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Fight Night Round 4 tips and strategies

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Fight Night Round 4

Fight night round 4 is here,Its back and better than ever with improved graphics and sound as well as extra boxers and gameplay elements,Me personally i loved fn3 but when they announced the next one would have Mike Tyson in it as a playable character i thought that's mine i have to have that game.I picked it up on the day of release and have played it a fair bit and want to pass on my tips.It doesn't disappoint and in this hub i will be giving you the achievements and tips on how to be a winner, not only online but also in the career section of the game as these tips apply to both.Remember these tips and implement them into your strategy and you cant go wrong.Happy playing.


Jabs: Use them....They are the quickest punch in the game and although they wont do huge damage.If you land 30 jabs in the 1st round and he only connects with 5 and maybe a power punch,then you are going to have inflicted the most damage.If you can time it right you can throw the jab as they throw hooks and uppercuts and put them off their stroke,keep beating them to their punches by frustrating them with the jab.

Stamina: As in another one of my hubs on UFC Undisputed Stamina is absolute key.The amount of people i see come out of their corner swinging for the fences as i just step back ,keep my guard up and counter punch then the second they are out of gas swing a hay maker up under their chin is unbelievable.Punches in bunches and when you are done step back get some air and contemplate your next attack don't blow it all in the first minute trying to take your opponents head off,it only works if they have no defence or blocking skills

Body Punches:As in real life if you land a few good body shots in the first round or two then this is going to drain their energy and make it much harder for your opponant to land big shots,This draining effect increses if you land counter body punches.

Counter Punches:These are brilliant,it takes some practice to get your timing down but once you do...Land them,They can swing the flow of a fight in an instant and can get you a win even when you were losing before the punch.Block and dodge at the same time to set up the counter then let loose.

Headbutt/Low Blow:As with the previous incarnations of fight night you can usually get a couple of these in before the ref docks a point,i find i always use them when getting a hiding i throw my head twice because its quicker and then when he is dazed smash him with a power punch and then jab to get out of there. 


The Achievements

Get In The Ring (5 points)Win a Fight Now match against the CPU

Just Like Mike (40 points)Win a Fight Now match by KO in in the first round against the CPU in a 10 round fight

More machine than man (50 points)Win 50 Fight Now matches against the CPU

Knock a sucker out. (10 points)Win by a knockout in Fight Now against the CPU

Ecko Trunk Challenge (15 points)Beat CPU Miguel Cotto in Fight Now on Pro

Man Up Manny (15 points)Beat CPU Manny Pacquiao in Fight Now on Champion

Pull No Punches (10 points)Win a Fight Now match vs the CPU while landing at least 500 punches

Pound For Pound (40 points)Win a fight against a CPU opponent in a higher weight class than you

The Road Is Long (10 points)Win 10 fights in Legacy Mode

The Champ Is Here (40 points)Win a championship belt in a single weight class

The Latest and the Greatest (50 points)Retire as a Superstar

From Chump to Champ (20 points)Win the Amateur Tournament in Legacy Mode

Movin' On Up (30 points)Move up in weight class in Legacy Mode

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Undefeated (20 points)Win 5 Consecutive Legacy Mode fights

My Style Is Impetuous (60 points)Beat CPU Mike Tyson on G.O.A.T. using a created boxer in Fight Now

XL (50 points)Win the Middleweight Championship Belt in Online World Championship Mode

L (25 points)Win the Lightweight Championship Belt in Online World Championship Mode

Solid Contender (30 points)Win 5 online ranked matches

Pain Brings Glory (5 points)Win a match in Online World Championship Mode

Comeback Kid (10 points)Win a Online ranked match after being knocked down twice

Walk like ten men (10 points)Win 10 Fight Now matches against the CPU

David and Goliath (40 points)Beat CPU Mike Tyson in Fight Now on G.O.A.T

King of The Rope-a-Dope (40 points)Beat CPU Muhammad Ali in Fight Now on G.O.A.T

Punch Drunk (10 points)Win a Fight Now match vs the CPU while landing at least 250 jabs

Enough To Feed a Horse (10 points)Win a Fight Now match vs the CPU while landing at least 10 haymakers

Precision Guided Pain (50 points)Win a fight where you landed at least 70% of your punches vs CPU

GOAT (80 points)Retire as the G.O.A.T(unlocks achievements; Retiring as a Superstar and Hall of Famer if not earned)

Big Gloves to Fill (65 points)Retire as a Hall of Famer (unlocks achievement for retiring as a superstar if not earned)

Flyswatter (60 points)Beat CPU Muhammad Ali on G.O.A.T. using a created boxer in Fight Now

XXL (75 points)Win the Heavyweight Championship Belt in Online World Championship Mode

A Force to Reckon With (15 points)Win 10 online ranked matches

New Blood (5 points)Import a boxer into Legacy Mode

Counter punch techniques

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Brian B. on January 07, 2011:

Very nice post! I'm addicted to FNR4!

mandatory retirement on October 10, 2010:

I know there is an audience for this game (and many others)but it's lost on me. My grandson is on the computer playing games all the time and I wish he would go outside and ride his bike, or play tag, or just skip some rocks into a lake.

Jordan on July 16, 2010:

Achievement points are for the Xbox 360 Gamer scores

phil on December 02, 2009:

// what are the achievement points for ?

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