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Fifa 11 Ultimate Team Tips And Strategies

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So the worlds greatest game add on is back and bigger than ever,it certainly seems like the developers have put a lot more effort into this years version and they also seemed to have listened to us the gamers about what sort of content to put in the game.This year we have the ability to play our friends which wasn't available in any of the previous versions,this of course means that some of you will be able to play me,don't panic I'm just average.The graphics on the cards etc are better and they have made it easier to distinguish between the uprated players in the team of the week by making the cards all black.Well in my first day as a UT11 player i started with 10k and no players and ended the day with a full squad of gold players including Ashley Cole and Manuel Neuer rated 84 and 85 respectively,and 70,000 in the bank for trading,not bad for 6hours work,and in this hub i am going to tell you how to achieve that,the best players to bid on and the little tips that worked on the last game and this one too.Also some new tips on bidding strategies.


The following tips are in no specific order and are just tips that i have found through playing ultimate team for 3 years now and the latest one for a few days.I will not be telling you how much to pay for players as this does change from day to day,and i wont be answering any questions on how much to sell players for,if you read this hub properly i will explain how to sell players and make a profit,so there is no need to ask that question.Enjoy and i hope these tips work for you.Please let me know if they do.

Buying Players

Obviously the most important part of the game is being able to spot a bargain,I try to make it easier for myself by narrowing down the search a little first so i will usually try the Premier league first and look for the most popular players in real life,why?well because these are the ones that will sell well.So for example i will search the premier league for any kind of player and put my search with a minimum of 1000coins and a maximum of whatever i have in the bank,this narrows down the search further and to be honest any profit you can make on a 1000coin player isn't worth mentioning.Then before bidding i will set myself a maximum i will go to and never ever go over that amount otherwise you are just eating into your profit and could just end up losing money.Then it is time to bid,more on bidding later!!!.

If you have all day to peruse the trading markets then i suggest doing the following,pick a player you like, someone you may watch every Saturday on the tele.Then go to the market and add all the team and player details until it comes up with just that player,now watch the first 10 of that player and leave it a few hours,when you come back you will see which ones have sold and for how much,this way it gives you a better idea of how much to pay for a player in order to resell him and make the profit you are after.Then you are in the strongest postion to win that player and sell him on for a tidy profit.


Bidding is not a calculated science it is whatever works best for you,i will tell you what works best for me and it is up to you guys to work out a formula that works for you,or simply copy mine and hopefully it works for you OK.

Bidding at the last second: Now i don't do this as i myself find it incredibly annoying but for some it works,it doesn't for me as i find it just pisses people off and makes them even more determined to get that player.

Double Or Treble Bidding I do this one quite a bit,what i do is put in a bid of say 10,000 on a player then immediately after i put in a bid of 10050 and then if i feel like it another bid of 10100 as to the other bidders this now looks like there are 3 more bidders,whenever I'm up against more than say 5 or 6 bidders i back out as it makes getting a player at a price where you can make a profit virtually impossible.

Small Bidding I only do this in conjunction with the above technique as it is very easy to quickly add another 50 coins to the bid,personally i don't do it at any other time.

Large Bidding This one i do more often which you may find strange as I'm trying to make a profit,well i find that if you bid 250-400 coins higher at a time it keeps the bidding short as you reach your highest bid point quicker and it puts people off as lots of people stop short at a round figure such as 20,000 then if you bid 20050 they may think OK lets have one more try to win,if you bid at 20400 this puts them off as its a large jump.

All Out Bidding This one is risky but can pay off,you immediately with your first bid jump to the most you were willing to pay for that particular player.Say Walcott is selling for 25k and is up for 18k and the most you are going to pay is 22k so you can make a profit,then come straight in at 22k,it can be a shocker for most watching so can get you the player your after.

