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Elden Ring Daily Five Weapons or Gear to Get Secrets To Do and Bosses to Defeat

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Elden Ring is a huge game with continuous updates that was introduced in March 2022. The hero will be doing five activities in this Elden Ring daily series to get gear and weapons, or look for bosses and defeat bosses in dungeons in various regions such as the First Step site of grace, Liunia of the Lakes area, Caelid area, and the Altus Plateau area to find bosses and defeat bosses. Other heroes may have previously completed these tasks or obtained these items, however some of these bosses may be difficult to locate or possess items that are currently unknown to other heroes.

1 Elden Ring Lord of Blood Mohg Fight

Depending on how your Elden Ring playing goes, you may have to fight Mohg twice. The Lord of Blood version, on the other hand, is the most difficult and complicated.

Take Mohg, Lord of Blood, for example, who you've probably heard of but never met. If you want to fight this version of Mohg, you must travel deep within the Siofra River to the Mohgwyn Palace. Before even considering this fight, you'll need to obtain a particular Crystal Tear from Altus Plateau.

In Elden Ring, Mohg, Lord of Blood is a totally optional boss. Any of the game's endings may be reached without defeating him. Because Mohg is a demigod Shardbearer, you'll get a Great Rune if you defeat him.

The boss fight with Mohg is difficult, especially if you take a bit to figure out the gimmick and how to effectively deal with it. To make the fight a little easier, we propose summoning a Spirit Ash, like we usually do.

Mohg's Shackle may be located deep under the Royal Capital of Leyndell in the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds.

At the Divine Tower of East Altus, Mohg is the only other demigod Shardbearer whose Great Rune may be awakened. You should already have access to the tower if you fought Morgott. Simply return to the top of the Divine Tower of East Altus to activate Mohg's Great Rune.

2 Elden Ring Get Golden Order Totality

The Greater Will's Order is The Golden Order, a system of operations for The Lands of Between that includes death. The Golden Order is how The Greater Will designed the universe and the Lands Between Rune to work.

First, let's look at who made the gesture the Golden Order Totality: none other than the Noble Goldmask, who rewarded the hero for solving his puzzle about a certain dilemma with the rulers of Leyndell Royal Capital.

Noble Goldmask may be seen employing this gesture on the Mountaintops of the Giants, on a magnificent bridge overlooking the Capitol and the Erdtree, after granting it to the hero. This is also the part of the questline when Brother Corhyn had his mental collapse due to the ramifications of Goldmask's musings.

A curious feature at play here is that Golden Order zealots retain golden centipedes as fetishes. It can also be noted that the physiology of Astel Naturalborn of the Void and deformed stars or gods from other realms may be described as centipede-like (a stretch).

3 Elden Ring Get Discus of Light Spell

The Discus of Light is one of the Golden Order zealots’ incantations.

Radagon received the Discus of Light as a present from Miquella, the demigod who can never grow up.

When cast, the Fundamentalist invocation Discus of Light sends rings of light forward, causing damage to foes it strikes. The ring returns to the caster after a brief delay, causing damage to opponents it encounters on the way back.

The tactics for using Discus of Light is as follows - if you're being pursued by adversaries, you can utilize Discus of Light. To strike numerous opponents at once, sprint away before casting it at your pursuers. However, keep in mind that aiming may be problematic, particularly if the adversary you've focused on wanders away from the group.

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The Discus of Light can be purchased from Brother Corhyn. There is a upgraded version of discus of light found in a chest in Elphael Brace of the Haligtree.

4 Elden Ring Millicent's Secrets

Millicent is an NPC that is first found at the Church of Plague in Caelid region, suffering from the Scarlet Rot.

The Elden Ring Millicent quest will send you on a trip that will take you through the Lands Between. It also delves into one of Elden Ring's most vexing mysteries: the nature of the Scarlet Rot and Malenia. The quest itself takes a long time to complete because it runs concurrently with your main game progress. It also necessitates the defeat of multiple enemies, but completing her mission is the only way to reverse the Frenzied Flame ending by getting back the Unalloyed Gold Needle after the hero has given the unalloyed gold needle back from Millicent to try to cure her scarlet rot.

Millicent can be found at the following locations -

  • Church of Plague
  • Gowry Hut
  • Erdtree Gazing Site of Grace
  • Windmill Village
  • Mountaintops of the Snow Giants Ancient Snow Valley Site of Grace
  • Elphael Brace of the Haligtree Prayer Room Site of Grace

At this point in Elphael Brace of the Haligtree, Millicent will confide in the hero what she knows of her secrets in terms of her, Malenia the Blade of Miquella and the Scarlet Rot.

After that the hero will have the option of helping Millicent or opposing Millicent in Millicent final quest fight.

5 Elden Ring Defeat Castle Sol Boss Commander Niall

Commander Niall is the main boss of Castle Sol. Castle Sol is one of the dungeons in Mountaintops of the Giants.

How can you defeat Elden Ring Commander Niall the boss? If you make it to Castle Sol in the Mountaintops of the Giants, you'll face Commander Niall. Commander Niall looks like Commander O'Neal from the Swamp in Caelid area.

Commander Niall, on the other hand, is a beast on a whole other level, an immensely difficult adversary who's become known in the Elden Ring community as a near-impenetrable barrier. Niall is a monster considerably worse than any of the horrors you've faced so far, whether it's recruiting a pair of teleporting knights to assist him or gaining a Phase 2 upgrade with lightning and freezing powers. That's why there are various tutorials on the internet on how to overcome the Commander Niall boss battle in Elden Ring. Here, the hero keeps in short in tactics.

Summon a furled finger companion, and hope the furled finger is as good as what is shown here.

Watch as the furled finger unleashes the full force of the magical prowess on Commander Niall, including spells like Rennala's Full Moon, Azur's Comet, and so on.

For the hero use bewitching branches on the knight summoned by Commander Niall, and then dodge around, and hope the furled finger mage defeats the minions summons and Commander Niall as fast as possible. It is good the hero still has the Black Flame, a Godslayer type incantation spell.

Once the hero returns to the Roundtable Hold, the hero can now purchase Niall's Veteran armor set, which is an excellent set with a good weight/defence ratio.

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