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Dungeons Beginners Guide



Congratulations owe dark lord for your venture into dungeon running. From this point on you will enjoy the pleasures of being evil and messing with the minds, wills, and spirits of those do-goody heroes. Not many walk this path but the few that do find it greatly rewarding but sometimes you need some aid, not that you need it of course.

This guide presented here before you shall guide you on the path to becoming a great dungeon lord, in the beginning at least. Thank you for taking time out of punishing those heroes to read this measly guide owe Dungeon Lord.

Note: This guide is Find enabled for quick access to information. Just follow the index and use Ctrl + F to use. This guide will also only guide you through the basics of the first third of the game thanks for reading


Table of Contents

101: Basics

102: Keyboard Layout

103: Dungeon Lord

104: Quests and Challenges

105: Pentagrams

106: Heroes

201: Dungeon Lord

202: Attributes

203: Skills

204: Scrolls

205: Goblins

206: Dungeon Heart

207: Guardian

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208: Respawning

301: Heroes

302: Soul Energy and Gold

303: Types of Heroes

304: Level of Heroes VS Monsters

305: Level of Interest

306: Needs and Fulfillment

401: Dungeon Construction

402: Prestige

403: Types of Rooms

404: Room Set Up

405: Pentagrams: How to Use them

406: Monster Types

407: Tips

501: Conclusion

101 Basics

There is much to know about being an epic Dungeon Lord but all of the greats have started at one place, the basics. There is nothing more important but you already knew that owe great Dungeon Lord.

102 Keyboard Layout

1-9- Use Command

Ctrl+1-9- switch command layout

Q- Rotate screen left

E- Rotate Screen Right

W- Move screen Forward

A- Move Screen Left

D- Move Screen Right

S- Move Screen Down

Arrow Keys- Move screen in corresponding direction to key

Left Mouse Button- designate where to dig, select Goblin or menu item by clicking

Right Mouse Button- Hold- Rotate screen. Click- Move Dungeon Lord

+- Zoom in

- Zoom out

C- Toggle Attribute menu

T- Toggle Skill Tree window

B- Toggle Grimoire/Book Window

U- Toggle Quest Log Menu

J- Toggle Full Size Map

L- Toggle Heroes and Goblins Window

Esc- Toggle main Menu


103 Dungeon Lord

You are the most important asset in your dungeon for only you can achieve the measly tasks that the so called Dungeon Lords above you tell you to do. Yet your power doesn’t end there, no, for you are the most powerful unit in the game. You capabilities to kick arse are immense and powerful as you gain more attribute and skill points no one will stand in your way unless you allow them of course.

104 Quests and Challenges

Dungeon Lord every mission you embark on will have a set of Quests and Challenges for you to complete for various rewards. Yet as you may know there is a difference between the two.

Quests: Primarily have to do with completing the level and any extra tasks you may be assigned. These are rewarded with Attribute points and Skill Points.

Challenges: Challenges are secondary if you choose to complete tasks that will reward you with scrolls. Challenges do not need to be completed in order for you to progress but do give you some extra things to do if of course you choose so.

105 Pentagrams

Pentagrams are the monster summoning, area control devices that you will spend your hard earned money on. These will summon monsters for you (free after installation of course) to battle heroes and to guard your precious dungeon.

These devises will also establish an area of control in which you will construct whatever it is your black heart desires. Be it prestige items, prisons, libraries, armories or treasure rooms. The choice is really only limited to your vast imagination.

106 Heroes

Awe Heroes, these are the annoying do gooders who always come into your dungeon in persuit of fame and fortune, so as you can guess they are morons. Yet these morons contain soul energy and gold so it is important to please them, I know, I know the thought is almost unbearable but the reward afterward vastly outstrips the suffering of having to… be nice to them. That reward is Soul Energy which you will need for all your construction needs and to occasionally satisfy annoying so-called Dungeon Lords.

They also drop money, and money is equally important as you will need it to please heroes through construction or handing it out with chests and piles of money. As the saying goes you need money to make money.

201 Dungeon Lord

In this next area we will discuss a subject that I am sure you are well familiar with, you! Yes for without you there would be no dungeon, there would be no evil, and there would be an annoying abundance of heroes running around everywhere so you are extremely important.