Quick Poll For My Gratification


Just as important as buying this is where you need to do some research,sorry people but you cant keep asking me questions about how to price players as believe it or not i don't know the value of every single UT player,this is how i value my players for sale.You have just got Rooney in a pack and you want to sell him before he starts ordering hookers!!!! Well this is how i would do it.First go to the market and go to the search function,Then go gold player and striker,then go premier league and Manchester United,then when it comes up with loads of Rooney's select the first 10 to watch,now go away and come back later when they have all expired.Some will have sold and some will have not.look at the ones that have sold and look at the pricing,now look at the ones that haven't sold and i guarantee its because they are too high,sort your pricing out from there,i have always said dont be the cheapest but don't be the most expensive either.

When selling a player i have just brought for profit,i usually set his starting price at about 500-1000 coins more than i paid for him and then set the BIN price at about 4-5000 over what i paid,i might be able to sell for 8k profit but im more likely to sell at 4-5k.*times out of 10 he sells at the BIN price because people are generally lazy and cant be bothered with the whole losing out on a player.

The 5 Minute rule!!

Unfortunately for this years UT players the 59thminute rule doesn't work quite as well as it used too,the basic premise was hanging around the 59th minute to pick up on the mistakes people had made when listing their players,unfortunately this well kept secret didn't stay that way for long,whilst this can still be done it doesn't work half as well as it used too and you can find yourself waiting around for a long time.Personally now i go to the 6hour or 12hour limit which does mean scaling your search right down,the way i now do it is pick a league,pick a team and pick a position which leaves you nowhere near the amount of talent you would otherwise have to scroll through,so for example i would go to the premier league,choose Man Utd and then go to defenders,then start the task of scrolling up to the 6 or 12 hour mark,you might have to be prepared to stick around there for a while.


Tips For Beginners

Most of the people reading this would of played UT before but for those that haven't these little tips are for you.Firstly any profit is good profit,start out with 1000 coin players and make about 200 profit,its quite easy just pick popular players generally in the premiership.The best bet would be to go for the lower inform players,inform players always sell well and if they are in the lower echelons of the premiership then they will be relatively cheap.Although it kind of negates the playing of fifa 11 the best thing to do with fifa 11 UT  is trade,even with little money you can make more in one trade then you would from playing a couple of games,trade,trade,trade is the keyword.Buy a few packs if you have to but after a few leave it as spending coins on packs is pure luck and you can easily lose all your coins.Good luck chaps and if anybody has any problems then add me warchild1975 have fun guys and i'll see you all online.

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Jesse Horine from Fort Mill, South Carolina on September 01, 2011:

good article! good luck to you in FIFA i love that game! please follow me and i will follow you and read my hubs if you ever have time

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lee (author) from Lancing, West Sussex, England on July 24, 2011:

Anyone who has good ultimate team advice and would like to contribute to a ultimate team tips website that will be up and running in a couple of months should send me a message.

mcgmets on June 03, 2011:

Do you guys think Fabregas would play CDM well next to Gerrard if my defense is Evra Vidic Puyol Ramos

avjordanfc on June 01, 2011:

Any improvements for my team? i know 5 at the back is nooby but i'm shite at defending so.....

thomaska92 on June 01, 2011:

Hey, are there coming any in-form players today, or aren't there going to be anyone since the season is basicly over?

mcgmets on May 28, 2011:

I'm looking to improve, but not sure where to start. Any advice would be appreciated.

FIFABoss on May 25, 2011:


avjordanfc on April 23, 2011:

do you think having a player from a different league to all other players in your team affects how the team plays? thanks (for example a premier league team with higuain upfront)

lee (author) from Lancing, West Sussex, England on April 12, 2011:

@nduncan95 the url doesnt work im afraid, try again!!

Nduncan95 on April 12, 2011: what do you think warchild, this is your education

lee (author) from Lancing, West Sussex, England on April 10, 2011:

nah xbox m8

Jack903 on April 09, 2011:

Hey warchild great hub, u have ps3?

lee (author) from Lancing, West Sussex, England on March 21, 2011:


lee (author) from Lancing, West Sussex, England on March 14, 2011:

@stenmets yes little profits are always best as ea dont take quite such a big cut!!

stenmets7 on March 13, 2011:

i yesterday saw ashley young for 3,200.. not knowing if to get him. following ur hubs it says if u think twice (hesitate) then leave it. but i decided to snap him up. i hadn't been using the trade market much until i read one of your hub's, so i didn't know if he was worth it cos i haven't watched any players. good thing i took him!!! bought for 3.2k sold for 7k, nice profit for a bad side like mine.. then i decided to start watching suarez (i dont like him cos im a man u fan). anyway, after watching him for an hour. i scooped a few of him up for around 4.5k.. and then sold him for around 6.2k!! little money from him.. do you reckon i'm doing a good thing by buying and selling him for such a low profit?

moeb33 on March 06, 2011:

Updated as of yesterday.

