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Facts About Pullip Dolls

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What is a Pullip Doll?

A Pullip doll is an Asian fashion doll originating from South Korea. It is a collectible doll created by the Korean artist, Cheonsang Cheonha in 2003. It has an oversized head with a jointed body and movable eyes.

Pullips have a 1:3 scale head on a 1:6 scale body. This means that the 12-inch Pullip doll has a 3-inch head and a 9-inch body. Aside from the oversized head, it has a body height similar to the Barbie doll.

It is one of the more affordable brands available for Asian ball-jointed dolls (BJD's) popular among doll collectors. Pullip dolls have eyes that can look from side to side or close through the use of levers located at the back of its head.

History of Pullip Dolls

First marketed by Jun Planning in 2003, Pullip means a young leaf or a blade of grass in Korean. Since early 2009, Jun Planning has filed for bankruptcy and left the American branch, Jun Planning USA, open and operational until 2010. Since then, Jun Planning USA has shifted the handling of new releases to the Korean-based Groove, Inc.

Since its original release, other lines of dolls have been added: Namu, Taeyang, Dal, Byul, and Isul. Each doll has its own personality profile much like Pullip.



Pullip Family

Aside from the namesake doll, Pullip, there are also several members in the Pullip family. Here is a list along with a short description for each member:

  • Namu - Pullip's first boyfriend who got discontinued due to unpopularity. He was quickly replaced by Pullip's current boyfriend, Taeyang.
  • Taeyang - Pullip's current boyfriend with a body similar to Namu.
  • Dal - Introduced as Taeyang's younger sister, she is known to be jealous of Pullip, thus her mouth is always in a pout.
  • Byul - Introduced in 2009, she is said to be Dal's best friend. She has a crush on Pullip's little brother, Isul.
  • Isul - The newest member of the Pullip family, Pullip's little brother was only introduced last February, 2011. He is said to be studying abroad away from the other members of the family.
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Along with the regular-sized dolls, Pullip dolls has a miniature line that is the exact replica of the original size. Little Pullips, Dals, and Docolla dolls are available.

For miniature Pullips, there are two different versions, the Angel Pullips and the Little Pullips. Their differences are discussed below.

Angel Pullips Versus Little Pullips

If you search for Pullip dolls in, you will find small Pullip dolls with the Angel tag on them. Angel Pullip dolls are cheaper than Little Pullip dolls because:

  1. Angel Pullips do not have the same jointed body as the Little Pullips. Little Pullips have more joints and are capable of more poses than the cheaper variety;
  2. The eyes for Angel Pullips cannot be closed or moved from side to side; and
  3. Angel Pullips are less durable than Little Pullips.

Body Types of Pullip

Since its release, the Pullip doll has had four types of bodies. Here is a list of each type:

  • Type 1 - All 2003 releases; had Marmit-type body with visible screws.
  • Type 2 - January 2004 - June 2005 releases; had no visible screws, soft torso, and joints that can be pulled apart.
  • Type 3 - August 2005 - December 2008 releases; had less articulation than the previous body type, smaller more childlike form, hinged wrist and ankle joints, and is the least poseable out of all body types.
  • Type 4 - January 2009 - present releases; more poseable, peg-and-hole joint for the wrist.

How Often Are Pullip Dolls Released?

Each doll released has its own unique name with distinctive features, outfit, accessories, and box. Each doll has a limited supply, with the exact number only known by the manufacturer. Here is a list on how often a doll is released:

  • Pullip - Once a month with some limited edition releases;
  • Taeyang - Once every other month, in rotation with Byul;
  • Dal - Previously twice a month, now once a month;
  • Byul - Every other month, in rotation with Taeyang (if a new Taeyang comes out this month, Byul is going to be available next month); and
  • Little Pullip and Dal - Monthly.

Where to Buy Pullip Dolls

Aside from Amazon, you can also buy Pullip dolls from reputable online sites. Here are some links to get you started:

  • Pullip Style - one of the more popular sites Pullip collectors go to for online purchases. If you can find a US retailer selling for a lower price and has stock available, they will match the price so long as you send them the link.
  • Denver Doll Emporium - a popular site selling ball-jointed dolls including Pullips.

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