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9 Really Expensive Lego Parts


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These are some expensive Lego pieces

I've been buying and selling Lego collections since 2014. I love putting sets back together from bins I buy at garage sales, however, I really get a charge out of finding that one piece that gets me all my money back.

And I'm not talking about a minifigure or a Lego set, I'm talking about one brick. I buy and sell on eBay and Bricklink. Bricklink is a site where you can setup your own store to buy and sell Lego bricks and sets. It's also a great place to research what people are buying and selling for every Lego brick, minifig, and set.

I am also not talking about the solid gold brick or anything that is exclusive to a Lego show or Com-icon. These were or are available in sets that Lego has sold throughout the years.

Some of these bricks I have sold myself and others I have found when people mention them in forums, however, these are prices you can see for yourself at Bricklink by looking up the part number provided in this article.


Lego Part 30155 - Light Bluish Gray

This Light Bluish Gray Wheel Spoked 2 x 2 with Pin Hole was in only two sets, Indiana Jones Race for Stolen Treasure and the Star Wars UCS Y-Wing Attack Starfighter. As of March 2021, the 6 month average price was $10.00.


Lego Technic Axle Pin with and without Friction Ridges - Lengthwise

This is a fairly common Lego part, a technic axle pin is a 2L part with a pin on one side and an axle on the other. The common colors are blue with friction ridges and tan and light gray without friction ridges. However, if you find this part in black, white or light bluish gray, these are going for over $1.50 a piece. I'll track the black ones here for US prices.

Lego Part 3749 Black without friction ridges - On Jan 2021 - $2.00

Lego Part 43093 Black with friction ridges - On Jan 2021 - $1.75

Light Bluish Gray Bow Boat Plate - Part 47405

Light Bluish Gray Bow Boat Plate - Part 47405

8x12 Bow Boat Plate - Light Bluish Gray - Part 47405

This bow boat plate was part of two sets made in 2006 and 2008. As with most of the expensive pieces, they are usually not in many sets and are associated with a set that everyone wants. In this case set 10175, Vader's TIE Advanced UCS (Ultimate collector's series), was the likely culprit to drive this piece to where I sold it at $20.00 in May 2017.

  • Price on May 2017 - $20.00
  • Price on September 2017 - $12.00.
  • Price on August 2020 - $20.00
Dark Tan Female Ponytail with Bangs - Part 62696

Dark Tan Female Ponytail with Bangs - Part 62696

Female Ponytail Long Hair - Dark Tan - Part 62696

I remember finding this part in a bucket. I didn't have the rest of the Zombie Bride, but I had the hair. The Zombie Bride is found in set 9465, the Zombies, from the Monster Fighters series in 2012. At the time, there were many Zombie shows on TV, however, I still don't know what caused this to be as expensive as it was. I sold the hair in July 2016 for $28.75.

  • Price on July 2016 - $28.75
  • Price on September 2017 - $28.75
  • Price on August 2020 - $24.00

Lego Part 3680 - Light Bluish Gray 2x2 Turntable Plate

People were talking about this part on a Facebook group in August 2020. The part in any other color is less than 5 cents. However, in this color the lowest listed part is $13.99. The part is found in multiple sets which makes this perplexing. The sets are Harry Potter and Star Wars, but there also was a polybag.

Other Expensive Lego Bricks

Some of these are out of the following Brickset forum discussion. The prices listed are the lowest used price listed on Bricklink.com as of September 2017.

  • Black Cylinder Quarter 4x4x6, part 30562, $36.00 - another part from a Star Wars UCS set. Set 10018, Darth Maul. In August 2020, this part was $25.99
  • Sand Green Round Corner 2 x 2 Macaroni with Stud Notch, part 3063, $52.00. This piece was only found in set 3450, Statue of Liberty. In August 2020, this part was $33.00
  • Red Lego Container, X-Pod Top Cap 9 x 9 x 1 1/3, part 47675, $10.00 . Different colors of the same part go for 10 cents. The red version can be found in a MOC which is driving the price up. In August 2020, this part was $5.00
  • Light Bluish Gray Dish 5x5 Scala, part 6942, $9.57 as of October 2020. Part was found in 2 sets, a Star Wars and a Ninjago.

I will add more as I come across them. If you have a piece you would like me to add, please make a note in the comments below.

2017 Video of Expensive Lego Parts - Prices have changed since.

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