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Far Cry 5 Fishing Guide: How to Get a Wonderboy Fishing Rod and Catch The Admiral

Far Cry 5 may not be a fishing game, but the fishing is quite advanced for a game that is primary focused on action, shooting, driving vehicles, and exploring the map. Fishing is just one of the activities in the huge vast world of Far Cry 5. It can be quite lucrative, as you can sell the fish you catch for cash. There are a total of four fishing rods, but you will only be able to acquire two of them in the beginning of the game by purchasing them with money.

This article will explain how to unlock the Wonderboy fishing rod and catch The Admiral fish. It will also provide a few tips and tricks to help you improve your fishing techniques in Far Cry 5.

In order to unlock the Wonderboy fishing rod, you must complete Skylar's Questline. There are three quests: Tools of the Trade, Gone Fishing, and The Admiral.

To start the Skylar Questline, you must go to the Whitetail Mountains which is in Jacob's Region on the Far Cry 5 map. Skylar is in the southeastern part of the Whitetail Mountains. After entering the region, you'll encounter her off the side of the road by a trailer. She's pounding on the trailer with a baseball bat. Her boyfriend is inside.


Far Cry 5: Tools of the Trade Quest

You must help Skylar because her boyfriend has her fishing rod and he won't give it back. Shoot the area around the trailer to scare her boyfriend Dillon. Fire any weapon at his acoustic guitar and shoot underneath the trailer. Make sure to hit the little dish that is on the roof of the trailer as well.

Once you've helped Skylar, grab the fishing rod (unless you bought one before) and follow her like the game indicates. She'll take you to a small pond nearby. The quest (tools of the trade) is basically a tutorial on how to fish. Listen to her and catch the fish that the game requires of you.

Fishing Tips

You'll want to get the "FISHER KING" survivalist perk if you want to be a better fishermen. The FISHER KING costs 4 points to unlock. It makes fish tire more quickly so they are easier to reel in. Additionally, it unlocks new types of flies in the Fishing Rod slot of the utility wheel menu.

Fishing in Far Cry 5 involves casting out, hooking fish, then reeling them in. Make sure to cast out far enough in the water. To attract fish, you can slowly reel the fishing line in by barely holding the button in (or by tapping it). If fish are in the vicinity, they will swim to the hook. Don't reel in the line too fast because the fish will stop swimming to it (I had that issue).

Once you've hooked a fish, you have to reel it in and fight the fish. The fish can break free if you're not careful! Only reel in the fish when there's little to no resistance. Don't hold the button down the entire time. Pull the fishing rod in the opposite direction when you face resistance as you reel in (important to prevent fish from getting away).

Make sure to set different lures based on the type of fish you're trying to catch. Setting lures is especially important for breaking the region records.

Gone Fishing & The Admiral

Skylar talks about a huge rare fish that no one has managed to catch in the Whitetail Mountains region. She's hoping that you can help her catch The Admiral, but she wants you to improve your fishing game first.

You'll need to catch a bass and a sturgeon for the Gone Fishing quest. Bass and sturgeon are much more difficult to catch (and find) in Far Cry 5 compared to rainbow trout.

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Search rivers, ponds, and other areas of the world to discover locations where bass and sturgeon are. The game will indicate when you've found one and the location will permanently be marked on your map for your convenience.

Make sure to buy the second fishing rod and unlock the FISHER KING perk, as the bass and sturgeon will be easier to catch with that rod and perk.

The Admiral Quest

Once you've caught the bass and the sturgeon, you'll be able to start The Admiral quest. Meet Skylar at the docks in Whitetail Mountains. She mentions that she almost caught The Admiral fish, but she injured her hand. You must take a boat out to the area where The Admiral is and catch it. The game will indicate where to go on the map and cast out.

The Admiral can be a very tough fish to catch, but catching it is like any other fish. However, it's much more challenging to reel it in quickly and the line can break easily. Only attempt to reel in The Admiral for a few seconds. Otherwise, the line will probably break and you'll have to cast out and hook it again.

Sometimes you'll have to let The Admiral move away from you before you reel in. You should be pulling the fishing rod in opposite directions to fight the fish. Once there's less resistance, reel it in. The more resistance, the more the controller will vibrate.

After catching The Admiral, Skylar thanks you. The Wonderboy fishing rod is now unlocked. You can equip it by visiting any store in Far Cry 5. The Wonderboy is a much better rod, as it makes it easier to catch tougher fish. The handling is improved and reeling in is easier.


The Final Fishing Rod

Beating each region's record at hard fishing spots unlocks a fourth fishing rod called the Old Betsy. You must catch bull trout, golden trout, lake trout, and rainbow trout. There will be a couple of other fish too, but they will vary based on the region you're in. Keep catching fish until you get ones that weigh more than the region's record. Use the proper lure. The records are on billboards inside the buildings of major towns like Fall's End in Holland's Valley.

If a cooperative friend already has the Old Betsy rod, then they can give it you if they place in on the ground (I tested that personally). Oddly enough, you'll still get a Playstation 4 trophy (or achievement on XBOX ONE). However, you won't have the Old Betsy unlocked in the stores unless you get it legitimately.

Remember that fishing can be a great way to make money in Far Cry 5. Sometimes you'll find fishing spots that have a fishermen nearby that will buy fish off of you. Fishing near a seller is very convenient, as you can only carry so many fish in your inventory until you have to sell them to a store.

It's possible to make thousands of dollars in Far Cry 5 in a time of 30 minutes or less by selling fish. Utilizing the Wonderboy or Old Betsy fishing rods speeds the process up.


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