202 Attributes

Attributes are extremely important for you as a Dungeon Lord for they are how powerful you are. Of course I am not reffering to your looks as you can obviously tell by now but instead your various stats as one would call them that determine your various skills in various arena. Now it would be hubris of me to tell you how to train yourself so all I can do is tell you what the stats are and what they govern of great Dungeon Lord.

(Note you can hold the cursor over the stats to read their descriptions as you can do with every thing else in the game)

Strength- Increases your Damage. Every 2 points Damage min goes up 1.

Agility- Increases Attack and Defense. Every 1 point attack goes up, every 2 points defense goes up by 1.

Intelligence- Increases magic power and mana supply. Every 1 point increase Magic by 1. Every 5 points increase mana by 1.

Constitution- Increases Hit points and Resistances. Every 1 point  Hit points goes up by 1. Every 5 points resistances go up by 1.

203 Skills

Awe Skills, they make the job of being Dungeon Lord so fun. Increasing these will create various effects and the more you invest the better the effect is. Skills your lordship are organized into three categories, Combat, Improvement, and Build. Each of these three are then structured into 5 tiers with further investments unlocking each Tier allowing for more abilities and bonuses.

While your development path is your choice here is a structured list of the skills in order of course. But before delving into this there is one classification that needs to be explained and that is the difference between Spells and Skills.

Spell:  An ability that is activated or casted.

Skill: A Passive bonus to various stats, abilities, ect.

Further any spell or skill that leads to something else needs to be fully mastered (which should be an easy task for someone like you) before you can unlock the next stat. Each Tier also requires a minimal investment of points in that Category before you can unlock it as well.

Skill Tree

Skill Tree


Tier 1: 0 points required

Improve Attack: Skill: Increase attack value of standard attacks. Leads To: Sweeping Blow

Berserk Rage: Spell: Increase Attack Value and Damage Value but lowers defense greatly.

Poison Arrow: Spell: Hits target with poison arrow and causes poison damage for a duration. Leads To: Improved Attack Spell

Tier 2: 5 Points Required

Sweeping Blow: Spell: Attacks all surrounding heroes with a sweeping attack. Leads To: Improved Damage

Protect Soul: Skill: grants a short period of time before Soul Energy begins to deplete from fallen Heroes.

Improved Attack Spell: Skill: Increases damage and range of attack spells. Leads to: Fireball

Tier 3: 10 Points Required

Improved Damage: Skill: Increase Damage stat.

Flame Strike: Spell: Casts powerful flame strike with high damage and fire damage for short duration on hit target.

Fireball: Spell: Launches a fireball that explodes inflicting damage on nearby enemies with decent damage and fire damage over time. Leads to: Extract Life-force

Tier 4: 15 points required

More Critical Hits: Skill:  Increase chance of landing a critical hit.

Extract Life-force:  Spell: Takes life energy from target and gives it to you.

Tier 5: 20 Points required

Self-Made Villain: Skill: Rewards player with soul energy for every kill they make themselves.


Tier 1: 0 Points Required

Improved Intelligence: Skill: gives bonus to intelligence attribute.

Improved Defense: Skill: Improves Defense.

Quick Silver: Spell: Increases Dungeon Lord’s movement speed. Leads to: Improved Speed

Tier 2: 5 Points Required

Freeze: Spell: Deals Ice damage and can potentially freeze enemies solid.

Improved Monsters and Traps: Skill: Decreases trap and monster costs and increases monster hit points.

Improved Speed: Skill: Increases Speed.

Tier 3: 10 Points Required

Improved Health: Skill: Increases Hit Points. Leads to: Heal

Improved Resistances: Skill: Increases your physical and magic resistances.

Ice Shield: Spell: Envelopes Dungeon Lord in a glittery ice shield that repells damage and hurts those that attack the Dungeon Lord (I did say Heroes were morons) while spell is in effect.

Tier 4: 15 Points Required

Heal: Spell:  Restores Hit Points to Dungeon Lord

Invulnerability: Spell: makes player invincible for a short duration.

Tier 5: 20 Points Required

Close Entrance: Spell: Allows you to close a Heroes Entrance.


Tier 1: 0 Points Required

Light in Darkness: Skill: Increases light around pointer and around the dungeon lord.

Far Sight: Spell: Reveals an area that is in the fog of war and will keep visible for duration of the spell.

Magic Missile: Spell: Launches Magic Arrows at target.