It makes me sad that I am going to have to rebuild this team in '12... They really should let you continue your team on.

Emma from Houston TX on March 05, 2011:

Nice strategies listed out.

xxBOxNAxFIEDxx on February 26, 2011:

Here's my updated squad warchild. my xbox name is same as name on here. message me if u ever want a match.

lee (author) from Lancing, West Sussex, England on February 25, 2011:

@kevin there is no quick way unless u are buying packs and get lucky,i must say i got fabregas in a pack and sold him which allowed me to buy gerrard so packs do help sometimes,other than that it is just play and save up as the market is rubbish at the moment!

KevinMUFC on February 24, 2011:

What, would you say, would be the best way to get a 3 and half star team off the ground to become a formidable 5 star team like your own as fast as possible?

lee (author) from Lancing, West Sussex, England on February 24, 2011:

@moeb,not too long,got fabregas in a pack which helped,sold him for 72k and brought gerrard for 138k

moeb33 on February 24, 2011:

Nice squad, how long did it take you get Gerrard?

Which brings me to my next point, I'm a Reds fan

lee (author) from Lancing, West Sussex, England on February 24, 2011:

@moeb yeah shame we could of had a few good match ups,im a red devil m8 heres my squad

moeb33 on February 24, 2011:

Forgot to include my squad.

moeb33 on February 24, 2011:

I'd recommend picking up evra over cole myself. But, I lucked out in a pack and got cole and evra together it was nuts. I'd already had cole in my squad. So I traded the extra and put the old Cashley on the right flank and have evra patrolling my left.

@warchild too bad your xbox I feel like I could give you a run for your money with my squad now. Btw, what club do you support?

xxBOxNAxFIEDxx on February 23, 2011:

Yeah that link wasn't completely right, i normally have Pato starting at the RW. I am going for an all Serie A team so i need to get rid of Dani Alves for Micon.

lee (author) from Lancing, West Sussex, England on February 23, 2011:

yeah not bad for starters,i would get cole for the leftback position if u can afford him! he is ace

xxBOxNAxFIEDxx on February 22, 2011:

Hey nice hub warchild, just really started working on my team within the past month what you think so far? Thoughts Suggestions?

arun125 from chandigarh on February 22, 2011:

wow nice and good hub and good content

lee (author) from Lancing, West Sussex, England on February 21, 2011:

ok i migt go on tommorow and smash ur team to or lose!!!

lee (author) from Lancing, West Sussex, England on February 21, 2011:

is the name ur using your gamertag as well if so i might go on fifa on wed or thur afternoon and soundly beat ur team!!!lol

lee (author) from Lancing, West Sussex, England on February 20, 2011:

@amadamadam no thats not a good trade,sorry!!

@steeky no he cant,he needs to play well in real life then ea will release an update version and u either get him in a pack or pay over the odds on the market

@mattynufc ur attacking three are scary eh and ur goalie is good but the rest need updating im afraid,are u xbox?

