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Everything You Need To Know About Steam Deck From Valve

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Steam has been a leading online gaming platform for years, and now they have announced "Steam Deck", a new platform for you to play with your friends in real life. What is Steam Deck? First things first, you might be wondering "What is Steam?" If you've heard of Valve and Steam, that's because Steam is made by the company Valve. Valve is a company that is behind other revolutionary platforms, including their most popular title Team Fortress 2 (TF2).

If you’ve been considering buying a Steam deck from Valve, then you’re going to want to take a look at this article first.

What Is Steam Deck?

Steam is a platform for online games that lets you download the latest from the world of vidya games. The Steam deck allows you to manage your downloads without opening a web browser.

Steam was launched as an alternative to the dominant gaming platforms of the time, DVD and CD-ROMs. It's a digital distribution system developed by Valve, which also developed Half-Life (and Counter-Strike, and Portal).

The Steam Deck is a handheld gaming console Developed by Valve which allows you to Buy, Download, Manage and play games on the console itself. The Steam deck allows you to install and update your games from Steam, and also offers multiplayer gaming, in-game voice and chat, and achievements.

It runs its own operating system with Linux as its base.


The Steam Deck is a new device that Valve has recently released to its users.

It features a number of buttons that can be programmed to perform different functions using the Steam Controller Configuration tool, letting you access your favourite games, desktop functions, and more without having to use your mouse.

The Steam Deck is a powerful, portable gaming PC. It's about the size of a small handbag but still packs a ton of computing power.

Here Are Some of the Things You Can Do With It:

Play Any PC Game

You can play any video game for which you have a copy, assuming it runs on Windows 7 or later. You can use it as your primary gaming device or take it with you to play wherever there's an internet connection (within range of a wireless network).

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Stream Games From Your PC

If you already have a computer that can run games, you don't need to buy anything new to use the Steam Deck. Just plug in your computer and stream games directly to your Steam Deck. You can also stream games from other computers on your network using our friend-sharing feature.

Share With Friends and Family

You can invite your friends and family to connect their computers to yours, allowing them to stream games they own directly to their own Steam Decks without having to worry about which games are installed on what computer.

Connect controllers wirelessly via Bluetooth or wired via USB

How It Works.

Steam uses the Proton compatibility layer, also using cloud computing technologies to transform the way Steam games are played.

Proton is a modified version of Wine that Valve partnered with CodeWeavers (a cross-platform coding company) to develop.

It allows Windows games to be played on Linux, and any other platform that has Steam installed.

For example, using Steam on your Mac or Linux, you can play games that were made for Windows without having to buy an additional Windows license or owning a Windows device.

Steam also uses cloud computing to allow you to play your games from any device, even if it’s not your own.

For example, using a friend's PC, you can log into your Steam account and play the latest AAA title as if it was your own computer running it.

Is It Free?

The Steam Deck is not free—the basic model costs [64GB eMMC ($399)], and there are upgradable options available at [faster 256GB NVMe SSD ($529), or a top-line 512GB NVMe SSD ($649)]. You can buy games from Steam's extensive online library, or purchase them from third-party distributors. You can also purchase peripherals for your Steam Deck, including a headset, a 2-player controller bundle, a bluetooth receiver for wireless controllers, and more.


Overall, the Steam Deck is an excellent investment if you enjoy playing video games and want to do so without paying exorbitant amounts of money for a gaming pc, or for upgrading to the latest and greatest gaming console out there.

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