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Free Online Music Industry Simulation Games: Manage a Virtual Band, Popstar or Rockstar


Get on the path to superstardom!

If you're a huge fan of tycoon business simulation and strategy games, why not give these two web-browser based (no download necessary) online music industry simulation games a try? Try your hand as a manager in Project Rockstar, or live the life of a superstar as you roleplay on the music simulation game site Popmundo. Build yourself a career from absolutely nothing into superstardom!

Both free online simulation games are turn based, which means that you'll have to check online several times a day to improve your characters. I used to play both of these games several years ago but didn't have the time to continually play them. They are a lot of fun if you have the time to do so.

Popmundo- Roleplay as a Popstar!

Popmundo is a very complex online browser based strategy role-play simulation game. You first start off by creating your own character and selecting several attributes. Throughout the game, you'll work to develop these attributes (i.e., appearance, charisma, etc) through training, classes and reading books. The higher your character attributes, the more successful you will be in your career as a superstar! Popmundo is free, however there are a few more options if you buy a VIP membership. When I used to play this game, I never signed up for the VIP membership and there was always PLENTY to do.

You can create your own virtual band or look on the forums to join another. Popmundo has a huge online community that is ready and willing to dispense advice to new players, making the game very enjoyable. When I used to play the game, I played as a popstar. I trained my character forever, had her write songs which were finally worthy of being recorded and headed to the virtual recording studio! After I released my album, I embarked on a world tour and got to "travel" all around the world to London, Sydney, Tokyo, etc. Traveling in Popmundo is fun as you get to go to the airport, look at flight itineraries and book tickets. Each city in this virtual world has various venues that you can perform at. Along the way to stardom, you'll even gain groupies and be able to stay in hotels and go shopping at boutiques.

I could go on all day about all the fun activities that you can partake in this game, however I haven't had the time to play for several years now and a LOT has changed. There are an insane amount of options and it's best if you learn about all the cool features by heading over to the site and creating your character today.

Have fun with this great online simulation game!


Project Rockstar - Create Popstars, Rockstars and more!

Project Rockstar is an online music industry simulation game that allows you to manage your own popstar or rockband. The game currently allows you to manage up to 25 different acts, so you'll be able to enjoy lots of variety and never be bored!

The game starts off with you selecting your first client. You select your style of music and then recruit artists. At first, you can't hire too much talent as you are lacking on funds. Recruit the best singers, musicians and dancers (if applicable) that you can and then train them. After they're done training to a reasonable level, have them write songs, practice their songs and then select a virtual music recording studio for them to record at. After you have enough songs, you can either release a single or an album and purchase promotions to increase your record sales. The higher your album is on the charts, the more Project Rockstar Manager fame you'll accrue! You'll start earning Project Rockstar funds and can use those funds to purchase fun virtual items to entertain your rockstars or help improve their skils such as new guitars or a limosine. After you have released an album, you can book shows for your act to rake in some additional dough. Project Rockstar is a very fun online simulation game.

Rock On!

So go ahead and try out these free online music industry simulation games and see what type of rockstar you can create! How far can you get on the charts? How much money can you earn? Can you keep your band members happy by purchasing them luxurious items and quelling their inner fighting?

Writing this article makes me want to play these fun computer games again; I wish I had the time!

Remember, these strategy simulation games are web-based so there are no pc downloads required. If you're interested in a awesome pc software game, check out Rock Tour Tycoon.


UndeadCircus on January 08, 2011:

I'm in the process of creating an online music MMORPG called RockTycoon. Check it out at rocktycoon.com!

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