Tier 2: 5 Points Required

Improved Guardian: Skill: Increases Guardian’s health and damage. Leads to: Pessimism

Cheaper Needs Gimmicks: Skill: Makes library and armory gimmicks cheaper. Leads to: Cheaper Prestige Gimmicks

Improved Convert entagram: Skill: decreases cool down time and casting time of convert pentagram spell. Leads to: Improved Pentagram

Tier 3: 10 Points Required

Pessimism: Spell: Makes Heroes attack Dungeon Lord and Target your Dungeon Heart. Leads To: Improved invisibility

Cheaper Prestige Gimmicks: Skill: Makes prestige gimmicks cost less soul energy.

Improved Pentagrams: Skill: Increase a pentagrams area of influence and visibility range.

Tier 4: 15 Points Required

Improved Invisibility: Spell: Grants spell Invisibility that makes player temporarily invisible.

Larger Hero Bags: Skill: Increases the amount of gold heoroes will bring into the dungeon. Leads to: Increased Hero Needs

Improved Workers: Skill: Increases a goblins speed, hit points, digging speed and backpack size.

Tier 5: 20 Points Required

Increased Hero Needs: Skill: Raises the level of demand of heroes so you can get more soul energy.

204 Scrolls

Well as you such a skillful dungeon lord you will complete challenges left and right. Your reward for doing this will be scrolls. These scrolls are one time use spells available in the Grimoire menu. To use these abilities you just put them in your command bar and select them at your leisure. Be warned they are one time use only so once they are used that’s it so cast carefully.


205 Goblins

Awe Goblins the backbone of your work force. They ask for nothing, except more work from you. Could there be a more useful and obedient servant, probably but you have these and for what they are worth they are pretty useful.

For starters to make goblins you have to first make sure you have enough Goblin Capacity. To find out check your Dungeon Heart and go to goblin limit, it is the seconded option. All it takes is for you to sacrifice a measily amount of soul energy to increase the limit and then you use the spell Summon Goblin and poof you got a new goblin who will happily or unhappily but the point is it will do your bidding.

To get your Goblins to work you must Left Click on walls to get them to dig. Goblins also have default behavior which can be set in the Goblins and Heroes menu. They will by default refill gold, repair dungeon, dig, and take care of any room that needs taking care of. It is important to have some doing each task but in the end it is up to your all encompassing wisdom to decide how they will best serve you.

Dungeon Heart

Dungeon Heart

206 Dungeon Heart

Your Dungeon heart is the lifeblood of your dungeon and without it you are worse that dead, nothing! It is important thus to protect it at all times but what does a Dungeon Heart do exactly?

Your Dungeon Heart adjusts your monsters level, adjusts the amount of goblins you have, and resurrects you (see 208: Respawning) and spawns a defender when you order it so. Basically it is the lifeblood of your whole Dungeon.

Dungeon Heart Menu

Increase Monster Level: Raises the level of all monsters in the dungeon.

Raise Goblin Limit: Raise the maximum amount of Goblins you can Summon.

Summon Guardian: Summons Guardian for 150 Soul Energy.
Heal Dungeon Heart:
 Uses God to Heal itself when toggled on.

Warning: Heroes will try to destroy your Dungeon Heart if they find it or get bored so it is important that you lead them away from your Dungeon Heart and keep those do gooders happy until it is harvest time. If your Dungeon Heart is destroyed you will die so it is important that you defend it at all costs.

Your Guardian

Your Guardian

207 Guardian

At a certain point you will surely aquire a guardian. These beings are super powerful creatures that when summoned will remain near your Dungeon Heart and defend it at all costs. These creatures can be made more powerful with the Improve Guardian Skill which makes them more effective defenders of your Dungeon Heart.

208 Respawning

Occasionally you will die in combat but thanks to the all powerful nature of your Dungeon Heart this will not be the end of you. No instead you will respawn in front of your Dungeon Heart. The Dungeon Heart will lose health for this little gift each time you respawn so if the Dungeon Heart is low on health you next revival might be your end owe dark one as your Dungeon Heart will explode upon losing all health so keep an eye on your health and the health of your Dungeon Heart before entering into difficult battles.

301 Heroes

Heroes the helplessly moronic Do-gooders who always seem to be crawling into your dungeon like an infestation of morals preaching cockroaches. Once the gates are open they won’t stop coming but not to worry for one you are an all powerful Dungeon Lord and two Heroes are simple, dimwitted creatures that aside from their more annoying moral tendencies exist only to be exploited by you and it is in this sections we will discuss how.