Steeky_YNWA on February 20, 2011:

hey warchild, if i have for instance lescott normal gold shiny can he change to an inform?? write back ASAP

AMADAMADAM on February 20, 2011:

hi mate, cheers for the good hub :)

could you help me out possibly? If you have a fernando torres (liverpool or chelsea, doesnt matter), could i trade him for an IF 86 Kanoute, 86 Lahm, 81 IF Suazo, and 85 Edin Dzeko? would be a GREAT help, thanks

If not, i have 85 arshavin i would be prepared to trade as a replacement for any of them :)

lee (author) from Lancing, West Sussex, England on February 20, 2011:

@moeb33 good buys with lahm and silva,i have tevez and use him as a cf with forlan and higuain ahead of him,up to you about essien i personally dont rate him,that why i dont use cdm's as the best one is essien.vidic is a good idea,one of the best defenders on here,terrys ok too but bit slow,great header and he scored a couple for me too.

moeb33 on February 19, 2011:


Figured I'd update the squad. Ended up picking up David Silva to replace Rosicky and then followed your advice and picked up phil lahm. Any ideas for upgrade suggestions, I don't like to sacrifice chemistry is the only issue.

I don't know whether to get rid of Tevez and try for a different striker etc. The only other players I'm considering are Essien is going to be next purchase for CDM, and then Vidic to replace Toure.

Which is to say, if anyone in the hub has suggestions and actually read this obnoxious long post, I am open to suggestions or trade proposals. But, I'm PS3

lee (author) from Lancing, West Sussex, England on February 16, 2011:

@moeb33 yes ur right speed does kill,but in a good way,yeah good team,not what i would pick but good all the same,like ur defence,much like mine,mine is cole,vidic,pique,lahm

moeb33 on February 15, 2011:

hey @warchild, been reading the hub for a while and its great really appreciate the comments. Figured I'd put up my squad. I had been playing a 4-3-3 but switched to a 4-2-3-1

GK: Given/Reina depending on the match

LB: Cole

CB: Toure, Ferdinand (I had Terry and sold him to buy Toure, he's just so much faster and speed kills)

RB: Sagna

CDM: Toure, Fletcher (once again, Fletcher's stats are always almost higher than every other CM rated higher than him its bizarre)

CAM: Rosicky, Nasri

CF: Van Persie

ST: Tevez

Manager Hodson for 100 chemsitry, 95 without a correct formation manager.


lee (author) from Lancing, West Sussex, England on February 13, 2011:

@maccaj98 yeah show me this years team as in fifa 11,this is either fifa 10 ut or it is the online 10 and 11 merged team!!

maccaj98 on February 13, 2011:

My team any improvements to make?

Thanks in advance

lee (author) from Lancing, West Sussex, England on February 12, 2011:

fitness no question!!!!

27Jason27 on February 12, 2011:

also, do you know whats more important? Fitness or Morale?

27Jason27 on February 11, 2011:

ok thanks!

lee (author) from Lancing, West Sussex, England on February 10, 2011:

@27jason27 yeah get a manager with a good formation and then only buy new players with the same formation this makes ur chemistry sky high!!

27Jason27 on February 10, 2011:

will a manager give me better chemistry? i know formation will matter but does country, club, etc? also, does it affect my team rating?

27Jason27 on February 10, 2011:

once i get bent my chemistry will probably go to almost 80, but i want it as high as possible, do you know if buying a manager with the right formation will do anything??

27Jason27 on February 10, 2011:

ok thanks!

lee (author) from Lancing, West Sussex, England on February 10, 2011:

@jason yeah bent would be a good plan plus he is quite cheap!

27Jason27 on February 09, 2011:

i have a good ranked team (5 star - 82 rated, 70 chemistry) and i need one more striker to go up top with Agbonlahor and Joe Cole (3-5-2)im really focusing on getting chemistry up with him, any suggestions?? i was thinking a darren bent or dirk kuyt?

here's my team -

lee (author) from Lancing, West Sussex, England on February 05, 2011:

Yeah maybe,i like the friends play as well,its got me back into it a little bitnow,gonna have to get back on there and get my ass to the top of the leaderboards eh!!

avjordanfc on February 04, 2011:

Lol they probably saw it every one seems to have,i like the playing friends team aswell.

lee (author) from Lancing, West Sussex, England on February 03, 2011:

@avjordan yeah looks good eh,loving the leaderboards,that was one of my suggestions for the next game,i wonder if they saw my hub and decided to include it in the download,lol

avjordanfc on February 03, 2011:

hey warchild what do u think of the the fut updates??

