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101 Funny Would You Rather Questions

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If you’ve ever played “Would You Rather,” then you would know just how outlandish the questions can get! Many are nasty, many are hilarious, and some are just downright ridiculous!

Would You Rather questions are some of the craziest questions that you will ever be asked, and if you need a list of example Would You Rather questions, I’ve got you! It’s really pretty simple...

Would You Rather Questions

Would you rather….

1. Pick your nose or pick your friend’s nose?

2. Eat a booger or a mud pie?

3. Wear pants on your head or pants on the ground?

4. Get a wet willy or a noogie?

5. Be an ape or a wallabee?

6. Be a girly man or a manly woman?

7. Your farts shout out insults or you fart while shouting out insults?

8. Frolic through a sandspur patch or crap on a cactus?

9. Eat soup that looks like poop or eat soup that makes you poop?

10. Go ice skating naked or take an ice bath?

11. Sniff a dog’s butt or sniff a stranger’s butt?

12. Not be able to burp or not be able to fart?

13. Meet a one eyed, one horned, flying, purple people-eater or Godzilla?

14. Wear smelly socks or smelly underwear?

15. Hop on one leg or walk on all fours everywhere you go?

16. Drink sour milk or drink milk straight from the udder?

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17. Drink Baileys from a shoe or stirred with a used toothbrush?

18. Go a week without showering or a week without a bowel movement?

19. Travel back in time 2,000 years or be cryogenically frozen for 2,000 years?

20. Kiss a caveman or kiss a bearded woman?

21. Cuddle a porcupine or wrestle a crocodile?

22. Have x-ray vision or clairvoyance?

23. Eat ice cream with a straw or a clothespin?

24. Have a 13 pound baby vaginally or endure a c-section with an intern?

25. Do the dishes or watch a filthy guy do the dishes?

26. Get stung by a bee once or get pecked by a chicken for five minutes?

27. Wear adult diapers or change an adult’s diapers?

28. Have a happy birthday or a herpe bath day?

29. Have an ice and salt burn or a fire burn?

30. Ride on a piggy or give a piggyback ride?

31. Turn into the Hulk or the devil when you’re mad?

32. Hook a fish or fish for hookers?

33. Ride a horse or a cowboy?

34. Pop a pimple in your nose or in your ear?

35. Meet a rockstar or see a shooting star?

36. Be a caterpillar or find a moonrock in your nose?

37. Be named Bert or Hank?

38. Be morbidly obese or have no sex organs?

39. Lose your teeth or your hair?

40. Lose a foot or a hand?

41. Lose a thumb or a big toe?

42. Smell bad or only be able to smell smelly smells?

43. Get pinched by a lobster ten times or get punched in the face once?

44. Live a long life as virgin or die right after having sex?

45. Picture your family naked or be naked in front of your family?

46. Dye your skin purple or see everything in purple tones?

47. Dive into a shallow pool or jump off a roof?

48. Get hit by a car or hit someone with your car?

49. Eat ramen noodles or rice and beans every night?

50. Tie the knot or tie a noose?

51. Wet the bed or poop yourself in public?

52. Fart in an elevator or fart in a public bathroom with an occupant the next stall over?

53. Pee in a port-o-potty or in the woods?

54. Be a butterface or a butterbody?

55. Make love on a trampoline or in a bounce house?

56. Get away with committing a crime or have your innocent fingerprints at the crime scene?

57. Be a teacher or do a teacher?

58. Eat your weight in bananas or Cheerios?

59. Find a bat or a rat in your house?

60. Have a spider or a roach infestation?

61. Have a big nose or big ears?

62. Be cross-eyed or lazy-eyed?

63. Have a hairy back or a unibrow?

64. Have excessive ear hair or nose hair?

65. Have black eyes or clear teeth?

66. Use a used tissue or used toilet paper?

67. Eat a Koolaid packet or a bullion cube?

68. Watch 3 hours of Teletubbies or get poked in the eye once?

69. Have a big ass or be a big ass?

70. Wear a man thong or be a thong?

71. Have a skinny wife or a fat wallet?

72. Always say yes or say no?

73. Have three kids and be happy or have 12 kids and have a TV show?

74. Be too short to see over the steering wheel or be too tall to fit in any cars?

75. Be a midget or a giant?

76. Have big feet or big hands?

77. Get good grades or good sleep?

78. Get lung cancer from smoking or lung cancer for no reason?

79.Be pregnant with a real baby or look pregnant from a “food” baby?

80. Live like an Amish person or like a movie star?

81. Walk around with potato salad in your shoes or have no food?

82. Eat yellow snow or make a snow angel in yellow snow?

83. Wear a sweat suit in a sauna or walk naked outside in the winter?

84. Give blood or draw blood?

85. Get a filling without pain control or have a tooth pulled?

86. Get pulled over for speeding or for going too slow?

87. Sleep like a baby or have a sleeping baby?

88. Have nervous sweats or nervous farts?

89. Have nervous vomiting or nervous diarrhea?

90. Babysit a toddler or a teenager?

91. Be really flexible or really muscular?

92. Live in an igloo or in the desert?

93. Be struck by a smooth criminal or a rough criminal?

94. Get hit by lightening or fall into a sinkhole?

95. Fall off a mechanical bull or a real horse?

96. Be chained to a tree or be chained to a bed?

97. Eat a pound of bacon or a whole pizza?

98. Drink a gallon of milk or a liter of beer?

99. Watch a hotdog eating contest or win a hotdog eating contest?

100. Drink a bottle of tabasco sauce or eat a chili pepper?

101. Have chronic diarrhea or chronic migraines?

Some of these Would You Rather questions might have wondering how you would even answer. Sad news: No passes! You must answer any question thrown at you.

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lol, this was a cool hub

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