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100 Fun Free Trivia and Quiz Questions with Answers

Adele Cosgrove-Bray is a writer, poet and artist who lives on the Wirral Peninsula in England.


Quiz Time!

Are you looking for a fun free quiz? Look no further! The next 100 quiz questions will offer diverse and challenging general knowledge questions, with the answers in italics right next to them!

The questions cover a wide range of subjects, and are suitable for family groups, social groups and school groups also. Liven up your party with a fun quiz to break the ice! Bring fresh mind-teasers to your pub quiz!

The quiz begins with ten easy ice-breaker questions to get things going, and then it's on with the fun. How much do you know? How broad is your general knowledge? Find out with this easy-to-follow and entertaining quiz.

10 Easy Ice-Breaker Quiz Questions!

1) What is the usual name for the largest tent in a circus? Big Top.

2) On a film set, what is the person who organises the actors, film crew, sound crew and lighting crew usually known as? The director.

3) Anna Pavlova, Dame Alicia Markova and Serge Diaghilev are associated with what? Ballet.

4) In a film or novel, what is another name for the storyline? Plot.

5) How many musicians does a quartet have? Four.

6) Who was the main character of the musical "Evita"? Eva Peron.

7) What do you call a very quick repetition of drum beats? Drum roll.

8) Which king has a famous concert hall named after him in London? Albert - Royal Albert Hall.

9) What was the name of King Arthur's mythical city? Camelot.

10) Name Prince Charles's eldest son. William.


Fun Free General Knowledge Quiz Questions!

1) Judith Jamison, Marie Salle and Maria Tallchief are associated with which art form? Ballet.

2) Who was the lead singer with Free? Paul Rogers.

3) Name the famous opera whose name involves an insect. Madame Butterfly.

4) What was the name of Sherlock Holmes's brother? Mycroft Holmes.

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5) Name the author of more than 100 novels, who won the Pulitzer Prize for "The Good Earth". Pearl S Buck.

6) "The Maltese Falcon" starred which well-known American actor? Humphrey Bogart.

7) According to The Beatles, all you need is what? Love.

8) Who sang such hits as "Private Dancer", "What's Love Got to Do With It?" and "Nutbush city Limits"? Tina Turner.

9) Michael Crawford first came to fame with which TV character? Frank Spencer.

10) What kind of animal was Skippy? Kangaroo.


New Novel from the Author of this Quiz!

To the public they are artists creating beauty in their shared Liverpool home. In private, they are members of an ancient occult order riddled with intrigue and power struggles. Can Morgan keep them safe in their turbulent world of dark magic?

To the public they are artists creating beauty in their shared Liverpool home. In private, they are members of an ancient occult order riddled with intrigue and power struggles. Can Morgan keep them safe in their turbulent world of dark magic?

More Fun Free Quiz Questions!

1) Who was the lead singer of punk band Sham 69? Jimmy Pursey.

2) What year did "Dr Who" begin on TV? 1963.

3) Which film featured a scarecrow, a lion and a man made from tin? Wizard of Oz.

4) What are professional dancers sometimes referred to as? Hoofers.

5) Name the opera by Mozart which featured a magical instrument. Magic Flute.

6) Who wrote "Gone with the Wind"? Margaret Mitchell.

7) When did the War of the Roses begin? 1455.

8) When did construction of the White House begin? 1792.

9) Who designed the Sydney Opera House? Jorn Utzon.

10) Where was the TV series "The Waltons" located? Virginia.


A Few More Fun Free Quiz Questions!

1) When were pizzas invented? 977 AD (first documentation).

2) Who invented Coka-Cola? John Pemberton.

3) Why was the Ploughman's Lunch invented? As a promotional campaign by the Cheese Bureau in the 1950s.

4) How many balls of wool did Baa Baa Black Sheep have? Who knows? The rhyme mentions "three bags full", but there is no way to tell how many balls of wool each bag held, or if the wool had yet even been spun into balls.