302 Soul Energy and Gold

Heroes as are a virtual living mine of Soul Energy and Gold both of which you conveniently need to build an epic dungeon so everyone knows how great you are. To understand why we must at maximum tolerate heroes one must understand what soul energy is and how it is used.

Soul energy (counter top right middle) is the substance you will use to construct Prestige and other effects inside your dungeon. Along with giving some to a soon to be lower than you but currently your boss Dungeon Lord you are currently serving.

Gold is used for piles of treasure, pentagrams, and construction of rooms. All heroes carry some into the dungeon and this is harvest able immediately if you so choose but let them wonder around and they will please themselves and build up soul energy. Just remember not to let a hero walk out of the dungeon with your easily earned gold. It’s a principle thing.


303 Types of Heroes

As you progress further on through more and more dungeons you will encounter different types of heroes and even more than is listed here. This owe dark one is just to get you started so that you will know what lower beings are wondering through your amazing dungeon.

Novice: The Novice is the melee fighter of the early heroes. They carry melee weapons and their special interest is in Equpment.

Adventurer: These are the wizards of the bunch. After learning a few spells they think they are qualified enough to take you on but you’ll show them. Their special need is Knowledge.

Champions: Eventually these uber heroes will enter your dungeon ether because you failed your overseer or because your clock ran out. They have no needs other than destroying you and your tower heart and make other heroes miserable, I think it is an ego thing.

304 Level of Heroes VS Monsters

As you build up your dungeon you will hear a trumpeting sound every so often. This is to indicate to you that the zeroes… I mean heroes have leveled up. Now many a great Dungeon Lord has fallen victim to an newbies trap of not keeping your monsters equal to their level.

You see not only do you need monsters as a suitable defense but heroes like to take damage (again I cannot stress how stupid these beings are) and deal damage to and from respectably, these monsters. If the monsters are at too low a level they won’t provide adaquete defense or a challenge to the heroes making you look bad and you don’t want that do you? Of Course not but Heroes don’t understand how much work you put into your dungeon and will begin to bad mouth it if it doesn’t impress their simple minds.

305 Level of Interest

So you have been building up a dungeon but there is something to remember about heroes. You have to keep them interested and that means putting up Prestige items to increase your strength and to amuse those simpletons.

Yet what is not at all surprising given their previously already established low level of cranial capacity is that Heroes are easily distracted by your Prestige Items. This gives you the excellent strategy of leading them around by the noses based on placement of said items. Want them to go into a room make lead the trail and put some in the room and the hero will walk into the room without a single though of how obvious it is that they are being lead around by the nose.

Further it is important to remember to keep Prestige Items away from your Dungeon Heart since heroes will try to destroy it and that is bad for you.


306 Needs and Fulfillment

Heroes have needs outside of annoying beings like us. When you satisfy these needs you make the hero and bear with me on this, happy. When they are “Happy” and I can’t stress enough that this will be a temporary state, they produce more soul energy for you to harvest. When they are complete satisfied they emit a small amount of soul energy and then will proceed to leave. You must quickly of course nip such notions in the rear else wise rumors about you will be started and not as bad but still pretty annoying, the source of soul energy leaves happy with soul energy and all gold they took from your chests!

Here are the needs and how to satisfy them.


Need For Treasure: Wants gold, leave chests/piles of money out and this will satisfy them. (Yes they are stupid enough to believe that this is normal for gold to be left out in such a manner and will not grow suspicious of the fact that it might in fact be a clever trap.)

Need For Suffering Damage: The hero needs to take damage from a monster (not you) but not be killed.

Need For Dealing Damage: A more rational need the hero needs to deal damage to monsters but again not you the Dungeon Lord.

Need For Knowledge: Need specific to magic wielders that requires the construction of a library and subsequent stocking of said Library (covered in section 4)

Need For Equipment: Need specific to warrior type heroes and requires the construction of an Armory and subsequent stocking of said armory. (covered in Section 4)

You kick arse

You kick arse

401 Dungeon Construction

This topic I am sure you are an expert in and we are only including it as it is mandatory part of the package. Yet since we have to include it we are doing this right. In this section owe tremendous one you will be given a review of the skills you already possess and are so excellent in.

