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Fifa 11 Ultimate Team Tips And Strategies

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So the worlds greatest game add on is back and bigger than ever,it certainly seems like the developers have put a lot more effort into this years version and they also seemed to have listened to us the gamers about what sort of content to put in the game.This year we have the ability to play our friends which wasn't available in any of the previous versions,this of course means that some of you will be able to play me,don't panic I'm just average.The graphics on the cards etc are better and they have made it easier to distinguish between the uprated players in the team of the week by making the cards all black.Well in my first day as a UT11 player i started with 10k and no players and ended the day with a full squad of gold players including Ashley Cole and Manuel Neuer rated 84 and 85 respectively,and 70,000 in the bank for trading,not bad for 6hours work,and in this hub i am going to tell you how to achieve that,the best players to bid on and the little tips that worked on the last game and this one too.Also some new tips on bidding strategies.


The following tips are in no specific order and are just tips that i have found through playing ultimate team for 3 years now and the latest one for a few days.I will not be telling you how much to pay for players as this does change from day to day,and i wont be answering any questions on how much to sell players for,if you read this hub properly i will explain how to sell players and make a profit,so there is no need to ask that question.Enjoy and i hope these tips work for you.Please let me know if they do.

Buying Players

Obviously the most important part of the game is being able to spot a bargain,I try to make it easier for myself by narrowing down the search a little first so i will usually try the Premier league first and look for the most popular players in real life,why?well because these are the ones that will sell well.So for example i will search the premier league for any kind of player and put my search with a minimum of 1000coins and a maximum of whatever i have in the bank,this narrows down the search further and to be honest any profit you can make on a 1000coin player isn't worth mentioning.Then before bidding i will set myself a maximum i will go to and never ever go over that amount otherwise you are just eating into your profit and could just end up losing money.Then it is time to bid,more on bidding later!!!.

If you have all day to peruse the trading markets then i suggest doing the following,pick a player you like, someone you may watch every Saturday on the tele.Then go to the market and add all the team and player details until it comes up with just that player,now watch the first 10 of that player and leave it a few hours,when you come back you will see which ones have sold and for how much,this way it gives you a better idea of how much to pay for a player in order to resell him and make the profit you are after.Then you are in the strongest postion to win that player and sell him on for a tidy profit.


Bidding is not a calculated science it is whatever works best for you,i will tell you what works best for me and it is up to you guys to work out a formula that works for you,or simply copy mine and hopefully it works for you OK.

Bidding at the last second: Now i don't do this as i myself find it incredibly annoying but for some it works,it doesn't for me as i find it just pisses people off and makes them even more determined to get that player.

Double Or Treble Bidding I do this one quite a bit,what i do is put in a bid of say 10,000 on a player then immediately after i put in a bid of 10050 and then if i feel like it another bid of 10100 as to the other bidders this now looks like there are 3 more bidders,whenever I'm up against more than say 5 or 6 bidders i back out as it makes getting a player at a price where you can make a profit virtually impossible.

Small Bidding I only do this in conjunction with the above technique as it is very easy to quickly add another 50 coins to the bid,personally i don't do it at any other time.

Large Bidding This one i do more often which you may find strange as I'm trying to make a profit,well i find that if you bid 250-400 coins higher at a time it keeps the bidding short as you reach your highest bid point quicker and it puts people off as lots of people stop short at a round figure such as 20,000 then if you bid 20050 they may think OK lets have one more try to win,if you bid at 20400 this puts them off as its a large jump.

All Out Bidding This one is risky but can pay off,you immediately with your first bid jump to the most you were willing to pay for that particular player.Say Walcott is selling for 25k and is up for 18k and the most you are going to pay is 22k so you can make a profit,then come straight in at 22k,it can be a shocker for most watching so can get you the player your after.

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