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Escape Room In A Box - A (Non-Spoiler) Review of All Three Games

E.B. Black is a published author who writes fantasy, sci-fi, and romance novels.

My husband and I are nerds. We actually met when I attended a Dungeons and Dragons game that him and his friends were playing. I've participated in a lot of table top roleplaying games with him since then, played Magic the Gathering many times, and Heroclix.

These days we stay home a lot. We watch a lot of Netflix or play video games. We aren't big fans of going out, but every once in awhile, we want to mix it up a bit, for a little date night at home. This became especially important once the pandemic happened.

I'd heard of escape rooms. In fact, I'd watched several people play escape rooms on Youtube. They intrigued me. I wanted to do one, but they required more than two people.

We didn't have any friends who wanted to play with us, especially since it was a little expensive to go to one. Over time, as well, I became disabled and it was impossible for me to walk around a room for a long period of time, but luckily I found out you can do the same thing at home for much cheaper.

That's when I learned about escape rooms that come in a box! I knew we had to try it.

I looked at some other escape rooms that come in board games. Although they were cheaper than the ones you had to travel to with a group, they also looked cheaply made. Everything was printed on paper for those escape rooms.

I wanted real items that you can fidget around with and put together. There would be paper puzzles of course, but I wanted locks and keys, three dimensional puzzles, and secret compartments. That's what puts this brand of escape rooms above the rest, in my mind. I looked at the pictures previewing the game and they had all of these things.

So I bought all three, we played them, and here is my review of all of them (and where to purchase them if you want to play them, too.)

Escape Room In A Box: The Werewolf Experiment


This escape room was the easiest of the three to play and beat. It was also my favorite.

I’ve seen some reviews online that complain it’s too easy to beat. This may be true with groups larger than two, but for my husband and I, it felt perfect. And we did beat the entire game before the timer was over.

My favorite thing about this brand of escape room games is that you open the box and feel like everything is straight forward, until you actually dive into it. The makers of the game were very clever and throw some unexpected things at you.

It's just a box the size of a board game, so you wouldn't think you could do much with it, but they are able to hide and surprise you with several different things, even with only that much space.

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Also, the atmosphere music for the game was perfect for setting the mood. And I loved the storyline. Overall, I felt this game was practically perfect.

Escape Room In A Box: Flashback


This game was about the same difficulty level as the previous game. It took us a little longer to beat it and we had to cheat a little tiny bit on one spot at the end, where we got stuck, but otherwise, we really liked it.

I was worried they wouldn’t be able to come up with as many twists and turns as the previous game, but they had no problem throwing unexpected things at us. I was happy to see the creators creativity when making this game was just as clever as the previous game.

We were so happy we bought this game and the previous one because we had a ton of fun.

I missed having the atmosphere music though. They didn't include that with this second game.

Escape Room In A Box: The Walking Dead


Unfortunately, my husband and I were greatly disappointed in this escape room.

There were parts of it that were nice. Like, to win this one, you get an actual door with a rotary combination lock on it, which was really cool. And there were several points in the game where surprise twists and turns happened. You think one thing is the reality, but it turns out something else is true.

But it was way too hard to beat this game. It might be because we were only two people playing and therefore we only had each other to help us, but when we ran out of time, we weren’t even a third of the way finished with the game.

We kept going, even after the time ran out, but we had only put aside a couple of hours to complete the game and five hours later, we were tired of playing it. So tired that we just started cheating our way to the end of it. And even that felt exhausting. Even while cheating, it was taking too long to solve.

Also, I got really excited when I saw that it was “The Walking Dead” themed. My husband and I loved watching that show together. But other than the existence of zombies in the game, it didn’t feel like it was related to the Walking Dead at all. It didn’t reference the show or any of the characters. It kind of felt like a different setting. That disappointed me as well.

But I think if you get a larger group, are patient, and really good at solving these kinds of games, that you will enjoy this version of the board game.

I just kind of wish that the creators of it hadn't given in to all the peer pressure from reviewers to make the games harder. For the average player, especially if they aren't adults, I think this version of the game is too hard.

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