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Fifa 11 ultimate team. How do you build your team? (Includes trailer)


Let me start by telling you that this is not an experts guide to Fifa utimate team. I won't be telling you that one way is the best or that another way is the worst. I will merely look at the options. If you want tips and strategies on how to succeed on ultimate team then i definitely recommend Warchild75's hubs which i'm sure will include some fifa 11 UT ones not long after it's release on 3rd November.

If you're like me then you will have been counting the days until the release of Ultimate team. The fact that it's free and is being released a lot earlier than last time is a real bonus and the addition of play a friend should be a masterstroke. I'll be honest i got into UT a lot later than most but in the few months i was playing it i realised just how addictive it was. It was a game in itself and totally took over my fifa 10 experience (in a good way)

If you don't know what ultimate team is then here's a little description on the layout of the game based on the last installment.

UT is a card trading game. You start with a group of bronze cards which include players, a home and away kit, a match ball, a stadium and a couple of attribute cards. Your aim is to earn coins by trading players and winning tournaments and matches and improving every aspect of your ultimate team. As well as the default tournaments on the game there are weeky featured tournaments in which offer big coin prizes for winners. You can have multiple squads in order to create a team for all of the different tournaments. Some tournaments only allow bronze players in the team, some ask for 6 players of the same nationality etc.

The chemistry system is essential to your teams success. For example, if your centre backs are of the same nationality or play for the same club or even in the same league then the chemistry of your team will improve accordingly. If the majority of your players' preferred formation is the one that you're currently playing then your chemistry will improve, as it also will if your manager is of the same nationality as a few of your players or the team is playing his preffered formation. It's as important to have a good team chemistry as it is to have good overall rating of your team

It isn't just about chemistry, trading players and playing matches though. You also have to keep your players fit, happy and under contract and can do this by buying the appropriate contract and injury cards or buying a bigger stadium to improve morale.

Fifa 11 UT trailer

The best way to build your squads?

The quickest, easiest and most expensive way of building your squads on UT is by buying the packs which are availailable from the online store. I personally don't do this as i know if i started i probably wouldn't stop and i just simply can't afford to keep buying them. I also prefer the challenge of starting with what i have and finding the best strategy of improving my collection of players.

So without the aid of £££ i will start on my quest for the ultimate team. First of all i need to play some matches and win a couple of tournaments, but then what do i do? Should i look for bargain gold players to improve the squad, do i look for bronze or silver players so i can build a squad for cheaper to compete in specific tournaments, or do i look for bargain players simply to sell them on and make a profit and then decide which rout to take.

Buying Gold players

This would seem the most obvious way to go, but is it the right way? It stands to reason that at the very beginning without buying any packs you want have a chance of getting a Messi or Ronaldo or any real top player for that matter so is it really worth filling your team with average gold players when you could be building a better bronze or silver team?

Buying bronze and silver players

I personally think that your bronze/silver team is just as important as your gold team. It can earn the same amount of coins from matches and cost less to assemble, although fast players such as obika and ostemobor did cost quite a lot in last years market. The only problem is, are you getting the same satisfaction of buiding a team with less quality than you would filling it with the gold cards? You could buy a bronze pack for a lot less coins than you could a gold pack but if you were to get messi in the gold pack then it's made it all worthwile hasn't it? This is the dilemma.

Trading players

Unlike Harry Redknapp i quite like the term ' wheeler dealer' and i consider it to be a big part of the fifa UT experience. I get just as much of a buzz selling a player on for big profit as i would winning a tournament. It's an excellent way to raise funds and can set you on your way to getting the team that you want. As warchild says in his hubs, fast players are the dearest on the whole game due to their ability to change a game from the bench by running at or behind tired defenders so if you happen to get hold of a pacy player on the cheap you could be onto a winner.

I personally study the market before i make any decisions on who i'm going to buy and try to sell on. I'll put several players on my watch list that i have no intention of buying, just to see how many coins i could realistically demand for certain individuals. I will then start to look for cheaper cards of the same players. Once i feel i have a bargain player i can sell on i will put him on the trade list for an hour, with a starting price and a buy now price i feel suitable. If he doesn't sell in the hour i'll then put him on again for longer with a lower starting price but the same buy now price (maybe 6 or 12 hours) On the last UT this worked quite well for me. One example i can give is when i bought (stole) Michael Ballack for 800 coins, put him on for an hour with no luck, so i then put him on with a higher starting price. One of the many flaws of human kind is our inability to wait. This impatience resulted in ballack going for the buy now price of 8000 coins 5 hours before the end of the auction.

Looking at the 3 options above i personally think i will go with the last one and then build a strong bronze team to compete in the appropriate tournaments, and moving onto a silver team and eventually moving onto my gold team. A sort of 'evolution, not revolution' approach i suppose but it's a strategy i'm gonna try out and see where it takes me.

