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Fun Family Reunion Ideas


Family Reunion Ideas


Talent Show – Give your family an opportunity to express themselves by either singing, playing an instrument, comedy, twirling plates, doing cool tricks, or something completely their own! This gives the performers a chance to show off their talents, and the audience an enjoyable, memorable, show. For extra fun, have the event catered by the hotel, resort, restaurant, etc, so your family will be well fed and well entertained the entire night! Also, people love to have conversations during dinner, so try having the dinner before or after the talent show so your family can have more time to talk to each other. The way my family does it, is we have a buffet before the talent show, and then people can be finishing their dinner or having dessert as the show starts.

Color Coordination – At my families last family reunion, we had each generation separated by color for dinner one night, and each family separated by a different color another night at dinner. For example, the night of the talent show, one generation had on blue, the next generation had on yellow, and the last generation had on red colored shirts. Another night at the cook-out, one family wore purple shirts; one family wore green shirts, another blue, one red, and so on. This helps you and other relative remember who belongs to each family. At the end, each family had their picture taken holding the sign for our family reunion.


Kick the Can Ice Cream – Kick the Can Ice Cream is a lot of fun to make with big groups of people! Kick the can ice cream is made inside of a 1 pound, coffee can with a plastic lid. The ingredients are simple and can be found online. Razzle Dazzle Recipes has a recipe for kick the can ice cream, and the list of ingredients includes whole milk (1 cup), heavy cream (1 cup), sugar (1/3 cup), Flavored syrup such as chocolate or strawberry (2 tablespoons), Small bag of ice (cubed, not crushed), and rock salt (1/2 half cup).

Tie-Dye Shirts – Make tie-dye shirts yourself! Buy a plain white t-shirt and roll it up, held together with a couple rubber bands, and get bright colored spray paint. After you’ve done this, let everyone spray paint their own shirt, adding as much blue or green as they like to their unique design. You can then wear the shirts on day during the reunion to show of your artistic side to everyone there!

Bingo – Everybody and their dog knows how to bingo. That is why bingo at a family reunion is fun for everybody to play one afternoon or at a cook-out / BBQ. (BBQ is also a GREAT idea for a lunch or dinner at a family reunion!) Have family members bring prizes for those who win at a game of bingo. This makes winning the game even more enjoyable. Bingo is also a game that, since each round doesn’t last very long, people can join in the middle of the game or leave early if they want to.

Relay Races – Relay races are a great way to put brother and sister head-to-head, seeing who will win at the sack race! Everyone enjoys cheering on who they think will win the race! The races can be single person, or group activities (fun either way!). Have sack races, balance the egg on the spoon and run all the way to the finish line, see who can blow the biggest bubble gum bubble, and see who can spit the watermelon seed farthest! All of these activities are a total blast for everybody! Make teams out of brothers, sisters, moms and dads, fathers and sons, moms and daughters, and many more!

Resort Activities – If the place where your reunion is being held has a pool, golf course, paddle boats, skiing, sledding, tours, good restaurants, a beach, etc – take advantage of them! Get a group of relative together and go golfing or fishing! This is a lot of fun! However, make sure you actually spend time with your whole family sharing stories and memories, NOT the whole day on the beach or touring the local areas!

More Fun Stuff

Awards – Have awards for many different things at the reunion. Give awards to the youngest family member, oldest family member, whoever traveled the farthest to make it to the reunion, whoever drove the farthest, who was the last couple to get married, last to be engaged, whoever graduated from high school, and from college, and things like that.

Make your family reunions the highlight of everyone’s year! Plan reunions in different places every year, or chose one place that everybody loves and stick with it! The most important thing is that everybody has a good time, and everyone goes home happy, excited about the next reunion!





parkerk393 (author) from Arlington, Texas on April 22, 2010:


Marilynn Stewart on April 21, 2010:

We always play "Bunko" at our family reunions but after reading your ideas I'm thinking we ought to try Bingo.

parkerk393 (author) from Arlington, Texas on March 31, 2009:

Thanks we sure do! The ice cream tatses really good too! :)

Kari Poulsen from Ohio on March 31, 2009:

Great ideas! I really like the kick the can ice cream. Sounds like you all have a lot of fun at your family reunions!

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