5) Sir Malcolm Arnold, George Frideric Handel and Elizabeth Lutyens are all what? British classical composers.

6) "Love song for a Vampire", "Why" and "Walking on Broken Glass" were all hit songs for which singer/songwriter? Annie Lennox.

7) Born in 1875, name the lady described as a founder of modern dance? Isadora Duncan.

8) Which star, initially of the silent movies, played The Tramp? Charlie Chaplin.

9) What was TV detective Kojak famous for eating? Lollypops.

10) Name the civil rights campaigner who co-founded the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Ida Wells.


Even More Fun Free Quiz Questions!

1) Born in 1893, Bessie Coleman was the first African-American woman to receive what? Pilot's license.

2) What movement began in 1517, with the aim of returning a religious organisation back to its roots, and ended with splitting that same organisation into two? The Reformation.

3) Which chemical is represented by C6? Carbon.

4) Who invented the bunsen burner? Robert Wilhelm Bunsen

5) Who was reputedly the first to earn a million dollars from making films? Mae West.

6) What revolutionary piece of technology was invented sometime around 1440, which meant that learning need not be the sole province of a select few? Gutenberg's printing press.

7) Mechanical enginneer Christopher Sholes is said to have invented which mechanical communication device in 1866? Typewriter.

8) Tenzing Norgay was possibly the first man to climb which mountain in 1953? Everest.

9) Who was the first woman to run for the American Presidency? Victoria Woodhull

10) Which infamous wall was torn down in 1989? Berlin Wall.


Still More Fun Free Quiz Questions!

1) Tamara Rojo, Fernanda Oliveira, Erina Takahashi and Dmitri Gruzdyev are famous for what? Ballet.

2) Name the long-running TV series which featured Lance-Corporal Jones, Sergeant Wilson, Private Godfrey and Captain Mainwarin. Dad's Army.

3) Who wrote the novel, "Uncle Tom's Cabin"? Harriet Beacher Stowe.

4) The period of relative peace in the Roman Empire which lasted for about two hundred years is also known as what? Pax Romana.

5) Who invented the petri dish? Julius Richard Petri.

6) Who was the first British punk rock band to release a single? The Damned, with "New Rose".

7) Name the teacher who helped Helen Keller learn and develop sign language? Annie Sullivan.

8) Which European cultural Age is considered to have swept aside the fears and superstitions of the Dark Ages? The Renaissance.

9) Which chemical is represented by Fe26? Iron.

10) Which organisation did Clara Barton, a nurse during the American Civil War, later establish? American Red Cross.


Further Fun Free Quiz Questions!

1) Name the actress, singer and dancer, who died in 1965, who starred in "Carmen Jones" and "Porgy and Bess". Dorothy Dandridge.

2) What kitchen item did the Anglo-French mathematician and physicist invent in 1679, which is still used today? Pressure cooker.

3) The huge changes in technology which began in the 1760s and continued to approximately 1840 are usually named as what? Industrial Revolution.

4) What controversial 7" vinyl single was released to coincide with Queen Elizabeth's Silver Jubilee? Sex Pistols, "God Save the Queen".

5) On the periodic table, what does Ca20 represent? Calcium.

6) Who was the African-American woman, who was born into slavery and who later helped approximately 300 slaves find sanctuary in the northern states, and who went on to become a nurse, scout and spy during the Civil War, and continued to campaign for women's rights and human rights? Harriet Tubman.

7) Lancashire architects James Maxwell and Charles Tuke were the architects of which famous coastal tourist attraction? Blackpool Tower.

8) In the North of England, in 1832, approximately 31,000 people died due to an outbreak of what? Cholera.

9) The Gilbert and Sullivan opera, "The Mikado", is also known by what title? Slave to Duty.

10) Name the Nobel Prize winning physicist who was born in Poland in 1867, and whose name is still associated with modern chemistry. Marie Curie.