N424M on January 31, 2011:

Thnaks for your help lads =)

avjordanfc on January 30, 2011:

@n424 if you compare the stats on the inform cannavaro and nesta, cannavaro is better =D

lee (author) from Lancing, West Sussex, England on January 30, 2011:

@n424m no idea m8 bloody hate italians,havent got muc to do with the italian players so cant help u out there buddy!¬!

N424M on January 30, 2011:

Warchild tell me what you think?

Who do you think i should sign next?

lee (author) from Lancing, West Sussex, England on January 24, 2011:

@blah ur sarcasm hasnt gone unoticed,if you dont need help then why were you reading it.Some people dont get the principles because they are not as clever as you are!!

BlahBlahBlah12 on January 24, 2011:

Wow This hub is sooooo great. It tells you to but players cheap and sell them for more!! Warchild you are a genius!

God the average FUT player must be thick as sh*t if the need to be told the above.

networkandy from Connecticut on January 18, 2011:

WOW this hub has like tons of comments. This is awesome I like what I was reading. This is the kind of hub I look for. Thanks

deblipp on January 17, 2011:

I hope few people will really get help from your tips.

lee (author) from Lancing, West Sussex, England on January 17, 2011:

@don ship thanks man

@dev hit the market to find out my friend!!

o DEV o on January 17, 2011:

I have aiden mcgeady with 80 stat what is he worth.

Don Ship on January 17, 2011:

Awesome hub! Very useful! Thanks for sharing! Will be looking forward to read more from you!

ahmar2 from Lahore on January 16, 2011:

Good work mate I will also get a copy of FiFa 011 pretty soon. Currently I only play Fifa09. ;)

dpatullo741 from UK on January 16, 2011:

Wow buddy, you have shared great knowledge.

G0Dz ReMiiX on January 11, 2011:

Ok thanks!

lee (author) from Lancing, West Sussex, England on January 10, 2011:

Sorry dude i think my friends list is full at the moment

The market is all over the place but just watch a few players on the market and see what they sell for then try and pick one up cheaper and sell for a little more,avoid the big expensive players as you wont make so much profit!!

G0Dz ReMiiX on January 10, 2011:

Hi there, i have played fifa UT since it came out and quite experience on fifa. But the most i struggle with is money. Now i have tried every method possible and still not made that much money to get "the ultimate team" I have tried a method which i found on the web and used it for 4 weeks and made 140k, but this took a VERY long time, just wondering if you could add me on Xbox and go through it with me please? my gamertag is: G0Dz ReMiiX, Thanks! :)

Kate from England on January 09, 2011:

great hub!!

lee (author) from Lancing, West Sussex, England on January 07, 2011:

I would sell cassilas if u havent got a fairly good squad already as the proceeds could buy you 3 or 4 quite good players

TheJakeIsALie on January 07, 2011:

By the way, great hub, it helped me with a few questions a lot.

TheJakeIsALie on January 07, 2011:

Here's a question. I bought a pack yesterday, and I'm insanely lucky, and inside happened to be Cassillas. Although Cassillas is an amazing GK, and I'm truly happy to have him, I don't have a great team all around. Getting someone like Cassillas in a pack is a once in a life time thing for me. Would you trade Cassillas for a large amount of coins to get the rest of your team squared away, or would you keep Cassillas and try to earn the coins on your own.?

Thanks mate. Hopefully you can help.

Kate from England on January 07, 2011:

Great hub thanks for sharing :)

avjordanfc on January 06, 2011:

looks like im starting the trading game hub again lol, how many coins have you got at the moment from doing your method?

elsenjay on January 06, 2011:


i was just curious in fact some are of the opinion that if you hold on to an if player you make bigger cash because their value is to go up

lee (author) from Lancing, West Sussex, England on January 06, 2011:

Trade them now!!!

elsenjay on January 06, 2011:

hey warchild!

First of all great blog you really helped me alot.

I kind of got frustrated just trading trying to get money so i took the risk and got a couple of those premium jumbo gold packs and got kalinic and jesus navas in form. should i trade them now or hold on to them?

thanks for you answer in advance.

lee (author) from Lancing, West Sussex, England on January 06, 2011:

@joe manu one game and one game only!!!

