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FF14: How to Get Centurio Seals and What Are They Used For?

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What are Centurio Seals?

Centurio Seals are a currency available in FF14 related to the Hunts. There are two different shop areas for them. To see them, they are listed in the Battle section of the currency menu.


How to get Centurio Seals?

Currently Centurio seals are only related to hunts (unlike Allied Seals, which are via both hunts and blue mage).

Hunt Bills

Hunt bills are daily and weekly missions to kill specific monsters. The ones in Heavensward and Stormblood give Centurio Seals.


Go to Ishgard (Foundation in Teleport) and use the Forgotten Knight aetheryte. At location x:12.7,11.6 you should see a Clan Hunt Board. This will have level 1, 2, and 3 daily Clan mark bills, as well as the elite Clan mark bills. (If you do not see all of these, you need to unlock them via some extremely short side quests).



Go to Kugane and walk to the hunt board just outside the hostelry at x:10.6, y:10.3.

Just like the Heavensward ones, these have 3 sets of daily bills and one weekly elite bill. (If you do not see all of these, you need to unlock them via some extremely short side quests).

Alternatively, you can also pick up the bills in Rhalgr's Reach. These are the same set of bills, just a different place to get them. That being said, if you are missing the quests to unlock the bills, those are only in Kugane.

A ranks and S ranks

A rank and S rank hunts from A Realm Reborn, Heavensward, and Stormblood all give Centurio Seals. Shadowbringers hunts do not. Because the ones from A Realm Reborn also give allied seals, they only give half the Centurio Seals in comparison to the later expansions.


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Centurio Seal Reward Numbers

"Max credit" refers to how much enmity you and your party generated against the target. This is similar to a "Gold rating" in FATEs. It is significantly easier to acquire max credit if you are in a party. Please note that even in a party, you must st


Daily Bill - Clan 1

Heavensward, Stormblood

3 per mark (5 marks)

Daily Bill - Clan 2

Heavensward, Stormblood

4 per mark (5 marks)

Daily Bill - Clan 3

Heavensward, Stormblood

15 per mark (5 marks)

Weekly Bill (Elite Hunt Bill)

Heavensward, Stormblood


A Rank

A Realm Reborn

20 Centurio (max credit)

A Rank

Heavensward, Stormblood

40 Centurio (max credit)

S rank

A Realm Reborn

50 Centurio (max credit)

S rank

Heavensward, Stormblood

100 Centurio (max credit)


What to spend Centurio Seals on?

Heavensward Shops

If you go inside the building next to the board, there are two shopkeepers downstairs.

Ardolain sells Ventures, Aetheryte tickets, minions, furniture, bardings, and riding maps (as well as Mark Logs, weapon upgrade items, and untradable materials)

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Yolaine sells i170 gear.

Stormblood shops

There are two locations for Centurio shops, though both of them offer the same listings. Kugane's shops are inside the hostelry, near where the board was.

Estrild has minions, orchestrions, riding maps, and battle materia 6. (Leuekin at Rhalgr's Reach has the same listings)

Satsuya has gear, mark logs, and upgrade items. The gear is ilvl 310. (Billebaut at Rhalgr's Reach has the same listings)

Gil Analysis: Best way to make Gil or Save Gil from Centurio Seals

So, given that there are many choices of things to spend on, how would one optimize it for gil?

Well, here's an illustration (do not market board prices fluctuating will change this, so adjust accordingly).

In this illustration, 3080 Centurio seals were spent. Why that number? I didn't want a crazy amount of decimals, and I didn't want to have to round. The lowest number that would have had no decimals would be to spend 30,800 seals - which is just unrealistic. So I settled with the lowest number that would only have a single digit of decimal.

Ventures have the highest potential, if you can find items where the venture mission gives multiple (such as 10) for an item that sells for several hundreds at least. However, as you are limited to hourly missions (and thus your active time), you'll probably end up earning more venture coins than you can spend. Pick a number to max out your venture coins to (I like to pick 1500) and then you probably want to move on to slightly faster means of earning gil from your seals.

The next best option is probably Aetheryte tickets. Depending on whether you only use them for max teleport cost of 999 gil, or you have a smaller cutoff ( I used 400+), you could be saving quite a bit of gil.

Sorted by best pricing (Marketboard prices will vary for your world but these are estimates. Do adjust as needed)

Sorted by best pricing (Marketboard prices will vary for your world but these are estimates. Do adjust as needed)

Converting gear to GC and then selling the mats is highly volatile as GC mats change in price very often and often go up on the first day of a patch (if it's a crafting patch), then crash down from having more supply than demand, then stabilize over a patch cycle. I used 4 common items and a fairly average price that I've seen. However, I've seen these go for both higher and lower, so you will need to adjust your expectations accordingly.

The 310 Centurio has the best allied to GC rate, however having to teleport constantly to hand it in would make it quite annoying. The next best rate is the 310 accessories. The 330 gear, although it gives more GC seals, costs far too many Centurio seals to be worth it.

Sorted by Vendor Gil

Sorted by Vendor Gil

I'm including an extra option for gil-making that I didn't do for the allied seals analysis and that's vendoring gear. While this is a far lower rate of return, it is indeed the fastest one second to aetheryte tickets. The i310 shield and accessories give the best rate of return if your goal is to quickly earn gil by selling to NPCs and not via the marketboard.

Another option is to sell the tradable orchestrion rolls. How much this is worth is very risky and not recommended. These are items that don't sell often, so you at most want to list 1, they take a long time to sell, and because of it they're likely to drop a lot in price if someone else decides to compete with you. This is extremely risky. It has the potential for a big reward, but it's up to you if it's worth the risk.

The last option is buy and then selling the Battle Materia 6 on the marketboard. Given that these are relatively useless now, they won't sell for much. You would probably be better off using the vendoring option at this point.

Other uses of Centurio seals

Beyond making gil or filling out your collection of minions/orchestrion rolls, here are some other things you can do with your centurio seals:


Leveling up Desynthesis via the gear (you'll also make an unpredictable amount of gil if you sell the items earn via desynth)

Mark Log Trades

Certain Clan Mark Logs can be traded in for unique rewards at other NPCs.


Bertana (Idyllshire)

  • Wyvern Horn (mount) for 6 Clan Mark Log


Eschina (Rhalgr's Reach):

  • Hingan Barding for 4 Veteran's Clan Mark Log
  • Ballroom Etiquette - Unseemly Exertions (winded emote) for 6 Mythic Clan Mark Log
  • Ballroom Etiquette - Fear and Loathing (tremble emote) for 6 Mythic Clan Mark Log
  • Gyr Abanian Striking Dummy for 5 Veteran's Clan Mark Log


While not as flexible as Allied Seals when it comes to relics, it is possible to use Centurio Seals as well. They can be used to get GC seals, which in turn are used for

A Realm Reborn

  • Bombard Core


  • Pneumite
  • Adamantite Francesca
  • Titanium Alloy Mirror
  • Dispelling Arrow
  • Kingcake

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