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Five Things I Expect to See in "Destiny 2: Shadowkeep"

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The Dark Side of the Moon


Shortly after the start of Season 7, news of the upcoming fall DLC was leaked and we got our first look at Shadowkeep. Immediately fans were excited. Eris was coming back. We were going back to the moon. ERIS WAS COMING BACK!!

Eris is a big deal.

This would be the first time we've seen Eris Morn formally since the Taken King DLC, where we knew she and Mara Sov were plotting something in the background, and in a lore tab during the "Taken Spring" update, we get a lore tab where Eris visits an unconscious Asher Mir while he's recovering from the mission where he found himself with Vex limbs. From that point, Eris went dark, and for a time we didn't know what happened to her. For a minute, fans have speculated that through the Truth to Power lore book that Eris was talking to us, only for it to actually be Medusa, a Vex entity attempting to reach out to us as she's under the control of one of the Hive Goddess' Savathun. And it was through this trailer, that Eris unexpectedly shows up and admits that she messed up and needs our help to bail her out.

But then that begs the question, what is going on exactly inside this DLC? Well, that's where theorizing comes in. And what fun would it be to discuss what we could expect coming up? We have about two months from the time of writing to speculate. So let's go then. Here's five things I expect to happen in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. Starting off with Number 1.

1. Savathun's Appearance and Endgame Unveiled


Figured we'd start off broad and get specific. Since 2014, we knew about the upper hierarchy of the Hive. In the Shrine of Oryx mission on the Moon, we learn that in one of the deepest points of the Temple, there was a communication system that allowed the Hive to commune with the Taken King himself. And then a year later, he finally appears before us, in the appropriately named "Taken King" DLC. Along with it, we get the Book of Sorrows, or the "Hive Bible" as I call it, since it details thousands of years and intricate details about the Hive's Origins. It's here we learn about the sisters of Oryx, Savathun and Xivu Arath. Taken Spring event happens months later, we run into Malok, Savathun's son who was Taken by Oryx. Then flash forward to Destiny 2, and Savathun's footprints are scattered between the Hive on Titan and the Taken on Io. Then there's the mess in the Dreaming City.

So What Does All of This Lead to Exactly?

Taking all of this into consideration, as lore unveiled in the last year, I'm willing to bet that Savathun feels herself to be strong enough to plan an invasion and pick up where Oryx left off. We understand that the curse on the dreaming city (The Shattered Throne event) is on a loop where she's constantly getting stronger every three weeks. Her possible endgame is to unleash this curse on an even grander scale upon the known galaxy, and trap reality inside an infinite time loop where she's so powerful that no one can topple her. But then that leads us into my 2nd possible theory.

2. Xivu Arath's Scarlet Fortress on the Moon


I only came up with this theory based on the correlation to the color red and the concept of war itself. I think it would be perfectly valid that this would be the opportunity to finally get character development in the game for Xivu Arath. And if the pair are working together to bring destruction, then Xivu Arath providing muscle and Savathun being the brains behind everything will probably be how things go about. Xivu Arath is THE Hive Knight as Savathun is THE Wizard of the Hive forces. Whereas Oryx fell in between a combination of the two, these two are easily more discernable. While we will be facing former enemies (I'll get to that in a second), we still have an army of scarlet-clad Hive forces as well on the moon, a destination we've ignored since we killed Malok, Pride of Oryx. Besides, if this is the case, then put simply: Xivu Arath would have had at least three years to do what she wanted on the moon.

As for her own endgame, she just wants to be the strongest warrior in the universe. She ran off when Oryx conquered Ana-harmony, a planet the siblings invaded eons back just after the completion of the Dreadnaught, but since Oryx's death, her forces have popped up, especially taken-fied versions of them in the Dreaming City. I highly doubt she has Taken powers as well, and may have allowed Savathun to take her children for her plans overall. That said, with Oryx gone and her sister with her "death battery" getting constantly stronger, I can speculate that either A) she's going to compete with her to find a method to topple her, or B) work with Savathun under the impression that she promised her a way to become as strong as she desires. Either way, finally learning about the Hive sisters in greater detail and just seeing them is exciting in of itself. In any case, onto number 3.

