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First Impressions of “Lost Ark” as a Free-To-Play Player

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"Lost Ark" official logo.

"Lost Ark" official logo.

What Is “Lost Ark”?

Lost Ark is a Korean MMOARPG where you are an adventurer in search of the fabled Ark and must battle monsters and demons to discover where the Ark is and if it’s even real. You can do all sorts of activities in the game, exploring, PVP, side quests, along with dungeons and raids.

That 70+ GB Download Is Big

While 70 GBs of data for a free-to-play game is big, it also depends on the size of your hard drive, I only have a 500GB hard drive on my main computer, I’ve been wanting to upgrade my hard drive size for a while but I don’t have the money to do it yet. I do have an external 1TB hard drive so I was able to move over a bunch of files I wasn’t using to make room for the game, but still, 70GBs is a lot, even though hard drives have larger capacity and you can buy hard drives with 5+ TBs, 70 GBs is still a huge file size just for a game.

This Is My Free-To-Play Experience

This is my free-to-play experience, I didn’t purchase any of the packs for early access and don’t have any of the extras you get from purchasing the Founders packs or any of the post launch packs.

Any mounts I have I have received through the game or are given to me as quest rewards.

The Warrior Berserker class in "Lost Ark".

The Warrior Berserker class in "Lost Ark".

Lost Ark: Launch Gameplay Trailer

I Have Never Played an MMORPG Before, and I’m Doing Fine

I have never played an MMORPG and I saw someone playing Lost Ark on Twitch and it looked interesting, so I started watching YouTube videos and it looked like something I would like so I decided to preload the game on Steam.

I have never played an MMORPG before and it did take me at least nine hours to figure out the controls because I’m not used to how MMORPGs set up their control scheme, but since I’ve been playing I’ve been getting the hang of it.

I also haven’t died a whole lot, I only usually die if I get distracted and I’m not focusing on the screen.

For someone that has never played an MMORPG, I think I’m learning really quickly and I’m just focusing on getting better at the game.

The Story Is Slow in the First Nine Hours

If you come to Lost Ark for the story, it starts off very generic, but it does get interesting within the first four to nine hours of playing, I got to the more interesting stuff by my nine-hour playing because I did some sidequests while doing the main story.

The writing’s not amazing yet, but if you’re not interested in the story but if you want to get to the endgame content, don’t feel too bad if you skip it, but it does get better if you don’t skip the story, it just takes a while to get interesting. The game does open up more, it depends on how fast you go with the main quest.

I’m Enjoying the Game a Lot and Haven’t Paid a Dime

The game is fun, and I’ve got a good first impression, but with Amazon Games botching Lost Ark’s launch due to technical issues where players that had bought early access had their save data lost, that’s not too fun if you had been playing the game early, but leveling isn’t super hard for this game, you just play through the main story and do side missions and you’ll level up quickly.

I’ve also been playing casually and I don’t feel underpowered, I feel like I can get through game content at my own pace and I’m having a great time in the game, while I’m not rushing to endgame content, I’m practically sprinting there because I looked at some YouTube guides for the basics of what to do in the game so I wouldn’t go in completely blind.

I had a great time playing this game the first day, it’s not a perfect launch, there were a lot of hiccups that have to do with Amazon games but the game itself is a lot of fun.

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Boss fights in "Lost Ark".

Boss fights in "Lost Ark".

Is It Worth the Download?

While I’m enjoying the game a lot, 70 GBs of hard drive space for one game is a lot to ask of a gamer, now it’s not a big deal if you have a large hard drive but 70 GBs is still a large download that might take a while, depending on your internet download speed. I enjoy the game, but not everyone will

I have heard some MMORPG fans say that it’s just a typical MMORPG and not particularly special. That might be true, but for my first MMORPG, I’m having a lot of fun with it, sure, it may not be amazing, but over 1 million people are playing Lost Ark all over the world for the first day of the western release.

It might be worth the time and hard drive space, but if it doesn’t seem like it’s interesting to you, don’t feel you have to download it if you don’t want to just to feel like you are on the “hot, new MMORPG”, the game has been out in Korea for two years and if you don’t feel it’s that interesting then don’t feel that you have to download it.

I think you should only download the game if you have the space because the game is huge.

It Might Be Worth It to Try, but Please Don’t Spend Money

While I’m enjoying my first real MMORPG experience, I have been able to do a ton in the game without spending a dime, and the game has been a lot of fun for me. I know people are having issues getting into the game due to the long queue wait times on the popular servers.

Since it is the first week and everyone wants to try the game everyone is trying to get into play. I have been able to play and it is fun, but there’s a lot of mechanics and a lot going on in this game, but there is a lot of fun to be had in this game that won’t cost you a dime.

Is it worth it? Maybe, being a free-to-play game you can at least try it for free and if you don’t like it, you can delete your character and uninstall the game from your PC.

I’ve been having a lot of fun in this game, I’m enjoying the story, the gameplay is a ton of fun and it hasn’t cost me a penny. Is it the best game I’ve played? No, is it the greatest MMORPG ever? No, but am I having fun, and should you try it too? Yes.

Give it a few hours, if you’re bored you can always uninstall it and the game doesn’t cost anything.

I would recommend watching some videos about the classes and the story, to see if there’s something in the game that might interest you. I saw someone playing Lost Ark on Twitch and I watched some trailers and decided to give it a shot.

Just don’t spend money, especially since you can earn in-game gold, and sometimes whales buy pets and stuff with premium currency and resell it on the auction house, and if you save up a ton of gold, you can “buy” the items without actually spending real-world money.

I enjoy the game a lot, but it is having server issues which Amazon Games is trying to deal with by adding more servers but I know that the European fanbase is having a hard time even getting in to play the game right now because it’s always full.

If you want to try the game and you like fantasy stories, I do feel it is at least a fun game to try, even if you’ve never played an MMORPG before it does have a lot of staples of the genre so it’s a great first-time MMORPG because it has no cost for you to play it, no subscription fee and if you don’t like it, just delete your character, quit the game and uninstall it, all you will lose is your time.

The game is a ton of fun, and it takes some time to open up everything you can do in the game because the post-game content starts when you hit level 50.

So give it a try at least, but only if you’re interested in the gameplay or the fantasy elements. If you like it then stick around, if you don’t then you can delete your character and uninstall the game. Please don’t feel like you have to spend money, because the game is free and you can clear the main story content with all the characters.

I will be reviewing the game once I finish the main story and do some endgame content.

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