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"Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" - Jedi Build Guide for Beginners

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Copyright Bethesda Softworks LLC

Copyright Bethesda Softworks LLC

This is a Jedi inspired role play build from Star Wars franchise. A Jedi has the ability to harness the power of force, aspiring the state of inner tranquility, and using the light side of the force to protect self and others. To that end, a Jedi is also proficient in wielding lightsabres.

If we're going to create a Jedi like character in Skyrim, below are the spells and perks that I believe will match:

Spells and Shouts

Important: I only put endgame spells.


  • Unrelenting Force: Works like force push.
  • Whirlwind Shout
  • Aura Whisper: For detecting life force around.
  • Become Ethereal


  • Bound Sword: This is the closest thing that we can get to a lightsabre.


A Jedi uses mind control as much as possible to avoid senseless blood shed.

  • Clairvoyance: A Jedi's path is guided by the force.
  • Courage
  • Rally
  • Invisibility
  • Pacify
  • Rout
  • Call to Arms
  • Harmony


Aside from the healing spells, the most important spell here are the wards which works like blocking a force lightning from an enemy (Start Wars reference).

  • Close Wounds
  • Greater Ward
  • Heal Other
  • Stendarr's Aura
  • Vampire Bane
  • Circle of Protection
  • Grand Healing
  • Repel Undead
  • Turn Greater Undead
  • Bane of the Undead
  • Guardian Circle


Since this character will only be wearing clothes, casting alteration spells can take care of boosting the armor rating.

  • Candlelight: Because it's really dark on dungeons.
  • Detect Life: A Jedi can feel everything around.
  • Detect Dead: Sensing undead around is also included.
  • Telekinesis: This is the closest spell that you can get for a Jedi in Star Wars.
  • Ebony Flesh
  • Paralyze: Compliments really well while wielding a sword during combat.
  • Dragonhide: The spell that will provide you max cap armor rating effect. It's like wearing a heavy armor.



Since a Jedi follows the light path, what you only need here is the Mystic Binding.

  • Novice Conjuration
  • Mystic Binding: For increasing the damage of bound sword which is the primary weapon of this build.


For increasing the effectiveness of wielding a sword in you hand.

  • Armsman (5/5)
  • Fighting Stance
  • Savage Strike
  • Bladesman (3/3)


A Jedi is known to have mind control capability. Illusion is the closest thing to that. With this perk the character has healthy source of crowd control. I didn't include Aspect of Terror and Rage here since it doesn't fit for a Jedi.

  • Novice Illusion
  • Apprentice Illusion
  • Adept Illusion
  • Expert Illusion
  • Master Illusion
  • Hypnotic Gaze
  • Animage
  • Kindred Mage
  • Quiet Casting
  • Master of the Mind


This perk is the main source of defense and can also help with crowd control.

  • Novice Alteration
  • Apprentice Alteration
  • Adept Alteration
  • Expert Alteration
  • Master Alteration
  • Mage Armor (3/3): This is very important since the Jedi only wears clothes. Max this first.
  • Magic Resistance (3/3): For increasing the capability to resist magic.
  • Stability: It will increase the duration of your buffs from alteration, which is really needed to make your character tough enough to handle blows. It will be inefficient if you keep on casting alteration buffs.
  • Atronach: One of the best passive against enemies magic attack.


  • Novice Restoration
  • Apprentice Restoration
  • Adept Restoration
  • Expert Restoration
  • Master Restoration
  • Recovery (2/2)
  • Avoid Death
  • Respite
  • Regeneration
  • Necromage
  • Ward Absorb: This character will make use of ward to deal with enemy mages. It will greatly benefit this character well since it uses spells as well.


What you need here is the snakeblood for passively increasing poison resistance. The rest are just for prerequisite.

  • Alchemist (1/5)
  • Physician
  • Benefactor
  • Experimenter (1/3)
  • Snakeblood


Jedi are also excellent negotiators. But they don't use it to make money.

  • Haggling (1/5)
  • Bribery
  • Persuasion
  • Intimidation


  • Health: This is the primary thing you need to fill up since the build is a melee character.
  • Magicka: Put points until you are able to cast a master level spells with master perk. So it's usually minimum of 550 magicka to be safe, and to have some spare for other spells.
  • Stamina: This is important as well since the character is wielding a sword and will execute power attacks.


It's up to you what race you'll be playing for this role.


For this build, you can wear any kind of enchanted clothes like mage clothes.

If you want to make an overpowered enchanted clothes, you may refer to this link.

Copyright Bethesda Softworks LLC

Copyright Bethesda Softworks LLC

© 2021 Arc Sosangyo

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