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Elden Ring Daily 5 Gear NPCs to Get and Bosses to Defeat

Elden Ring Daily 5 Gear NPCs to Get and Bosses to Defeat

Elden Ring is a massive game, released in March 2022 and with regular updates. In this Elden Ring daily series, the hero will be doing five activities to get gear and weapons, or look to find bosses and defeat bosses in dungeons in various regions such as the First Step site of grace, Liunia of the Lakes area, Caelid area, and the Altus Plateau area. Other heroes may have already done these activities or gotten these gear, but some of these bosses may be hard to find or have gear that are actually secrets to other heroes, until now.

1 Elden Ring Get Somber Miner Bell Bearing and Offer Somber Miner Bell Bearing to Merchant in Roundtable Hold

In Elden Ring, the hero will eventually end up with magic weapons and gear. The way to upgrade magic weapons and gear is to use the somber smithing stone, rather than smithing stones. The hero will need an unlimited supply of somber smithing stone to upgrade magic weapons to plus 9, and the way to get the somber smithing stones is to get the somber miner bell bearing and then offer the somber miner bell bearing to the merchant in the Roundtable Hold.

With the lower level somber miner bell bearing, the hero will be able to get somber smithing stones plus 1 and plus 2.

Get to the Sellia Crystal Tunnel and find a way to the boss Fallingstar Beast to get the somber miner bell bearing.

2 Elden Ring Find and Defeat Putrid Erdtree Avatar, for example in Elphael Brace of the Haligtree area

The lore of Elden Ring resolves around the Erdtree, and the minor Erdtree, and the story of Goddess Marika and Champion Radagon. After the Shattering, the erdtrees are scattered around the Lands Between Rune. Each erdtree is guarded by erdtree guardians and erdtree avatar.

Whenever the hero encounters any erdtree, seek out the erdtree guardians for gear. Also if the erdtree is guarded by a putrid erdtree avatar, then if the hero is suitably powerful enough, seek out and defeat the Putrid Erdtree.

The Elphael Brace of the Haligtree is one optional area of Elden Ring. There is a putrid erdtree avatar here. Go forth and use cover to defeat the Putrid Erdtree Avatar. Get Lord’s Rune and then use Lord’s Rune. The hero will get 50000 experience points.

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3 Elden Ring Get Flock Canvas Talisman

In Elden Ring, the hero will have various NPCs to help in boss fights. The NPC involved in quite a lot of the hero’s boss fights is Millicent. The hero can find Millicent at the Church of the Plague initially, afflicted by Scarlet Rot. Get to Sellia Town of Sorcery and outside will be the sage known as Gowry, a mysterious man who claims to know of Millicent’s origins. He will ask the hero to get the unalloyed gold needle, a healing device built by the demigod Miquella and give to Millicent. Eventually, if the hero follows the long quest line for Millicent from the Church of the Plague to Sellia Town of Sorcery to Elphael Brace of the Haligtree, and get back to Gowry at the end or somewhere in the middle of the questline (for example, after giving the Unalloyed Gold Needle to Millicent), the hero will get the Flock Canvas Talisman.

The Flock Canvas Talisman is an excellent talisman for Faith build characters.

4 Elden Ring Get Incantation and Spell Bloodboon

In Elden Ring, the hero will need to get great runes from various big bosses. One of the optional bosses is the Lord of Blood Mohg. After defeating the big bosses, the hero can get remembrances. Get the remembrance back to the Roundtable merchant the Finger Reader, and the hero can have a choice between two defeat Mohg rewards. One of them is the Bloodborn spell.

5. Elden Ring Get to Haligtree and Get Lightning Greatbolt

In Elden Ring, the Haligtree is an optional area which the hero can get to after getting to the Mountaintops of the Snow Giants, and then the Consecrated Snowfields, and then the town known as Ordina Lurtigical. The lore of Elden Ring suggests that the demigod Miquella grew the Haligtree to cure his curse of unable to grow up.

The hero should explore the Haligtree and get to the prayer room site of grace. Then explore the surrounding areas to get the Lghtning Greatbolt.

Share with us the secrets of the Elden Ring you are playing in the comments below.

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