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Final Fantasy VI walkthrough, Part Seven: Returner Hideout


Mt. Kolts has been conquered, and with the 'bear' Sabin now on their team, Terra, Edgar and Locke are on their way to the Returner Hideout, hidden in the Sabre Mountains. What awaits our emerald damsel in distress?

Head north of Mt. Kolts to find the Returner Hideout, secreted against the eastern mountain range. The enemies on the way are the same as you fought near South Figaro, and thus aren't worth the effort to level up against. Enter the base and talk to the soldier inside to be led to Banon, leader of the Returners, who will place an insane amount of hope on Terra's shoulders before departing.

You're now walking around as Terra solo. You need to speak to Banon before you can advance, and to do that you have to talk with your other three team members.

  • Locke is in Terra's room when she wakes up.
  • Sabin is in the central room, near the table.
  • Edgar is in the room where you met Banon.

You can now head to the entrance and talk to Banon just outside the Returner Hideout. Before you do, you might as well have a look around and grab whatever you can.

  • There's a Phoenix Down in the room where Terra woke up.
  • North of this room is a back storeroom containing several chests with a Phoenix Down, an Air Knife and a Knight's Code, as well as an Antidote and an Ether in the pot and bucket. Check the wall beside the crates in the back of the room to find a secret passage containing a White Cape.
  • You can speak to the soldier behind the counter in the main room to buy items. Get a Tent or two, as well as some Eye Drops. There's also a free inn in the room beside this soldier, and if you check the pot to the right of the large dining table you'll find a Green Cherry. (There's also a hidden scrap of paper sitting at the end of the dining table. Fail to throw it out and you'll get a weird little variation to an upcoming meeting.)
  • A treasure chest in Banon's room holds a Hi-Potion.

Talk to the soldier by the front door and he'll let you go outside. Talk to Banon out here and he'll ask Terra if she'll become their 'last ray of hope'. How you answer will affect what happens next:

Say 'Yes' and Banon will comfort Terra and give her a Gauntlet, allowing the bearer to wield one weapon with two hands and increase their damage output.

Say 'No' and you'll be sent back into the base. Say 'No' twice and the same thing will happen. Either way, you can now speak to a soldier in the storeroom, and he'll give you a Genji Glove. Genji Gloves allow the bearer to equip two weapons at once. Saying 'Yes' to Banon after this will not earn you a Gauntlet, however.

Say 'No' three times and you'll miss a major cut scene detailing the Empire's tactics, but the soldier will automatically give you the Genji Glove on your way out of the Hideout.

Regardless of your choice Locke will leave the party, Banon will join, and your next destination will be the Lethe River. After all that time spent getting here you're headed back to Narshe.

(Note: Equipment-wise, the choice between the Gauntlet and the Genji Glove is fairly important. The Genji Glove typically has better damage output, and by the end of the game, when your characters hit the max damage of 9,999 per stroke, you'll want to be performing as many attacks at once as possible. That said, it's possible to steal Genji Gloves near the halfway point of the game. The same can't be said of Gauntlets. The Genji Glove is ultimately the better choice, but the decision is yours.)