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Final Fantasy 13 Easy Leveling guide

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Want some tips on where you can find good locations for leveling up your characters in Final Fantasy 13. If you're an experienced Final Fantasy gamer. You know that every game has a place or location where you can get decent experience to level up your party and beat monsters easily.

This game uses a crystarium system; basically you need to use crystarium points to level up your characters and it's really hard task to find where you can locate these monsters that have big crystarium points. This guide will show you where you can find these locations and how many crystarium points you can get.


1. Estheim Residence

This location is very useful if you would like to level up your party on the earliest part of this game because you can do this on chapter 7. In chapter 7 when you're inside the Estheim residence the PSICOM troops will ambushed your team. You will know if this is the right area if you see a small map on your screen. You can beat some PSICOM troops over and over again. These troops will give you a decent crystarium points on that chapter and they will also drops Incentive Chips which you can sell for 2,500 gil. Doing this will be able to give you a decent amount of CP (crystarium points) and Gil.


3. Taejin's Tower Fifth Tier

In this place you need to fight Pulsework Gladiators. There's 5 of them. You can easily beat them by using Rav - Rav - Rav (Tri-Disaster) then once they have staggered use Com - Com - Com (Cerberus). Each of Pulsework Gladiator gives 1,600 CP so you can get 8,000 CP each battle.

2. Taejin's Tower

Taejin's Tower is also a good place to get a decent amount of CP and gil. In Cie'th mission 24 (A Potent Sting), accept this mission and kill your target (Mushussu). Repeat this mission again and again until you are satisfied with the amount of CP that you get because completeing this one will give you 3,000 CP and a Moonblossom Seed which cost 6,000 gill when you sell it.

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4. Orphan's Cradle

Fight two Wladislaus at Penultimate configuration of the Tesseracts. Just beat this for 2 minutes and you'll get 32,000 CP, it'll be twice if you have equipped growth egg. Then, after you have defeated it, return to the save point then it will re-spawn again.

5. Mah'habara Subterra Mines

You are able to see 6 Cryohedrons at Sulyya Springs. If you defeat it for a few seconds and you'll get 7,140 CP each battle.


6. Faultwarrens

This is one of the good place to level up. Leveling on this place will give you around 75,000 CP just fighting some monster within 15 minutes. Or complete mission 51, beat Attacus and he will give you 75,000 CP per battle.


7. The Archylte Steppe

You will see two monsters fighting each other on the northern part of Archylte Steppe, it is before you enter Mah'habara Subterra cave. These 2 monsters are Behemoth King and Megistotherian. Once you fight these monsters it'll go into pre-emptive strike. Use this as an advantage to stagger quickly the Behemoth king because it will be harder for you if you kill first Megistotherian. Behemoth king will do some powerup in the middle of the battle so it would be better if you kill it first.

After you staggered Behemoth king use Cerberus Paradigm to quickly finish him. Then, kill the Megistotherian. After the battle, you'll get 6,600 CP within 8 to 15 seconds. You can re-spawn them by going near to the save area then going back to their location.

Well, that's about it. From the listings above, I think the best location would be in the archylte steppe because for a few seconds you can get 6,600 CP. And this will be twice if you have the growth egg.

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