Still Further Fun Free Quiz Questions!

1) In 1842, the Mines Act made it illegal for who to work in British mines? Women, girls, and boys under the age of thirteen.

2) Name the Prime Minister who retained her place for almost a total of 20 years. Indira Gandhi.

3) Which famous duo began working together in 1941, and went on to enjoy a highly successful TV show until the death of one of them in 1984? Morecambe and Wise.

4) In 1831, it became illegal to use what to clean chimneys in Britain? Children.

5) Who reigned for 63 years over a large empire, and improved women's lot in life with two Reform Acts in 1867 and 1884? Queen Victoria.

6) Name the ancient queen who led a revolt against Roman greed, oppression and brutality, which ended with a huge battle in Anglesey. Boudica, AKA Boudicea.

7) How many standard positions are there in classical ballet? Five.

8) Name the young farmer's daughter who led an army and became a member of the French royal court? Joan of Arc.

9) Who invented the first modern car in 1886? Karl Benz.

10) Which English laws, when first introduced in 1804, resulted in mass hunger as people could not afford the greatly increased cost of bread? Corn Laws.


A Few More Fun Free Quiz Questions!

1) Name the item of Victorian fashion used to make a lady's bottom look bigger. Bustle.

2) Which everyday modern item was first developed by two Hungarian brothers in the 1940s, and which was first put to use by the Royal Air Force as it didn't leak at high altitudes? Biro pens.

3) Who ruled over a vast empire stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Asian subcontinent, whose image is carved beside that of her son, Ceasarion, on the Temple of Dendera? Cleopatra.

4) In the late 18th century, Jean-Jacques Perret later wrote a book called "Pogonotomy or the Art of Learning to Shave Oneself" which featured his invention which had been inspired by a joiner's plane. What was his invention? Safety razor.

5) Name the popular sandwich filler which was first introduced in 1890 as a protein supplement for people with bad teeth. Peanut butter.

6) By what name is Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu more usually known? Mother Theresa.

7) The Whirlwind was invented in 1868, in Chicago. What was this useful and revolutionary household item? Vacuum cleaner.

8) Friedrich Miescher is said to have discovered what in 1869? DNA.

9) Name the New Zealand soprano who won a Grammy award for the best opera recording. Dame Kiri Janette The Kanawa.

10) Who paid for Christopher Columbus's explorations? Queen Isabella, of Spain.


Last Set of Fun Free Quiz Questions!

1) What was a slammerkin? A dress which had an open front looped back on panniers and ending in a train, popular in the 18th century.

2) Silkie, leghorn, orloff and orpington are all breeds of what? Chickens.

3) Who was the artist, who died in 1988, famous for her works depicting mothers and their children? Mary Cassatt.

4) Bilberry, landrace, valais blackneck and boers are all breeds of what? Goats.

5) Name the English soprano, songwriter, actress and dancer, born in 1960, who has sung in numerous languages. Sarah Brightman.

6) Hybrid tea, floribunda and grandiflora are all species of what? Roses.

7) Name the American lady who became a painter at the age of 76, and who continued painting until her death at the age of 101. Anna Mary Robertson Moses, AKA Grandma Moses.

8) Name the winner of three Olympic gold medals at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal, and the first female gymnast to be awarded a perfect score of 10 in an Olympic gymnastic event. Nadia Elena Comăneci.

9) Whose 1961 book, "Silent Spring", fired the debate about dangerouse pesticides? Rachel Carson.

10) What is a blue moon? A second full moon in a single calendar month.


© 2013 Adele Cosgrove-Bray


GrumpyGrandad on April 11, 2020:

Question 8 of the icebreaker quiz - should the answer not be Prince Albert , Queen Victoria's Consort?

John Smith from New York on August 07, 2018:

Great collection of questions, Adelle! Keep up the great work!

schubert123 on June 23, 2014:

awesome questions !

I love them;)

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