3. Quria Blade Transform Will Be the Heart of the DLC

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If the Truth to Power lore book and (believe it or not) Season of Opulence's infamous "fanfiction" is anything to go by, Quria is going to be the one responsible for the creation of the Nightmares. And this theory is based on the quote within the Opulent Duelist' Gauntlets where it says the following:

"By then manipulating the mind Quria, now bound to the Shadow of the Hive, they reversed the Deathsong, and sang Toland back to life."

Now before you go and say that the Psion itself calls out whoever wrote this entry, think about it for a second. Quria is at this point, a hybrid of Vex technology and Hive magic. Why can't it manipulate time, create illusions or what have you? The Shadowkeep DLC has been confirmed to play on the concept of Nightmares, so the former villains we're fighting aren't exactly resurrected in the traditional sense. But, if theoretically, Quria can learn the Deathsong and reverse it, surely someone could trigger Quria to simulate dead foes, that we Guardians kill, and those killings fuel the Hive hierarchy behind this whole mess. Over and over and over again.

And that, for the campaign at least, will be our goal. Help Eris contain the nightmares, and stop whoever's responsible. And this will lead us into number 4.

4. We Fight Quria Within the Black Garden Raid


The Black Garden, for those newer kindergardians, was the home of the Vex, and the mysterious Black Heart, a formless blob of darkness, meant to be the yin to the Traveler's yang. Vex are confirmed to start appearing on the moon, presumably to wage war on the Hive as they did way back when Quria was first Taken. Being that the raid is to take place in the garden, I speculate that during our campaign to shut down the nightmares, the Vex succeed in retrieving the Vex Mind, only to bring it back to the Black Garden, where we have to go and destroy it once and for all. With the destruction of Quria, the Dreaming City curse will finally be silenced, and the Hive and Vex both will presumably have been dealt major blows to both their forces.

So that takes care of all that, but what about Eris, how does she fit in everything? Well that's what number 5 is for.

5. Eris Morn's Backstory and Toland The Shattered's Influence Brought to Light


This is probably one thing everyone is dying to see. Especially with the foreshadowing involved in season 7. Just this past week we got the Tribute Hall, and with it, a questline that lead us to the Bad Juju Pulse Rifle, the signature weapon of the Warlock, Toland the Shattered. Compared to the Dark Below DLC where Eris was this random creepy chick who kept screaming about Crota, She's actually going with us to the moon. So imagine how much we're going to learn about her adventures on the lunar surface. Her fireteam. How will she react if she learns that Toland has been in contact with us since the Dreadnaught?

Yeah, if you're like me, then you didn't make the correlation that since the Dreadnaught's Oryx's throne world, it's connected to the Ascendant Plane, therefore, Toland is free to move within it. As for why he only speaks once we reach the Dreaming City, that's out of my field.

And What About Toland?

How is he going to impact things going forward? Keep in mind, Toland was just as obsessed with the Hive as Osiris is with the Vex. Heck, I'm sure Osiris might throw in a theory of his own in some way, especially after saying in one of the Dreaming City missions, that the curse loop could only be done by the Vex, to which there are literally none within the city. Toland was the one who guided us to Bad Juju in the Ascendant Plane. Its where we fought the Might of Riven, and Mant Yut, Born Of The Hellmouth. He was the one who instructed us to feed the Bad Juju skull with their deaths. So clearly, he's going to play a vital role in taking down the Hive forces on the moon. As for what his role in that is, we'll just have to wait and see.

The Shadows Owe Its Birth to Light


No matter what takes place when September 17th hits, we guardians are going to take the bull by the horns and remind the forces of darkness who really runs things around here. As we always do. In the meantime, what do you guys expect will happen once Shadowkeep hits? What do you want to see happen? I would love to hear about your theories as well below in the comments. But until then, that's it from my end. I'll catch you guys next time with whatever else I come up with.

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