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Fijit Friends - How To Unlock Extra Hidden Content

So on this page we are going to be having a look at how to unlock hidden content within your Fijit Friends. The video above should have already given you some good advice but we will go over it all again in this article. If you want extra hidden content from your Fijit Friends then this page will show you how to use sonic chirps and other methods to unlock some new dances and responses.

Fijit Friends came out late in 2011 and were a massive success for the company behind the toys, Mattel. These were one of the biggest sellers over the Christmas period and are still very popular now. These interactive dancing robots are cute and loveable and come with various phrases and dances programmed in. To activate these you use voice commands, however, there is also lots of hidden content hiding inside that you can unlock. So let’s have a look at how to do this.

Fijit Friends


How To Unlock The Hidden Content

So the most simple way to unlock hidden content in your Fijit Friends is to use the sonic chirps. Now these can be found on the Fijit Friends website. They are located on the secret extras page of the site. All you have to do to use these sonic chirps is turn your Fijit on and then press the ‘Chirp’ button on the back right of it’s head. Hold this down for three seconds and there will be a little beep to confirm you are now in chirp mode. The little red light on the front of your Fijit will now slowly flash as a chirp is awaited.

Now you can play the sounds on your computer and your Fijit Friend will respond with a new piece of content. Currently on the website there are four chirps that produce either a joke or a response plus there are four new songs that your Fijit Friend will play and dance along to. One of the really clever things about these sonic chirps is that they can be heard from 20 feet away. When you give voice commands you need to get up really close, but this is not the case with the chirps.

Using these chirps to unlock new content is a great way to keep kids entertained. Even though there are plenty of different voice commands you can give, sooner or later your child will have used them all and want something different. Using these sonic chirps is a great way to give your child some extra content to keep them entertained for a little longer. The chirps though are not the only way to find new content.

New Fijit Friends Characters That Unlock New Content

When Mattel designed these toys they were very clever. They obviously were expecting the toy to be a raging success so they built in added content that would unlock at a future date. The only way to access this is to buy further products in the Fijit range. Early in 2012 Fijit Friends Newbies were introduced. If you put a Newbie next to one of the original toys, then this will unlock new content that you would not otherwise have seen. Again you can make use of the chirp button here to get this to actually work. Buying a Newbie is a great way to get your child enjoying the toy again, if they are bored of the old actions that were performed, now they can become reacquainted with their toy and get some new responses from it.

Mattel are not stopping at Newbies though, in the fall of 2012 we are going to see Yippits. These really look cute and are set to be massive over the holiday period. Yet again you can unlock extra moves in your original Fijit Friend if you have a Yippit. They work similar to the Newbies, so place a Yippit close by and once more you will have new content that you never new was in there. It will be interesting to see if Mattel bring out any more toys in the future from this line, maybe there are even more things hidden in there that we do not know about.

As you can see there is a lot more to these toys that we initially thought. Using the sonic chirps or other toys in the line, there is plenty of hidden content you can find in your Fijit Friends. Hopefully this page will have given you a few extra ideas as to what you can now do with your Fijit Friend and maybe in future we will be bringing you even more content that you can unlock.

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Deboragh on April 25, 2017:

I love Figit Friends, even at 61.

squirreler on November 27, 2016:

where is th fijit friends web site? every time I type it, it goes to a fisherprice shopping site!

Matthew bevins on October 03, 2016:

I like all of the Fiji friends

fijit4lyfe999 on June 30, 2016:

I think they're cool too Kaylee.

Ann on June 20, 2016:

I don't know where to get the chirps

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