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Free printable word search puzzles for adults

Free printable word search puzzles for adults

If you are looking for free printable word search puzzles for adults, I can tell you where to find some. Sure you could just do a search on free printable word search puzzles for adults on google or yahoo, but there are a lot of misleading searches under that topic. I'm telling you exactly where to find them so you don't have to get a headache from trying to find them yourself.

Word search puzzles are puzzles made up of letters in which words are spelled horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. You are given a list of words and a grid with letters on it. The object is to find the list of words that are hidden within the letters. Some word search puzzles do not have the list. You are given a topic and how many words there are, then you try to find words that are related to the topic.

Word search puzzles are often called word find puzzles. According to yahooligans: The first word find puzzle was created by Norman E. Gibat in 1968. He created it for Selenby Digest, in Norman, Oklahoma. Evidently, the word find puzzle was so popular he created more and the local teachers wanted reprints to use in their classrooms. One teacher sent copies to her educator-friends at other schools across the country and national syndication soon followed.

Here is a list of websites that have free printable word search puzzles for adults. These are not affiliate links, I get nothing from these sites except printable word search puzzles, some you can even do online.

When you click on the links be sure to write click and open the link in a new tab so you don't navigate from this page and miss the other great word search puzzle sites.

Livewire Puzzles is a home-based Canadian company involved in the production and sales of wire disentanglement puzzles. This link will take you to their free fun page where you can find free printable word search puzzles for adults. They also have free printable sudoku puzzles. also has free printable word search puzzles along with other games you can play.

best-free-word-search-puzzles has free printable word search puzzles for adults and kids. Below each word search puzzle is a gray box that says Download/Print Puzzle. Just press that if you want to print the puzzle.

Doing wordsearch/wordfind puzzles along with other various puzzles can improve your brain power significantly. It is just as important to keep our brain fit as it is to keep our bodies fit. Puzzles can be a great exercise for your mind.

More Free Printable Word Search Puzzles For Adults

I found some more sites with free printable word search puzzles for adults. I hope you enjoy these sites as well as the ones above. Remember, by doing these word search puzzles you are helping to improve your mind.

As I have stated earlier, I am not getting anything from these sites. I am just trying to make it easier on people looking for free printable word search puzzles for adults to find them without having to sort through hundreds of websites. Puzzles are supposed to relieve you from stress, not cause it.

Here are the sites I have found:

MirrorEyes is another website with free printable word search puzzles for adults. They have free daily word searches dating back to January of 2001. With so many word search puzzles, this might be the only word search puzzle site you will ever need. They also have free daily printable crossword puzzles as well as over 1000 printable sudoku puzzles from crossword palace.

If you want to create your own word search puzzles without spending any money to do it, try the PuzzleMaker at Discovery Education. The Word Search also has a free word search maker you can use.

With the way the world is today, isn't it nice to be able to sit down, take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy a good word search puzzle? It helps me take my mind off all the bad, and I hope it helps you too.


Ann on November 05, 2011:

How about - has all the above puzzles in one place.

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