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Free Online Pokémon Breeding Egg Game (No Download) Pokefarm

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Want A Pokémon Game Online?

I always wanted to play a pokémon fan site/game that took a different look on pokémon than just gaining badges and catching pokémon. Then my friend recommended to me, and I was a little hopeful that it was good, after all, it came with a recommendation from a fellow pokémon nerd.

I played it for a few weeks and absolutely LOVED it you have little eggs you have to get people to hatch, but unlike other sites, I found where you post it on other forum sites you actually click from within the same site. There are a bunch of other things to do as well but you have to unlock them by doing certain things first (buying the item, getting so many pokedex/eggdex entries, etc.)

What Can You Do In Pokefarm?

Well, after you register you get an email (on the site, it's shown on the top right) saying you need to go to the lab to pick up your first little egg buddy, and gives you further instructions. Once you hatch the egg you get a shelter pass and can get other eggs or pokémon from the shelter (certain limit each day based on what level pass you have). At this point you can unlock other features of the site.

Hatch Pokémon by clicking other's pokémon and getting clicks back, at a certain time after so many clicks your egg will be all broken and you can hatch it. Click on the pokémon egg and then on the private summary there will be an option to hatch the egg, afterwards you can name it if you want.

Earn Credits. Each time you click someone else's pokémon you earn credits and interaction points, credits are used to buy things in the shop and interaction points allow you to unlock some features of the game. You also earn credits by posting in forums and a ton of other ways, basically everything earns you credits (if a small amount).

Daycare: There is a daycare on the site that lets you breed or just raise your pokémon (with no credit charge for taking them back), you only see the common white and green spotted egg unless you buy the spyglass for 50,000 credits in the shop. There is also an unown spyglass but it costs real life money (500 pokegold) *hint: pokegold can be found in boxes*

Farmer's Log: A farmers log is where you record information about your farm to other trainers, like trade info or even just notes for yourself for later dates. Buy it in the shop for 100 credits.

PokéTech: The poketech is how you keep a friend's list, you can buy this in the shop for 150 Credits.

Suitcase: The suitcase is an item to dress up your pokémon. Buy or get accessories when on scour missions (explained next) and put them on your pokémon from the dress-up option in it's private summary (other section). The suitcase is available in the shop for 150 credits.

Scour mission: Scour missions are how you obtain the summon items for legendary pokémon and other rare items for quests and just for fun. You go to the farm page and click scour areas from the nearby places section and choose pokémon to go on a mission. Each pokémon has a certain nature that dictates which area he or she likes to go to most, (not determined by pokémon type). Send them out longer for more experience and better items (boxes are 8 or 12 hour missions and how you get most of the rare items when you open them).

Boxes: Boxes are little chests that hold anything from pecha berries to items that can summon legendary pokémon to you. You can open them or sell them for credits, but I suggest opening them since there is always a chance of a summon and boxes are hard to find in the beginning.

Trade: In the same section as scouring on the farm page is trade centre where you trade your pokémon for others. You can search pokémon up for trade that you already have a pokedex entry for, or put yours up to trade for something else.

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Berry Garden: [To unlock the berry garden you need to buy a zigzagarden tool from the shop for 200 credits] The Berry garden is also in nearby places and is where you grow berries. To sell for credits or to heal your pokémon in the Dream World (explained later) berries can be useful and it's more cost effective to grow a bunch than to just buy them (some berries you only get from scour missions).

PokéWalker: Buy the pokewalker for 5,000 Credits in the shop and you can use a pokewalker just like the one you may have gotten if you bought heartgold or soulsilver versions. You need to download a program but it's small and works on pretty much any computer. Just sign into the pokewalker when you are on pokefarm, leave it open, and all interactions you make are converted to watts which can be used to hunt for pokémon or items. Other users can also connect to your pokewalker and you each get a free item. When the inventory is full just go to the pokewalker option on your farm page and receive the items or return from the walk and go on another one.

Dream World: [Unlocked by getting 5.000 interaction points (found by looking on your trainer card or the stats page)] The dream world is basically playing the actual pokémon games but on pokefarm. You get one of each game set, (leafgreen or firered, pearl or diamond, black or white, etc.) which can't be changed or traded. You start with either leafgreen or firered and work your way through the region collecting badges with a party of up to 7 (if you have 7 no new pokémon can join you).

Live Update: There is a page on your farm page that says live update. As it's name implies it is a live update to the site showing you pretty much anything you want to know. It has the event rank and party on the top, friends online, daycare info, who needs clicks returned, how many berries can be collected, level up and evolutions of your pokémon, scour missions, and trade info.

Events: Once a week or so there is something called an event for people rookie rank and above (rookie rank is 50 or more pokedex entries). You can win either a pokémon or item or a mystery thing, depending on what that event is. Usually determined by interaction points you can see your rank on your live update page or the event rank link on the upper left corner.

Quests: [unlocked by having at least 75 eggdex entries] here are Quests to work on for fun using pokémon riddles and knowledge to complete them. Though they are optional, most people at least do the unown one (if you do that one make sure when you hatch an egg you click the little page on the hatch screen and already have the unown report (50,000 credits in the shop), I didn't and now have to hatch 3 unowns over again). Each Quest gives you a good reward, sometimes an item but also could be a pokemon.

Pokemon Tracker: The pokemon tracker is another store item that I couldn't buy for quite awhile since it's price tag is a healthy 100,000 credits. With it you can see what pokemon like what berries, you can move pokemon into different fields, set goals for levels, see when it evolves, etc. Pretty nifty device and I'm glad I spent the money on it.

Forum: There is a forum on the site as well where you can find friends, trades, help, or just conversation about pokemon in general. You get credits for each post in it and you can sometimes find helpful advice you didn't even know you needed.

This is only a small list and I will eventually put up more hubpages about since it is the best pokemon fan site I have found. Comment suggestions or questions since I probably left a ton out of this and how to get items may change over time.

My name on there is ''Prof Oakley'' if you wish to PM me on there any questions you have about pokefarm or how to do something on there. I'm not exactly an expert but I learned a lot from experience and reading other people's logs. :)

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Royal-household on June 29, 2019:

I am a twin and i find that comment very offending.

SnowyMoutin on October 19, 2018:

I LOVE PokeFarm! It's a really fun website to use for Pokemon Fans out there.

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