations.



A throwback to the good old days, that’s what describes the Short Trips portion. Sure, the single-player further content will not see the light of day, but at least, Short Trips is the closest to it. The ability to play as Lamar brings a different experience compared to playing as the original three protagonists.

The Security Contracts and Payphone Hits are solid and happen to be two of my favorite grinding methods. I would complete a Payphone Hit and play the contracts and VIP work while waiting for the cooldown to end later on. One concern that I have is the fact that harder hit lists are unlocked when you’re with two players or more. There is somewhat a higher chance you will fulfill the bonus condition in a solo lobby.

The VIP contract is a nice addition, especially if you’re a fan of Dr.Dre or hip-hop music in general. The generous payout is a plus point; if I don’t bother to go for Cayo Perico Heist, I would hop in VIP contract for a $1,000,000 grind. However, I would like to see Rockstar Games adds one or two VIP contracts as varieties.

Lastly, the improvement in nightclub/arcade safe capacity makes the passive income businesses more profitable. The fix on reputation introduced in the Los Santos Tuners update adds new ways to leveling up. You don’t have to visit LS Car Meet just to increase the reputation level anymore as you can grind by completing auto shop deliveries and contracts.

The Contract DLC, while not being the best GTA Online DLC (that goes to Los Santos Tuner), has done a good job in offering varied vehicles & weapons, a throwback to the old days of Grand Theft Auto V, and probably grindable missions. And to put a cherry on top, you would be less likely to receive a call from Lester telling you to buy a property for heist purposes.

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