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Funko Pop! Price Increase as of November 1, 2021

The Funko Price Increase Letter


Funko Pop! Price Increase

Funko Pop!, like most businesses and suppliers, is getting hurt by the supply and delivery shortages caused by the Pandemic of 2020. The cost of the pandemic had to affect Funko Pop! collectors some time, but I know we were all hoping it would pass us by. This vinyl toy company is going to raise their prices for the first time in five years. The increase in the basic price of the vinyl collectibles will take effect on November 1, 2021. They gave us a short window to buy the collectibles we have on our lists before the price increase.

Right now a Funko Pop! costs upon first release on the average of about 10.99. You can find them on sale for less, damaged or not in the box for less, and of course special releases cost a lot more. You can find the Pop!s at Entertainment Earth, Funko, and Amazon.

Funko Price Increase

Soon To Be Released Funko Pop! Squid Game - Pre-Order Now

Love Squid Game?  Here are the perfect Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures For You

Love Squid Game? Here are the perfect Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures For You

If You Were Going To Get New Funko Next Month To Use As Christmas Gifts

If you were planning to order some Funko Pop! vinyls next month, you might want to put your order in a little early to save some money. I haven't seen yet what the prices will be going up to, but if you were going to buy more than a couple, I'd try to get them before the increase date. It could save you quite a bit of money, enough for a couple more figures!

If you had your eye on one or more of the Pre-order figures, you may want to get them on order now too. Sometimes I don't think ahead like that. If a vinyl is going to be released in January, I don't try to reserve it in November, or October. I am more focused on what is available for delivery right now. I like to get what I ordered right away, hate to have to wait. That's instant gratification for you!

Daniel #178, Mr. Miyagi # 179, Johnny Lawrence #180

Daniel #178, Mr. Miyagi # 179, Johnny Lawrence #180


Some of the pictures on this page are pre-order Pop! figures you can find on many of the online stores that sell Funko products. Walmart, Amazon, Entertainment Earth, Hot Topic are just a few of the shops you can find these and more vinyl figures. There are so many fervent collectors who have thousands of these little figures, and it's easy to see why.

Did you know that Funko Pop! has released over 9000 different vinyl collectible figures over the years? They come in some very popular themes and in some surprisingly not too popular themes as well. Right now they've just released some Ad Icon figures with popular cereal brands like Captain Crunch, Froot Loops, Trix, and there's a couple Coke vinyl figures too.

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Baby Yoda Funko

Funko Vocabulary

Funko TermMeaning


A Variance of a Funko Pop


It is a Funko Pop Only available from one place


You can buy it anywhere that sells Funko figures


Funko has put this box in the vault - it will be discontinued


Pop Price Guide - it's a website where you can values on your vinyls


Stashpedia is another website to track value of Pops!




Glow in the Dark


The Pop! figure is chromed out

Will The Funko Pop! Price Increase Slow Down The Sales?

There are so many people who love to collect Funko Pop! figures I doubt the price increase will have much of an effect on the sales. Here's why I believe that.

According to articles I've read 49% of Funko buyers are women and 51% are men. The average age of a buyer is 35. About a third of the people who buy these vinyl figures are big collectors, a third of the buyers are small collectors, and a third of the buyers are one time or occasional buyers.

The collectors won't be stopped by a price increase. They are going to want to add to their collections.

The smaller collectors are still going to buy a Funko they really like. They will spend a bit more to do it but because they aren't frequent buyers that amount won't make a big difference in their budget.

The one time or occasional buyers won't be affected by the price increase because the price will still be cheap enough to buy that gift idea or the one Pop! they've fallen in love with.

I cannot imagine the new price being all that much more. Let's say they raise it 25%. If most Pop!s cost 12.00, a 25% increase will make it 15.00. It's still inexpensive enough not to dissuade people from buying them. That's all in my opinion, I am a Funko fan, not on top of any kind of spending trends or financial information. In other words, it's a guess on my part!

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