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Fun Drinking Games for Everyone (Legal Drinking Age)

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Drinking games, when we think about drinking games we automatically imagine a bunch of college kids in their wild parties with beer pongs and their loud music. But drinking games are much more than that, they are a way to socialize and have fun with friends as well as family. These games give more meaning to drinking than just getting completely wasted to forget about our sorrows. They can be great icebreaker at parties where people don’t know each other too well. With the right kind of people and a couple of drinking games you can make any party a great party.


 As a Venezuelan I can say that in Venezuela drinking is by far the most common way to socialize between friends and family at any sort of event. No matter what the occasion is whether it’s a baby shower, a funeral, or a family get together you will surely find just about everyone consuming alcohol. Having spent most of my high school days in Venezuela I enjoyed hanging out with friends and playing these sort of games a lot. So I would like to share some of my favourite ones which can definitely be played in any language as long as you enjoy a little bit of drinking.

Cultura Chupistica (Cupistic Culture)

This is one of the most popular drinking games in Venezuela and it’s very similar to Categories in the USA. The point of this game is for each player to name a brand of a specific product without thinking about it and without making any of them up.

Arrange the group of in a circle, the first person that starts off will begin by saying “Chupistic culture of brands of _____” the blank can be a brand of anything. For example: “Brands of toilet paper” and everyone would respond in order: Scott, Charmin, Angel Soft etc. Everyone has to go in order and each person in the group has to say a different one; if the same brand is repeated or if the person fails to say anything when their turn arrives then that person must take a shot of whatever you are drinking.

Un Limon, Medio Limon (One Lemon, Half lemon)

The object of this game is to say this semi tongue twister while making sure you remember you assigned number.

This game is also played in a circle; the first step to this game is assigning every player a number.

The person with the first number begins by saying “One Lemon, Half lemon, (x) Lemon” the (x) has to be the assigned number of the person you want going next. The key thing is to say the phrase very fluently and without mistakes. It is very important that the last lemon is left singular for example “one lemon, half lemon, six lemon”.

The person who fails to talk when their number is called or makes a mistake when saying the phrase has to take a shot. This person restarts the game.


1,2,3,4,X (1,2,3,4,x)

This is also very fun to play but it can get you drunk very quickly

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The object of this game is to count up all the way up to the number of players. Unlike the others this game is not necessarily played in a circle and the numbers aren’t assigned.

The first person starts by saying “one” then somebody else has to say “two” then somebody else says “three” and so on. Only one person at a time can say a number. In the case of two or more players saying the same number at the same time then all the players who said it have to take a shot. If this occurs the game restarts from the person closest to the right of the one who started that game. If a game progresses all the way to the end, the last person left has to take the shot. 

Every person has to say a different number and can only say a single number. For example: if there are six people 5 of them must say a unique number and the last one left has to take a shot unless of course  two or more players say the same number at the same time then all of them must take a shot.

Nobre,Lugar, trabajo (Name, Place, Job)

This is a very simple game but can it can also be very difficult especially when your drink is starting to kick in.

The point of this game is to say a NAME a PLACE and a JOB all starting with the same letter. For example: the letter A; Andrew, Albania, Ambulance driver.

Here is how it goes; the group leader starts off by picking a letter and assigning numbers to each participant. The he says (keeping the same example) “My name is Andrew, I’m from Albania and I’m an Ambulance driver.” Each participant continues to say their own phrase. Whoever fails to say a phrase has to take a shot and leaves for that entire game. A new round is started by the person that goes after the loser and the game goes on until only one person is left.

Nombres (Names)

This is one of the funniest games you will ever play especially once you are drunk. This one works best when you know the name of the participants.  

Names is also played in a circle. The first person starts off by saying the name of one of the participants while pointing in the direction of anyone except the person just named. Then the person named must do the same thing. He is going to say the name of the person he want to go next but he is going to point at someone else. If done quickly it will create confusion within the players and people are going to be pointing at the person they just named or people are going to say names when their named wasn’t called.

This is just some of the most common ones but there are tons of games like these that you can play. If you have any game suggestions, questions or game stories don’t hesitate to leave a comment....


B K Dahlia from St. Louis, MO on March 25, 2014:

Definitely going to try nombres! Check my card ones out, let me know if you've played them!

jack on September 27, 2010:

this article sux

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