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What's New About The Next Generation Gaming Consoles!


Sony and Microsoft have cemented themselves as two of the biggest companies in gaming today, thanks to their PlayStation and Xbox Series respectively. And with The PS5 and Xbox Series X all set to launch this year, it's time we take a look at how The Next Gen Gaming Consoles are expected to revolutionize modern gaming.

1. Backwards Compatibility

Backwards Compatibility allows gaming consoles to use data and interfaces from older generations. Now whether this feature should be included in Next Generation Consoles or not has been a hot topic in the gaming industry for quite a while.

  • The PS4, despite it's enormous success, was still criticized for not having Backwards Compatibility, instead relying on an expensive streaming service.
  • However, things seem to be changing with The PS5, as PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan himself hinted at the possibility of The PS5 being Backwards Compatible for The PS4.
  • There's also rumors that The PS5 will support previous PlayStation iterations, but nothing's been confirmed so far.
  • As for fans of Xbox, there's good news to go all around. Xbox CEO Phil Spencer has confirmed that the latest console will be compatible with The Xbox One, Xbox 360 and The Original Xbox.

2. Configurable Installation

For fans of modern gaming, one of the most nerve-wracking problems is the grueling installation process. You buy a new game and you're super excited to play it. Next thing you know, you're stuck hours waiting for the game to install.

However, it appears that The PS5 has finally found an answer for this problem; Configurable Installation!

  • What this means is that you'll be able to install or delete certain parts of a game without having to install or delete the entire file.
  • For example, if you only want the campaign part of a game or just it's single player mode, you won't have to install it's multiplayer mode.

So not only does this save a lot of time, it also lets you keep all your favorite parts of a game without having to install any unwanted sections.


3. SSD Storage Over Traditional Hard Drives

Sony and Microsoft have confirmed that both The PS5 and Xbox Series X will contain SSD storage instead of generic hard drives, which will significantly boost their loading time. To give you a better idea about how significant this change will be;

  • An SSD can read and write up to 500MBps, while traditional hard drives only go as fast as 160MBps.
  • Sony's renowned game designer Mark Cerny even went on record to claim that the PS5's SSD has "a raw bandwidth higher than any SSD available for PCs".
  • To prove his point, Cerny played Spiderman on a PS4 Pro and a Devkit device equipped with an SSD. The PS4 pro took 8 seconds to load, while the Devkit took an unbelievable 0.8 seconds.

4. 4K 60fps Support

Nobody will complain about graphics once this comes into play!

With the turn of the decade, 4K resolution is becoming more and more mainstream in movies and TV shows. So, it only makes sense that modern gaming consoles would also look to provide this feature for upcoming video games.

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  • While The PS4 Pro and Xbox One X already support 4K resolution, they don't operate too well at 60fps.
  • However, that doesn't look to be the case moving forward.
  • Jim Ryan has promised to bring 4K 60fps gaming to The PS5 console.
  • Phil Spencer has also made similar claims about The Xbox Series X.

So, it's safe to assume we won't have to worry about the frame rate anymore.


5. Ray Tracing

The PS5 and Xbox Series X will be introducing Ray Tracing technology. So, what exactly does that mean?

  • Ray Tracing generates life like distorted reflections on glossy surfaces.
  • Think about how the sun sets in gaming. When a game goes from day to night, the sun sets quickly, almost like a light bulb switching off.
  • With Ray Tracing, you gradually lose light, like you would in the real world. So, that transition between day and night becomes even more realistic.
  • Because of how complicated and intricate it is, current gaming consoles can't support this technology.
  • Now some PC games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Cyberpunk 2077 already have Ray Tracing.
  • But with The PS5 and Xbox Series X now supporting the same technology, expect to see a lot more games employing Ray Tracing.

6. Is The Xbox Series X More Powerful?

A lot of rumors have been making rounds regarding The Xbox Series X being more powerful than The PS5.

  • Digital Foundry recently released data which claims The Xbox Series X will have a high-end Processing Unit and will be 1.3 times more powerful than The PS5.
  • However, a more powerful GPU doesn't necessarily mean a better experience, since many other factors like pricing and enticing exclusives play a big part in a console's success.
  • Even if the rumors are to be believed, it doesn't essentially translate into a better gaming experience.
  • So, whether The Xbox Series X is better than The PS5 or vice versa is still open for debate.

7. Virtual Reality Gaming

With the release of The Oculus Rift, The HTC Vive and The PlayStation VR, Virtual Reality Gaming is becoming more and more popular. So, it would make sense that Next Generation Consoles would support VR.

  • When it comes to The PS5, that much is true. Mark Cerny has confirmed that The PS5 will be compatible with current PlayStation headsets.
  • Phil Spencer, on the other hand, has numerous concerns about VR, including it's imperfect video games and lack of substantial success.
  • So, it doesn't look like The Xbox Series X will be following on its competitors footsteps.

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