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Dying Light 2 Game Review.


Game review

Hello and welcome to my game review today we will be talking about Dying light 2 today. Dying light 2 is an action-packed, post-apocalyptic zombie survival RPG with a fantastic storyline. We will be rating this game with four key elements Gameplay, Story, Art Design, and Graphics along with Challenge. Now that you know the overall concept of the game and how we will be rating it let's get right into the review.

Gameplay 4/5
The gameplay is quite entertaining I say this because there are plenty of quests and missions to do besides the main story quests. For example, there are survivor rescues, side missions, military loot spots, and more. Includes a ton of different zombie interactions you can have during the day and even more during the night for more of a thrill.

Story 5/5
The story was amazing it makes you feel like you are one with the main character. On top of that, you get to make your own decisions deciding what happens to characters and survivors including the overall ending. Speaking of game endings there are 3 GAME ENDINGS so make sure to play it again and make different choices.

Art design and graphics 5/5
Art design and graphics are super realistic from the look of characters and zombies to the building design's appearance. The graphics truly bring you into the game and make you feel like you are the one fighting and jumping over obstacles. Occasionally you’ll run into a bug but the developers are constantly updating adding and fixing content in the game.

Challenge 5/5
Challenge when it comes to the challenge of the game it truly comes down to the preference of the player. Besides the basic hard to easy difficulty choices there are a lot of challenges in the game. One example is early in the game you meet an ex-night runner who gives you a quest you must complete during the night. At first, it is easy but the more you do the harder it gets. The more advanced quest is truly insane, there are quests where you must fight off chemically mutated zombies that look like something in a nightmare, but that’s what makes the quest so exciting.

Enough talking the overall rating I give Dying Light 2 is a 9/10. The gameplay is stunning and entertaining besides the few bugs you might run into. The story is just perfect it truly makes you one with the character and makes your own decisions. The graphics and artwork are super realistic making the zombies and characters look real and come to life. When it comes to the game's challenge, I love how you get to choose the difficulty so the players who want all the challenges can get them and those who don’t want to play as intensely and just want to play casually.

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