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GTA Los Santos Tuners: A Review

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On July 20th Rockstar Games released a summer update for Grand Theft Auto Online GTA Los Santos Tuners. The update takes the theme of car culture and street racing in the city of Las Santos.

Major feature of this update is level-based Reputation, similar to Arena Points introduced in the Arena War update. It can be earned by logging into the game, participating in street races, or just hanging out inside LS Car Meet. Increasing your Reputation will earn you unlockable goodies from clothes to vehicle trade prices.

The new job comes in form of contracts given by KDJ and Sessanta. These contracts are similar to Heists/Setups, albeit with fewer preparation works.


What's good?

The vehicular theme culture is beautifully executed. It's as if Rockstar wanted to make this update a spiritual successor to their own racer Midnight Club. New races really scream the golden era of street racing games. New missions, on the other hand, managed to keep up with the theme while still leaving the trademark of GTAV/GTA Online missions intact.

In the perspective of a player who is also into automotive stuffs, Los Santos Tuners is a love letter to this kind of audience. Rockstar Games really bring out the contents the car guys have been wishing for like the revamped vehicle list and robust customizations.

Let’s start from the vehicle department. Los Santos Tuners update came with tuner-themed favorites, in contrast with the lackluster line-up on the Cayo Perico Heist. Such new cars are Dinka Jester RR and Dinka RT3000, based on new Toyota GR Supra and Honda S2000 respectively. The update also saw classic GTA rides returning like ZR350 and Euros.

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Newly added cars feature modification options that give racing games a run for their money. You’re given a lot of freedom in tricking your rides, thanks to sizable number of mods available. While majority of racing games “restrict” mods to exterior, the game enables you to add modification inside like interior trim and engine bay. There are also new customization items like low grip tires.

New features also extend to the interaction menu. It now adds the option to lower your car, adjust hydraulics, and open/close your roof allowing you to alter how your car looks on the go. Additionally, you are now be able to remove installed bulletproof tires.

There are two new race modes being added: street race series and pursuit race series. The pursuit race series adds its own twist; you’re not only being pitted against other players but also cops trying to bust you out. If you’re into classic street racing games like Need For Speed Most Wanted, you’re are going to love these brand-new races. There’s also Sprint race where you can trigger while in Freemode.


The contract jobs reward small yet consistent payout. With that being said, the new contract jobs can be an alternative to get some GTA dollars in more relaxed way. To me, the contract jobs are my second most favorite casual grinding method aside from Import/Export missions.

Just like the Cayo Perico heist, contracts do not require you to assemble a team as well as can be played in invite-only sessions. These contracts are also easy to medium in difficulty.

Lastly, the LS Car Meet indoor facility brings benefits to players who like to hold car meets. The closed environment of LS Car Meet ensures players a car meet that is safe from other players wreaking havoc.


What's bad?

Compared to other recent heists, the contracts give you payout much lower. Still, you can expect yourself to procure GTA$ 200.000-300.000 per two contracts which is a good thing. The contracts also restrict you to the new vehicles only. However, you can use Sessanta’s yellow Obey Tailgater S meaning you don’t have to buy any of the new cars added in this update just to play the contracts.

The reputation system, which rewards you unlockable stuffs, is unfortunately grindy. Some of the items are even locked behind higher levels. This would be problematic for players who have no time to spend time inside LS Car Meet or doing new races available.

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