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“Dying Light 2: Stay Human:” 10 Things To Know Before You Buy

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Mark is a college lecturer from Liverpool. He has a keen interest in Japanese culture and loves video games. A proud father and grandfather.

After some delays, the long anticipated sequal to Dying Light was released on February 4th, 2022. Dying Light was a brilliant open-world zombie game and is improved massively in Dying Light 2.

It is set fifteen years after the first game, and you play as a new character named Aden Caldwell.

1. Map Size

The city in the new game is four times larger than the first game and the developers say the story and side missions should take around eighty hours to finish. They have also claimed completing the game fully could take as long as 500 hours!

2. The Rooftops

People have taken to the rooftops to avoid the zombies down below. This means the verticality of the game has been improved and will lead to hair-raising adventures for Aden.

3. Factions: Your Choices Matter

There are three new factions in Dying Light 2.

  • The Survivors, the most peacful and therefore less equipped than the other two.
  • The Peace-Keepers, who wear military-style clothing and have access to better weapons.
  • The Renegades, who are the most violent faction made up of ex-prisoners led by Colonel Williams.

You can choose to help any or all of the factions and each choice you make affects the world. Helping a faction increases your allegiance to them, but this then affects your standing with the other two factions. Every choice has positive and negative consequences.

Improving your allegiance with one faction may limit your access to certain areas or gain a new story branch that would not have been possible earlier. It will be exciting discovering what will happen and lends itself to multiple playthroughs.

4. Improved Parkour

The parkour in Dying Light has been improved, not only in fluidity of movement but with new gadgets to use. There are thousands of new animations, mid-air dashing, wall-running, ziplines, and a new paraglider which lets you take advantage of the verticality.

Air vents help you extend your flight as you fly over them and fill your sails with warm air. Your parkour abilities can be improved with the skill tree.

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5. The Grapple Hook

The grapple hook in Dying Light was a bit overpowered and not very realistic. In the sequel, the grapple is more physics-based and is more of a tool for getting to hard-to-reach places. It is also fully upgradable as you journey through the game.

6. New Types of Zombies!

One of the highlights of Dying Light was the brutal combat, especially the day and night cycle with increased horror as the light faded, giving the game its name.

2 ups the horror and brutality. The weapons Aden can use to dismember the undead have been massively improved, too. There are completely new zombie horrors to look out for as well as some returning undead.

  • The Howler screams a warning to other zombies in the area.
  • The Banshee has frightening, long claws to slash you with.
  • The Drowner is fun to discover!
  • The Revenant is a dangerous zombie that emits mist that buffs all other zombies in the area.

7. Skills and Combat

Dying Light 2 also offers some awesome new skills.

  • You can block charge, which you can use to hold enemies as you fall to break your fall.
  • There is a parry mechanic, with a perfect parry, and perfect dodge which can be unlocked in the skill tree.
  • There are over two hundred weapons in the game and guns make a return.

The combat promises to be even more brutal than the first game. Stealth will be an option and these abilities can be upgraded by the skill tree also.

8. Bandit Camps

These can be cleared and then assigned to one of the factions, but choose wisely which one you give the camp to. This then unlocks a save point and gives you other rewards.

9. Day and Night

You can explore most of the buildings in the city but during the day, they will be full of zombies avoiding daylight. If you choose to risk the dark, they will be less occupied but you run the risk of bumping into the stronger enemies that come out at night.

10. DLC and Ongoing Support

So are you looking forward to Dying Light 2? The developers, Techland, have promised new DLC and support in much the same way that they supported the first game. Here's to many hours bashing zombies and exploring Dying Light 2!

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