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FF14: How to Get Allied Seals and What Are They Used For?

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What are Allied Seals?

Allied Seals are a currency available in FF14 related to the Hunts and Blue Mage.

They can be used to purchase a variety of items.

They are listed in the Battle section of your currency menu.


How to get Allied Seals? (Hunts)


Allied Seals were originally related to Hunts in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (ARR). There are two types of hunts:

Please note that hunts from Heavensward and later expansions do not give allied seals. ONLY ARR related hunts can give allied seals.

Hunt Bills

At your current Grand Company, there is a Hunt Board. This will have daily and weekly bills. The daily bills will give 3 x 8 and 2 x 20 allied seals for a total of 64 allied seals; the ones that give 20 are FATE bosses. The weekly bill gives 100 allied seals for killing a specific B rank hunt.

Unlock: "Let the Hunt Begin" quest at your Grand Company. If you change Grand Companies, you do not have to complete it again. You need to be at least level 50 to complete this quest.

A ranks and S ranks

These are hunts on large timers.

S ranks are usually relayed via linkshells and discords as to share with other players.

A ranks in later expansion are also often relayed, but ARR A ranks die so quickly and easily that most people do not bother showing up or relaying anymore. As such it's very possible for you to find an A rank by accident and, for the ARR ones, people generally aren't too upset if you chose not to relay these.

Note: Unlike the hunting bills, you do not need to unlock Hunts to get rewards from killing an A or S rank. However, if you haven't completed the quest, you won't be able to join parties in Party Finder's "The Hunt" section - which is widely used in the hunting community! As such, even if you aren't planning on ever doing the Hunt Bills, you really should unlock them in order to get this Party Finder section.

New Gridania Hunt Board

New Gridania Hunt Board

Hunts Path (ARR)

How to earn Allied Seals (Blue Mage)

There are two methods of earning allied seals via Blue Mage: the Masked Carnivale and the Blue Mage Log

Masked Carnivale

The Masked Carnivale is available via the Celestium Attendant near the Miner Guild Aetheryte of Ul'dah after completing the first level 50 blue mage quest.

Each challenge has a first time bonus that has gil, poetics, and allied seals. While this is a one time thing, completing them all is a grand total of 2950 allied seals!

Additionally, every week there are 3 challenges. Together they give 550 seals

Blue Mage Log

The blue mage log is available by using the second tab of your Blue Mage Spellbook after completing the first level 60 blue mage quest.

Similar to the Carnivale, this has first time bonuses and weekly challenges. Unlike the Carnivale, which is aimed for solo play, this is for party play and also has rewards for non-first time clears.

It features two weekly challenges: A weekly instance chosen from the regular log, and a prime target (an Extreme trial).


The weekly carnivale is well worth doing every week for allied seals if you are trying to farm allied seals. This is especially true if you're working on, or someday will work on, relics as they give both allied seals and poetics which are both used for ARR and HW relics.

The blue mage log, in theory, should be great for some excellent allied seals especially the weekly normal target. However, finding people is usually the concern. If you can find people, then it's just fantastic.

The trials could also be used to farm allied seals, rather than being tied to daily/weekly/hour-limited methods, thanks to the repeatable rewards and blue mage being very strong at defeating things. However, having to find a party is the biggest hurdle to farming allied seals this way.

Do note, however, that the blue mage log does not require you to have an all-blue party (only the special achievements have that requirement). As long as you are synced, you could ask some friends to come as regular jobs.

Carnivale Weekly Advanced

Carnivale Weekly Advanced

Allied Seal Reward Numbers

Category 1Category 2Rewarded

Daily Hunt Bill (ARR)

Normal Monster


Daily Hunt Bill (ARR)

Fate Monster


Weekly Hunt Bill (ARR)

B Rank


A Rank

ARR only


S Rank

ARR only


Carnivale First Time Bonus

Challenges 1-5


Carnivale First Time Bonus

Challenges 6-29, but not 25


Carnivale First Time Bonus

Challenge 25,30


Carnivale Weekly



Carnivale Weekly



Carnivale Weekly



Blue Mage Log Dungeon/Trial

First Time Clear


Blue Mage Log Dungeon/Trial

Repeat Clear


Blue Mage Log Raid

First Time Clear


Blue Mage Log Raid

Repeat Clear


Blue Mage Log Weekly

Weekly Random Instance


Blue Mage Log Weekly

Prime Target


Blue Mage Log Weekly Prime Target

Blue Mage Log Weekly Prime Target

What to spend Allied Seals on?

You can spend Allied Seals at the Hunt Billmaster located at your Grand Company.

