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English Otome Games Like My Candy Love

Check Out My Favourite Games Like My Candy Love Below.

Check Out My Favourite Games Like My Candy Love Below.

English Otome Games Like My Candy Love

I got hooked on English otome games like My Candy Love after playing MCL for several months and now I'm here to share my favourite alternatives.

It's a genre that I was originally quite hesitant to get into because I honestly didn't see the appeal, I was proved wrong after playing My Candy Love though and was interested to see what else was out there so I've written this page filled with my favourites.

On my search I noticed that most of the games like My Candy Love that I found weren't in English! It's a genre that is incredibly popular on the Asian market but definitely doesn't have the same availability in the western world.

If you know some other great English otome games please don't hesitate to leave a comment, I'm really interested in discoering some of the gems in this genre that are out there.

Free To Play Online Game With Dating Elements

Free To Play Online Game With Dating Elements

Lady Popular

Lady Popular lets you create your own custom avatar, participate in fashion shows and decorate an apartment to your liking. One feature that fans of My Candy Love will be particularly interested in though is the dating elements of the game.

These dating elements offer plenty of depth and is almost a game by itself thanks to all the features involved in getting a date and building a strong and lasting relationship with them. The game is very similar to the likes of My Candy Love and Star Project in that it can be played online and for free which is why it's my number one recommendation on this page.

The fact that the game goes beyond just dating is a real bonus as it gives you something else to do on the side.

Play Lady Popular Now

One Of The Free Games Like My Candy Love.

One Of The Free Games Like My Candy Love.

Star Project

Star Project is one of the free games like My Candy Love, a price tag that everyone likes regardless of the genre. It also mixes in the pursuit of fame, a theme that lots of people enjoy (now you can pursue your childhood dream).

Star Project puts you behind your own star management company where you try to get the company out of the gutter and into the light with your hand picked team of stars. Not only are these stars extremely talented there are also some romantic opportunities to be pursued.

Because you get to manage your own business the game really appealed to it to me since I'm also a fan of tycoon games. The combination of business and romance gave the game greater long term appeal as opposed to a straight otome game for me. You're own mileage will definitely vary but the game is designed that it isn't difficult to focus more on one element.

The free price tag sealed the entire deal for me and I'm very convinced that everything will come together for other fans of this niche genre as well.

A Great Series Of Games Like My Candy Love.

A Great Series Of Games Like My Candy Love.

The Flower Shop Series

The Flower Shop comes with two games (Summer In Fairbrook and Winter In Fairbrook), these games combine a few genres together with the likes of otome, visual novel, management and simulation all rolled into one enjoyable ball. Computer games can easily get their hands on the game but option also include iOS and Android apps if you prefer to game on your smartphone.

The games are developed by Winter Wolves who have a huge portfolio in this genre and while I haven't played them all yet I definitely see myself doing so within the next few months as I've been extremely impressed with their games.

The Flower Shop series is definitely on of those games like My Candy Love that needs to be played in order (Summer first and then Winter), this is because you'll get a little more from the experience if you've played Summer first. This is because the main character of the first game (Steve) is actually a dating option in the second, which effectively means you're romancing yourself!

This series has also some tycoon style elements. In the Summer version of the game you'll have to manage a farm while the Winter version has you growing flowers within a flowershop. Both of these elements are very thought out and deep in terms of strategy. Spending careful time in both these elements can go along way at improving your success in the other game elements (since you'll have more funds).

At first I'll admit that I thought the price was a bit steep but I did get more than enough hours for the price and both games have demos available if you'd rather try before you buy.

Flower Shop: Winter In Fairbrook (Kinguin)
Flower Shop: Summer In Fairbrook (Kinguin)

A Great Free English Otome Game.

A Great Free English Otome Game.

Summer Found Me

Summer Found Me is one of the shorter games like My Candy Love that is out there. It took me around 3 hours to complete but it's a free game so you can you ever really complain? You an download the game from the official website and get playing almost instantly with the small file size.

The creator of Summer Found Me has also developed a few other games with similar themes that I definitely recommend you check out as well.

The game uses a high school theme as you jump into the shoes of a highschool graduate student just starting the best time of their life (summer vacation). This student has just confessed their love to Aiden in the hopes of romance before she moves onto college. How the whole situation works out is up to you.

You can meet all sorts of fun characters despite only a few hours of gameplay and ultimately chase three different guys. This all climaxes into one of ten endings so there is some replay to be found here.

As a free otome game there really isn't a reason not to play the game, as I said previously I also recommend the other games from the same developer as I really enjoyed them as well.

One Of The Best Games Like My Candy Love.

One Of The Best Games Like My Candy Love.


I would have to give RE:Allistair the title for the very best game like My Candy Love. I only didn't include it higher because it didn't appeal to me personally since I preferred the management aspects of the other games more. This is entirely my personal like though, in terms of games that play like My Candy Love I found RE:Allistair to be extremely similar.

RE:Allistair is also a free otome game, it's not only in English either with options for a few other languages. Overall the experience is fairly standard as it throws you into the role of Merui Lucas, visual novel style. You'll do the usual chasing of love interests, sorting out how to spend your time while ending up with a handful of endings to add replay value.

The setting of this adventure is a school backdrop and centres around an MMO game that the whole school seems to be playing (although realistically the game is focused on several players).

It's fairly standard for an otome game which was why I tended to enjoy the games like My Candy Love that I've listed above this option since they introduced some more unique elements. This doesn't make the game bad though it's extremely well designed and enjoyable.

Another Free Series Of Games Like My Candy Love.

Another Free Series Of Games Like My Candy Love.

Reset Series

Reset is another one of the free games like My Candy Love, it's got two games in the series and just like other otome developers the creator has dabbled in plenty of other games in this genre so there is definitely design experience behind the game.

What I liked about Reset but a feature that might turn people off is the depth of lore and story behind the video game. It's definitely the sort of visual novel adventure that you need to fully involve yourself in to actually get the best from it. The setting is sort of a weird fantasy mix with mystery that is really enjoyable. You've also got the option to play as either gender which is definitely a rarity in this genre.

In terms of numbers you've got over 30,000 words to read, 30 unlockables and 6 endings just in episode 1 alone. Episode 2 offers about the same in terms of content and with a free price tag there is value everywhere.


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Any Of These Games Like My Candy Love Sound Great To You?

Sh4dowC4t on February 14, 2016:

For some reason I can't play Star Project! Is there something wrong?

Janis from California on February 12, 2014:

I have never played this before. Perhaps I am missing out?

UndercoverAgent19 on February 12, 2014:

Wow, what a detailed and thoughtful hub! Out of these games, I've only played My Candy Love and Star Project. I'm definitely with you in your opinion that the business management aspects of the game are just as appealing as the romantic story line, because I found myself more interested in Star Project. I'll have to check out these other games now.