As i said at the start Warchild's hubs are fantastic and will give you great info on how to fare better in the world of ultimate team, they certainly helped me. My hub was purely to explore the different avenues i could take. Do you think i am chossing the right way to go or should i be going for a different approach? What approach do you take and why? I am genuinely interested in hearing how you build your squads and what are you priorities at the start of the game? I'm always willing to learn.

For the latest Fifa Ultimate team news visit EA. Fifa 11 official site.

Thankyou for reading my hub. I hope you enjoyed it and i hope you enjoy Fifa 11 Ultimate team as much i expect to do. Why not take a look at my other hubs if you have the time?

Update 10/11/2010

Just a quick update to let everyone know how i'm going on. There has been a slight change of plan. Building a bronze team was frustrating me so I decided to buy a premium gold pack a couple of days ago. I was lucky enough to get Arjen Robben which has completely changed my priorities on the game. The bronze and silver teams are still a major part of UT to me but have been put on the backburner for the moment. Basically i'm now a sell out and a hypocrite ha.

Fifa 10 Ultimate team looked like this.

Fifa 10 Ultimate team looked like this.


Andy on December 14, 2011:


ecm10 on April 09, 2011:


Go to your club and find the player you want to sell,then sellect send to trade pile.

Gibbo on March 22, 2011:

Can you add me on ps3 please, xGibbo--

david on March 03, 2011:

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tom on February 24, 2011:

how do you sell players in ur club who arent in ur squad????? Nice hub :)

Fuller_legend (author) from Stoke-On-Trent, England on January 14, 2011:

jimmy: Have you checked your watch list mate? If he's not there then i really don't know buddy. Very strange.

Jimmy on January 13, 2011:

i bought a player, but i don't know where he went, how can i find him

Liam101 on December 11, 2010:

Great helpful hub again. good to have somebody on ps3 as well. Can you add me on Ps3, Cheekyguy101

I have some good players to trade with on ultimate team and want to learn more so can you add me. If it is not too much to ask I just did another hub, could you please read it and give me feedback.

Thanks a lot

lukeyboy112233 on December 05, 2010:

mr awberry ive got warchild on my friends list

Fuller_legend (author) from Stoke-On-Trent, England on November 30, 2010:

Good stuff lukey, i'll keep an eye out.

lukeyboy112233 on November 30, 2010:

no problem last time iwas was in the middle of it and my pc crased so ill start it tomo and will be published by sat.

Fuller_legend (author) from Stoke-On-Trent, England on November 30, 2010:

Make sure you do lukeyboy, i'll look forward to reading that and thanks for the continued support matey. Much appreciated

lukeyboy112233 on November 30, 2010:

fuller i just cannot stop reading yor hubs along with warchild and im knoking out a fut hub to do with inform players i will let u know once published.

lukeyboy112233 on November 27, 2010:

mrr awberry its uk predator on your friends list alright hows it going.

Fuller_legend (author) from Stoke-On-Trent, England on November 25, 2010:

Mrr Awberry: Thanks for the kind words mate. I'm a poor man's Warchild really ha ha.

Yeah sorry about that matey i'm on ps3. Probably just as well for me as i'm pretty crap ha.

Mrr Awbery on November 25, 2010:

just realised your on ps3 :D no worries

Mrr Awbery on November 25, 2010:

hey there Fuller, i like the fact that you have started doing Ultimate team hubs, tbh i think Warchild has had it easy :D:D jokes warchild is a great hub writer, but, its always better to have a different approach, right?

Anyways, just thought id let you know this was a good hub and you should keep them going, if you want to add me on live just gimme a shout, i would love to play you or warchild :D

Fuller_legend (author) from Stoke-On-Trent, England on November 21, 2010:

Warchild: No problems about the mentions mate, it's my pleasure. BeLieve it or not it was because of one of your fifa hubs why i found hubpages in the first place so the least i can do is advertise your great work.

I also appreciate the good words, it means a lot. I hope you don't think i'm treading on anyone's toes by writing about UT. Like you say i try to approach it from a different angle. I don't claim to be a master at the game but i just love playing it so i try to share my experiences rather than give advice as anyone who wants tips i will point in your direction.

I picked a lot of great tips up from your hubs and will continue to look out for you future ones. The triple bidding ploy is an absolute winner for me.

Lukeyboy: Thanks again mate. Just read your first hub and it's a good one. Get some more knocked out mate, i'll be following.

lukeyboy112233 on November 21, 2010:

again great hub and it looks like it goona help as well

lee from Lancing, West Sussex, England on November 21, 2010:

Nice work you approached my specialist niche from a different angle and i like the way you put your writing down,Thanks for the mentions,i too have been sending you feedback,good luck on your journey to making money on this website,im doing it and im sure you can too!!

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