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Free Thanksgiving Party Games

Thanksgiving games

Thanksgiving is a special time for family gatherings, holiday meals and fun games. Here are some free thanksgiving party games ideas including turkey hunt game, hot pumpkin game, bobbing for apples, candy corn guess and balloon bust game. Feel free to share your party ideas in the comments section given at the end. Happy Thanksgiving!

Turkey hunt game

Turkey hunt game

1. Thanksgiving turkey hunt game: Turkey hunt game requires a few players and small toy turkey. Hide the toy turkey around the party area. Ask the kids come into the party area and search for the turkey toy. The person who gets the toy first is the winner. You can also play with teddy bear and your favorite toys. Thanksgiving turkey hunt game is a great game for kids.

2. Thanksgiving hot pumpkin game: Hot pumpkin game is a traditional thanksgiving game for kids. Kids sit in a circle and pass the pumpkin while the music is playing. When the music stops, the person holding a pumpkin goes out of the game and the winner receives a small prize.

3. Thanksgiving bobbing for apple game: Another free thanksgiving party games is bobbing for apples. Bobbing for apple game requires a tub or large basin of water. You can drop in some apples and get the kids to bob for apples without using their hands. Kids hold their hands behind their backs and try to catch an apple with their teeth.

4. Thanksgiving candy corn guess game:

Candy corn guess game

Candy corn guess game

You can fill a jar with candy corn and ask everyone guess how many pieces are inside. The person with the closest guess wins. Candy corn guess game is fun for all ages.

5. Thanksgiving balloon bust game: Divide the group into two separate teams. Blow up some wide variety of color balloons and tie to everyone's ankles. Fun game to watch the teams trying to burst the other's teams balloon first. The team who burst all the balloons is the winner making it a fun Thanksgiving party game.

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Thanksgiving turkey hunt game


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