Blue mage also has a shop by talking to Maudlin Latool Ja in Uld'ah (at x:12.5, y:13.0 in between the Miner and Weaver guild aetherytes)

While there are a variety of items to spend them on, this is generally what they are used for:

Hunt Billmaster

  • Riding maps - these allow you to run faster in ARR maps
  • Minion - The Wind-up Succubus
  • Certain relic steps (Alexandrite and Unidentifiable Bone & Seeds can be purchased with Allied Seals when you get to those steps in the Relic weapon questline)
  • Aetheryte Tickets - these allow you to not pay any Gil for your teleport fees
  • Venture coins
  • Gear for glam or turning into GC seals

Maudlin Latool Ja

  • Blue mage gear for glam or turning into GC seals
  • Two Orchestrions
  • 1 Minion
  • 1 Emote
  • Battle Materia 7 and 8


Riding Maps

These are one time purchases and the only alternative is to buy them via the Moogle Treasure Trove event. Personally I would say it's better to get these via allied seals.

Minions, Orchestrions, Emotes

Since these are one time purchases and not available on the Marketboard, these would be high priority to get over with.

Relic Items

Unidentified Bone and Ore cost 300 allied seals and save you 150 poetics for a rate of 0.5 poetics/allied saved. Bone can also be bought via the Amalj'aa beast tribe while Ore is the Kobold beast tribe. 10 of these each are used for step 2 of the Heavensward relic per weapon.

Alexandrite costs 50 allied seals. The poetics way of buying a map (which gives 5 alexandrite) costs 75 poetics. Thus if you were comparing 5 alexandrite, you'd be using 250 allied seals to save 75 poetics. This would be a 0.3 poetics/allied saving rate.

As such, if you are working on multiple relics and need both Bone/Ore and Alexandrite, and your goal was to reduce your poetics cost, the Unidentified Bone/Ore have the better poetics saving rate.

Aetheryte Tickets

These are actually lower priority if you are doing hunts as you'll get Centurio seals which are far less long-term use and therefore better to use on Aetheryte Tickets. However if you're only using Blue Mage or Hunt Bills (no A/S ranks) to earn allied seals, that means you wouldn't be getting any Centurio Seals and suddenly this option becomes a lot better.

Gear for GC seals

The ilvl 100 accessories give the best GC per allied seals rate. You could then use the GC for relics or to buy mats to sell on the marketboard and earn gil.

Battle Materia

The high cost of 400 allied seals makes them unappealing.

If you are willing to use the marketboard a bit more, and do plenty of market research, you could probably earn more gil by converting the i100 accessories into GC and selling GC mats.

However, if you want a bit of a lazier way of making gil from your allied seals, taking a quick look at which battle materia 7/8 sells for the most gil is a much faster and easier option, even if your earning potential is a slightly bit less.

What about the other items?

Seeds and crafting items

You might need the seeds or crafting items occasionally and it's great to have that option. However, as those are untradable, you will not be purchasing them often (if ever) unless you have a specific use for them.

Mark Logs

Mark Logs are used to buy certain upgrade items. While you can use Allied Seals for this purpose, you will often end up purchasing the upgrade items directly with Tomestones of Poetics instead.

Gil Analysis: Best way to make Gil or Save Gil from Allied Seals

There are essentially 4 ways to make/save gil, as mentioned above:

  1. Aetheryte tickets
  2. Gear to GC to Material for the Marketboard
  3. Materia 8 (usually sells for higher than Materia 7)
  4. Venture Coins to get materials

Marketboard prices fluctuate a lot so do note these numbers are just here for illustration purposes, but if you see the picture below, it illustrates how 400 allied seals could be converted to gil.


Note: Marketboard prices obviously fluctuate and therefore this is just an illustration on my world at a point in time.

As you see the Venture coin has the highest potential, though it does require you leveling up your retainer, gearing it, looking around for which materials sell best, and a lot of clicking/listing to make use of those coins. I literally only looked at one skin (skins are often good bets since they're a bit annoying to farm, but they are only available to battle retainers so adjust your expectations accordingly).

While these may have great potential, it can be hard to spend more venture coins than one gets.

The aetheryte ticket, even if you're doing 400+ gil and not just the 999 gil teleports, has also a fairly high gil saving rate, which if you're a person who teleports a lot is worth it and a very fast option for spending your allied seals. However you're probably going to want to stop at 999 (the stack limit) and then move on to other means of spending your allied seals.

GC seals for mats are next, they're highly volatile and I've definitely seen better prices, but I've also seen worse prices. High-effort, high-research, if you're doing it at the right time you can earn a good amount, but during market crashes it might be best to move on to something a bit easier.

Last is of course the materia 8. Not as volatile as GC, they're a decent option for when you have a full stack of aetheryte tickets, you have tons of venture coins and can't spend them fast enough, and you just want another way to earn gil. During GC market crashes, materia 8 might even be more profitable.

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