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Easy Barbie Doll Inventory for the Home Doll Collector.

Just a small part of my Collection

Just a small part of my Collection

Are you like me, you love to collect dolls but you can’t remember what you have anymore? You go to a doll show and see a great vintage Barbie and you ask yourself, do I still have this doll, or did I sell it? Should I buy or do I already have this doll in my collection? I have purchased a numerous amount of dolls only to get home to find that I already own the doll. I had to figure out a way to keep track of my doll collection.

Once you get to a point where you have a sizable number of dolls, it is imperative that you have a system to keep track of them and what they are worth if you decide to sell them.


What if you want to insure your collection at some point (which I would recommend), your collection could be larger and more valuable than what you think.

I’m not an accountant and don’t want to buy some expensive software. I just want something simple and easy to document my collection. I developed a system that if you have a computer, tablet, or smart phone with a simple spreadsheet app (Ex: - MS Excel or MS Works Spreadsheet) your problem is solved.

This spreadsheet allows me to enter and see exactly how many dolls I have, how much they are worth, or sort them by any of the columns I defined in the headings. It is easy to maintain or add entries to once it is completed.

If you are willing to take a couple of hours to inventory your dolls, this simple little spreadsheet could prove invaluable to your collection. And the best part, it’s FREE.

Feel free to follow the steps below to create your spreadsheet.

1. Open your spreadsheet app to a new blank spreadsheet. Rename this to something that you will remember (example – MyDolls) and remember where this is located on your device. An easy way under MS-Windows to rename the blank spreadsheet is to do a Save AS from the File Menu or when prompted from the menu. (Once you save this as your newly named spreadsheet you can just do a ‘Save’ each time you change or add on to the spreadsheet).

2. Add the following headings list.

Starting with the first cell on the spreadsheet add ‘Count’

Tab horizontally to the next cell and add ‘Doll’

Repeat the Tab step above adding these additional columns ‘Year’,’Part#’, ‘Cost’, ‘Condition’.

(I Bolded the headings and added a couple of entries in the Count cells)

Once you have finished step 2 your spreadsheet should like the picture below, Always remember To save your work.

The headings will look like this

The headings will look like this

Here is the part Number from a Barbie (3284)

Here is the part Number from a Barbie (3284)

3. Now comes the hard part.

You need to inventory your dolls. Make sure you capture all of the

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Information listed above for each doll.

On Barbie Dolls you will find the Mattel Part number right below the logo (see picture).

The date is also on the box in the small print by the Copyright information.

The date on this doll is in the Copyright info (1991)

The date on this doll is in the Copyright info (1991)

4. Enter the information from each doll on a separate new line of the spreadsheet.

(Ex: if you have 25 Dolls you will have 26 lines on your sheet (1 Heading row +25 doll rows).

5. After you have entered all your dolls you can complete your spreadsheet

by adding a row with your Totals.

Be sure to Save your work.

Here is an Example of a Spreadsheet with 25 entries

Here is an Example of a Spreadsheet with 25 entries

Once you have finished the spreadsheet documenting your doll collection, you have the flexibility to sort the spreadsheet by any column/heading to give you multiple ways to view your data. You can also keep adding new rows to this every time you purchase a new doll, to keep it up-to date. As a general rule, every time I get a new doll I’ll add it to the spreadsheet on the day of purchase to keep it in-sync (a 2 minute task).

Now if you need a list for an insurance company or friend, just print the spreadsheet and away you go. You can also add digital pictures of your doll collection to your spreadsheet if you are computer savvy (click on a cell and to Insert/picture and pick it from your device).

If you have any questions doing this using MS-Excel or MS-Works contact me and I would be happy to help. Otherwise I hope this helps organizes your collection as much as it did mine.


hollander (author) on October 02, 2015:

Hello BarbieCollecterFromBirth,

I knew what I paid for each and used that. What they cost then and what they sell for now is completely different (either higher or very much lower). I would decide which method you would like to use and stay with that for all of your dolls. If you use eBay go with what the actual sale price is (sold listings).

Thanks for asking and happy collecting.

BarbieCollectoerFromBirth on October 02, 2015:

how do i know the cost of the barbie. All of mine were gifts. Do i look up what they costed then (how) and/or should i just google/ebay what they are going for now

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