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Garena Free Fire: Ten Tips to Win Every Ranked Game

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Do you like games? If you do then you will love this article Everybody knows what a game is but do you understand what it does?

In this modern age, online games have proven to be dominant in the gaming sector. Games like "Fortnite" , Call Of Duty , Apex legends etc. have been in the system for just for a short time and where already hitting the billboards. Rockstar games, GTA 5 is still one of the world's most leading games but today I'm going to talk about the Online battleground, Free Fire.

I'm going to be showing you, ten tips on how to win every ranked game in Free Fire. Read till end to understand and leave your comments below. Rate the article according to how you see it and enjoy.

What Is Free Fire?

Garena Free Fire (also known as Free Fire Battlegrounds or Free Fire) is an online multiplayer battle royal game, developed by 111 Dots Studio and published by Garena for Android and iOS .


It became the most downloaded game of 2019, because of its popularity, the game was awarded the most downloaded game on Google Play Store.

Free Fire uniquely shows the concept of war in a way which cannot be defined. It is categorized with games like, PUBG, Fortnite, Apex legends, etc. Free fire was released in 2018 and has been developed consistently with new updates which keep on attracting more gamers to the game. It's interface stands out from other online battlegrounds and makes the game play competitive and interesting.

Top 10 Tips to Win Every Ranked Game

Below I'm going to list ten tips to win every ranked game. This tips have been tested and have shown positive results. This tips will work if you do exactly what is written below.

Popular places or loot zones are targeted places by pros and even beginners. I suggest that you stay away from such places to increase your chances of survival.


You may be tempted to land at such places to get weapons and armor quickly but that would be a suicide mission if you are a noob. Don't worry, unpopular places also have weapons and armor and you may even find rare items at such places. Staying away from popular places is a perfect way of winning ranked games because you are able to strategize, gain items and survive.

2. Use the Right Guns at the Right Time.

Guns are your major defense options in the game and using the right gun at the right time increases your chances at surviving.


Eg. I for one hate using a shotgun but during close range encounters, the shotgun is the best gun for the job. it reduces the health bar quickly and is very easy to use. It also makes you prepared for any encounters which gives you the higher advantage over multiple gamers.

Below I am going to recommend three guns which you should have during the gameplay.

The M4A1 Rifle

The M4A1 rifle is one of my personal favorites, even without attachments such as magazines, scopes etc.


It can perform its job as well as guns with these attachments. it can be used for long range kills but not too long and it has a quick reload feature which I personally love. Though its magazine feature not that encouraging, its firepower takes care of the rest. Other guns can be used but the M4A1 rifle is my recommendation.

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The P90 Or The Mp40

This sub-machine gun is fast and short range like any other S.M.G. but what I love about this gun is the fact that it has easy handling and you can move freely as you play the game.


This sub-machine gun is fast and short range like any other S.M.G. but what I love about this gun is the fact that it has easy handling and you can move freely as you play the game. S.M.G. perform a great function in battleground games because they reduce the opponents health bar quickly due to the multiple bullets released at the press of a button and their small nature makes it easy to move quickly. Though there are other sub-machine guns, I prefer using the P90 S.M.G. The MP40 S.M.G can also be used if the P90 isn't available. This gun is famous for its rapid fire and easy handling and many gamers have debated on which gun is better but no conclusion has been drawn.

The M1014

Unlike any shotgun, the M1014 is a high damage, short range weapon and will confidently classify it as the best shotgun.


Though it restricts movement, its high damage feature can instantly kill an opponent if used properly. This weapon is reliable and powerful but the bummer of this gun is the fact that it reloads slowly. It can shoot 7 bullets before reload and needs only a muzzle to gain perfect performance.

3. Throw Grenades in Buildings Before Entering Them

Throwing grenades in buildings helps you to make sure there are no other players in the building. This strategy helps the gamer to ensure his/her safety before entering the building and is recommended by 1000+ gamers.


If you don't have a grenade, items such as flash bangs and glow wall can lure the player to a trap. Statue grenades( recently introduced) can also be used as diversions or dummies to trick another player. The player would see the statue as an opponent and may attack but he or she may end up exploding when he or she gets close to it. The statue also shoots which makes it more realistic and convincing so having a statue grenade is not pretty bad.

4. Always Aim for the Head (Headshots)

Headshots can instantly kill another player or reduce his/her life drastically. Aiming for the head may kill the opponent before he/she can retaliate.


This gains you more kills which give you more coins and will increase your chances of levelling up. It also makes killing opponents or other gamers easier and bullets are reserved for later. Note: Opponents may not die after headshots but may be severely injured.

5. Be Vigilant

Being vigilant helps you identify other players who are likely to be in your surroundings.


You can do this by consistently watching the map, checking your bullet count and listening to your surrounding. Watch your surroundings and make sure areas are safe before you enter them. Drones may hover around and show the location of players within its range so you must always be vigilant to spot drones or stay away from its range to avoid showing your location to other players.


6. Do Not Perform Tasks in the Open

In the open, a gamer is exposed to other players who are likely to kill you at all cost.


Hiding behind objects or using camouflage helps you perform tasks like healing, reloading, etc. without being spotted easily. Even if you get spotted, the player does not get a clean shot at you and may end up missing. You also gain an advantage over the opponent because his location shown on the map when he shoots and as you are crouched behind a rock, tree or any large item, you may get a shot at the opponent, leading to his death or scaring him away.

7. Stay in Safe Zones

Safe zones are areas which players are complied to be in order to continue playing the game.


The safe zone decreases time to time to bring players together for battle and to acknowledge the 10 minutes time as accurate as possible .Staying in the safe zone gives you a one step advantage over your opponents. This is because, as the safe zone shrinks, you are able to find location of other players especially when it is left with a few players.

8. Be Patient

Hunting for players makes you feel like a pro but don't do it. Do not hunt players when you feel invincible.


You may have the best guns and armour but you can still die. Wait for other players to come your way and take that opportunity to get more kills. If you hunt for players, you put yourself in the open and may get spotted by another player and may get killed even though you may be a better player.

9. Be Confident

It has been proven that if a person is nervous or shy, he/she may not perform well in tasks and activities.


Have a goal so that your confidence is boosted and don't play to win but to enjoy yourself. Being confident also makes you feel good about yourself even when you loose and will likely urge you to try again and when you win, you feel so happy and great.

10. Have Fun

If you are having fun while playing the game, you perform better and will have a better gaming experience.


The game was mainly for the fun aspect of it and not to give its players frustration or rage. You may loose sometimes but don't let that bother you because it is just a game. Do not focus your mind on always winning cause pros even loose.

That's pretty much it. Hope this article has benefited you in any way and you follow me for more articles like this one. You can contact me for more information and please leave your comments below. Visit my social platforms and send me a message so we can interact and even play sometime.

Thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of your day.

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