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Endings of Elden Rings

I've been impartial to other endings in video games especially in RPGs, but I stick to one ending and one alone.


Endings in Elden Ring, some advice.

Getting to the end of Elden Ring is an accomplishment to be sure, but it cannot be argued that there are several endings which require you to do a little more than just go through the game. Incidentally, if you're really looking to be Elden Lord then there's only but one ending available to you which is to go straight through the game.

However, there are some endings that require your attention and many of these are found through a questline which I'll discuss more in a minute.

Most endings usually don't require anything more than going through the game but there is a little bit more to it. So without further ado, let's dive in.

Ending 1 -

Your basic run of the mill ending in which you become Elden Lord, it is just you going through the game and killing the final boss. Basic, easy and simple. Not really a lot tied to it but if I had to guess, it'll just be you being proclaimed as Elden Lord. This is the ending I'm going with because I'm just trying to beat the game and be done with it.

Ultimately, this ending await all of those who are just wanting to go through the game and have something to show for it. I sort of can't wait until I get to the end because I'm already 230 hours into the game and I feel like the game isn't going to end but in a way, I sort of hope it doesn't.

Yeah, the game is hard but the difficulty can also be 'melted' down so you can crush bosses with ease. But, I like this game, love it actually which is why I don't want it to end or at least it be a long time before I reach the end of the game.

This is why I am going through the landmarks and discovering places on the map and unearthing these places because one day I'll be strong enough, by doing this, to go up against the rest of the demigods and crush them.

See, most gamers think that by running all the way to the end that they'll get there faster, but the truth is that you can only get there if you're willing to take your time and explore. I mean, hell, you already paid for the game. That's the approach I'm taking.

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Endings tied to Questlines -

There are endings tied to questlines of certain NPCs like Ranni, I was on my way when I got the sudden urge to do Ranni's Questline because there are a few items I wanted to get but in all honesty, I really don't care now that I am over 200 FP in and almost 1250+ HP. And this is without utilizing the powers of the Great Runes.

Really, the questlines are designed to give you a choice about endings and how you want to go about them. However, if you're just on the same path as me and not really looking to do anything extra, don't.

The way I see it, if you're exploring and unearthing all of the locales within a region then it'll go without saying that you're likely to run into a character or two who'll want you to go into their service.

Several characters or NPCs you cross paths with will have their own questlines and some of those questlines will tie into the ending, it'll be up to you to decide whether or not to give them the time of day. To be honest, the only two NPCs whose questlines are nearly worth it is Nepheli and Ranni's.

A Decision to make on your part -

I always fancied myself an open-minded individual but it goes without saying that i don't really care about the endings to Elden Ring, I'm trying to keep this simple and I advise you to do the same.

You'll have to make a choice of whether or not you really want to go the extra mile after becoming Elden Lord+. This also goes on to say that if you decide to do a New Game + then that would mean that you have more options available to you regarding endings. But again, the choice is yours alone!

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