Joe_manu on January 06, 2011:

how long do training cards (eg +5 speed) last? forever on for a certain amount of games?

lee (author) from Lancing, West Sussex, England on January 05, 2011:

@jordan sorry dude but the only way u get hacked is falling for peoples lies and or entering ur details into dodgy sites.It wont happen to u again though eh!!

avjordanfc on January 05, 2011:

i posted my team 2 days ago (jordant) and you said it was good, but today someone has hacked my players, i'm really gutted spent money and time on that. Anything i can do that would help?


lee (author) from Lancing, West Sussex, England on January 04, 2011:

@malcolm ur never be off it!!

Malcolm_Cox from Newcastle, England on January 04, 2011:

Wow, this is a great guide to UT! I have FIFA 11 but never really bothered with Ultimate Team!! I'm getting on it now!

Astonish.cunning from Away on January 04, 2011:

u know i am addicted towards is my passion dude .is there any thing about ea cricket 11?

JordanT on January 03, 2011:

thanks took a while

lee (author) from Lancing, West Sussex, England on January 03, 2011:

@jordan not a bad team there!!

JordanT on January 02, 2011: this is my ultimate team dont know whether to sell one of my strikers

ryan11 on January 02, 2011:

soz mate got no clue but im sure it wil be advertised on the fifa 11 UT menu

sam7211 on January 02, 2011:

any news on when they are coming out il buy ms points from work if it is

ryan11 on January 02, 2011:

cool team sam by the way rumours are going round that a new pack is being released its basically a jumbo players premium it will cost 50 000 but its all players and your garaunteed 7 rares im so gonna save up 4 one if they do come out

Sam7211 on January 02, 2011: this is my team so far xD

STQ SCOPES on December 31, 2010:

im on xbox needing some money tryed your tactic worked quite a bit but still needing new players and great HUB ive added u plz accept any help i have 2,383 i need a new tactic cause evdy i vers have amazing teams chemistry 100 any help

lee (author) from Lancing, West Sussex, England on December 31, 2010:

@bill cheers glad they helped,the best advice i can give you is do not buy packs,waste of money.

bill on December 31, 2010:

hey warchild,

love ur hubs

always trying to get best team but recently ive just got stuck ive bought quite a few packs and not got lucky. my team was worth 150k but now only 110k and cant find any players going that i can bid on. any advice would help cheers.

ryan11 on December 31, 2010:

I tried selling my team at ridiculous prices probably 10 000 more than there worth to see what would happen and they all sold really well i got around 500 000 altogether much better than i expected and i now have a good laliga team which actually has a better rating than my prem team...

GK Reina 85

RB Alves 84 CB Puyol 87 CB Pique LB Ramos

CDM Xavi 87 CDM Alonso 85

CAM Iniesta 87 CAM Kaka 86

ST Higauin 85 ST Forlan 87

Not bad 86 rated 100 chemistry..

Im lookin to perhaps get Maicon and Lucio to add a bit of Brazl in defence and David villa for higauin also would love onform Fabregas to replace Alonso let me know what you think..

lee (author) from Lancing, West Sussex, England on December 30, 2010:

@ryan11 its difficult isnt it,i find it hard to not want to sell up and start again all the time,its a good team though!!Drogba not rooney!!

DJColeman on December 30, 2010:

Any Good La Liga Players Anyone Willing to Sell to Me for A Reasonable Price Got 160K

ryan11 on December 30, 2010:

Hey Warchild got a really effective decent premier league team which looks like this

GK Reina 85

LB Evra 84 CB Vidic 87 CB Ferdinand 85 RB Cole 84

CM Nasri 84 CM Fabregas 86 CM Lampard 87

CF Silva 85

ST Tevez 86 ST Torres 86


Do you think i should carry on with this team and maybe get Gerrard and Rooney or Drogba or should i sell my team and get a la liga team ive calculated my team would be worth about 475,000 what do you think?

ryan11 on December 29, 2010:

Jonny i have Fabregas Torres Tevez Lampard Vidic Evra Nasri and Silva

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