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Earn Bitcoin by Playing This Game "Bitcoin Pop"

Aside from juggling life and work, I make time to discover new things such as playing online games, trying out new apps and more.

Bitcoin Pop Game Phase

Bitcoin Pop Game Phase

Introducing Bitcoin Pop

If you're looking for a game that allows you to earn while having fun, look no further because I'm about to share with you another app that pays you to play their game, so without further ado.

Bitcoin Pop is one of the apps developed by Bling Financial which was first launched in 2019. It allows you to earn free bitcoin which you can also sell to get a local currency. For starters, Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that you can buy, sell and exchange.

Game Mechanics

The mechanics are simple and won't make you sweat. To pop the bubble, all you have to do is match the color of the bubble to the same color. A simple and enjoyable game that you can play during your lunch break or at any other time of the day. By finishing every level you collect Bling points which then you can convert into Bitcoins. With this game, you never need to buy a bitcoin anymore.

You will be given 20 lives, or Party Power, to begin the game. Once your party power is consumed, you will then wait until it refuels. It refills on its own after 8 to 11 hours.

Casual Bubble Shooter type game

Casual Bubble Shooter type game

Party power

Party power

Payment and Conversion

Bling points is the in-game coins you will earn each time you finish a level. As a matter of fact, win or lose, you receive bling points. This can be converted to Bitcoins which you can cash out every week.

To cash out, you will need to have an account with Coinbase, this is where all your bitcoin goes once you cash out. If you don't have an account yet on Coinbase, you can create one for free.

Once you cash out, you will have to wait 24 to 48 hours to receive your bitcoin which is automatically stored in your Coinbase account, This is where you will have the control to exchange or trade into your local currency.

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Payment and conversion proof

Payment and conversion proof

Personal Experience

I have been playing Bitcoin Pop for more than a month now, I can honestly say that the game is fun. Its the usual bubble shooter game that I play during break. Like any other earning app, there will be an ad on every level you finish which I already expect as it is what keeps the game up and available for earning.

I never had an issue with my cashouts. Although it says that it could take 24 to 48 hours before you received it, I always receive mine, within minutes to an hour. I get a notification from Coinbase and through email that my cash out went successfully.

Although the game itself has issues on occasion, I can assure you that they are few and far between. Examples of this are when you shoot the bubble but it goes way past all the other bubbles or bubbles are not going down when you pop. This is common in all apps and games, thus it should work. What matters to me is that regardless of whether I win or lose, I receive the same amount of bling points for each level.

The app does not have a referral program so its good for someone who prefers to play and earn without the need of inviting others.

In my point of view, if you are looking for ways on learning or investing in bitcoin, it is better to start by playing this game. First, you will not risk, putting in a deposit as it is a free-to-play game on mobile. Second, you will receive bitcoin. Although it is not that big amount of bitcoin, but a reasonable amount is provided and enough to keep you playing. Last but not the least, it pays! It has never failed to provide me the expected amount every time I cash out.




Bitcoins that you earn are safe and legit as this game is backed by reputable blockchain in crypto ecosystem.

I also tried other Bling games like Bitcoin Blast and Bitcoin Blocks, which I had to uninstall because of a phone memory issue, but which I found enjoyable. If any of these apps interest you, you may get them from the Google Playstore.

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