A dungeon as you are aware is an amazing place but if not constructed right it is a death trap for only one person, you. This is why placement and expansion is so important as it is the heroes who deserve the death trap despite the claims from the Society for Ethical Treatment of Heroes.

402 Prestige

Prestige has two importance’s, well three if you count making you look good and of course you would so three importance’s. First and for most it increases your strength and unlocks new items to be built from the Library, Armory, Treasure, and even Prison menu. Unlocking higher levels of each allows you to “please” or torment heroes faster or in larger quantities.

The second importance is that it allows you to lead Heroes around by their noses through placement and some (DLC) prestige items have special bonuses increasing various stats.

Placement becomes important but leaves it open for decoration. It is important to make an area look impressive with prestige items but leave them out of areas you don’t want your heroes to travel. You can use their simple minds to your advantage by placing them near paths you want them to go down but leaving them away from areas you don’t want them near. Heroes will walk up and admire prestige items.

There are different classes of Prestige Items with different uses. Here is a list owe dark one for easy reference.

All: Shows all items you possess for use without descrimation of use.

Wall: Wall items can only attach themselves to walls and cannot be used on floors.

Floor: Floor items are ones that can be placed anywhere on the ground but can’t be used on walls.

Light: Light menu displays all Prestige items that generate light.

DLC: This menu displays all downloaded Prestige items.

403 Types of Rooms

There are 3 basic types of room that you will employ in your quest of revenge and glory (both rightfully yours). Each room requires at minimum a square of 2x2 to begin construction but for more successful rooms will be much, much larger for as you know the saying bigger is better.

Prison: Prisons are where you will hold your heroes while their soul energy slowly drains out.

Library: The Library will be the location of all knowledge that eager heroes will soak up to make themselves smarter.

Armory: The Armory tailors to Equipment hungry heroes and is the location where they will satisfy this need.

Note that each room requires gold to build so it can get expensive to construct these rooms but that should be no problem for you owe capable one.

404 Room Set Up




You will want a semi large room to hold a few cells. In the beginning with your low prestige you will only be able to be solitary confinement cells with a larger cell quickly unlocked. Just place the cells in an orderly fashion remember not to block the entrance, how else would you throw those good for nothing heroes into a their rightful place.


Library and Armory

Library and Armory set up are nearly identical with the exception of the Armory makes you Goblins work to replenish the stock (or else!). The rooms are comprised of 3 different categories of items each with its own purpose and later levels more expensive costing more gold. Here are the categories for your ease of access as this guide aims to serve you owe magnificent one.

Room Efficiency: These are your generator items. In the library placing these will generate knowledge automatically at various rates and Armories will do the same but with a goblin coming in and operating it. It is important that you keep a good one of these in each room as the expense is quickly paid off by the heroes “happiness”.

Interactions Items: These items are the ones the Heroes will walk up to, to take knowledge or Equipment from the room. More expensive and later items will satisfy heroes more than earlier ones so upgrading is recommended when the capital is available.

Room Capacity: This is the storage of the room which determines how much there is to give out. Ideally then more Room Capacity items means more storage which means heroes get happier.

Larger rooms means more better pleasing for heroes so it is wise to construct these rooms in areas where you have the space but small rooms with high level items can do the trick as well or low level items for earlier heroes.

405 Pentagrams: How to Use them

Pentagrams summon monsters which will stay near the pentagram at all times so you don’t have to worry about them wondering off. Pentagrams work well when grouped together using different monsters to compensate for the others weakness or lack of strength. This way you can give the heroes the good fight they desire (and the beating they deserve).

Pentagrams also establish and area of influence so it is always a good idea to place new ones at outlying areas to take more space but after putting another further these can become temporary ground gainers since they are not needed to hold the space between two other pentagrams.

Monster Capacity

There is a limit to how many monsters you can use at a time. Each monster has a different number of capacity that it will take up. This is why it is important to properly manage deployment of these to get the most bang for your stolen gold.

406 Monster Types

Ah Dark one, I am sure you want to know which monsters will be available to you in the beginning. These monsters will unlock as you dominate each dungeon.


Requires: Rat Cave

Notes: Basic fighter and creates large area of influence.

Vampire Bats

Requires: Old Tower

Notes: Poor in combat will serve at scouts only.

Skeleton Warrior

Requires: Underground Graveyard

Notes: Strong Vs Magic Users, Weak VS Melee


Requires: Slimy Sewer

Notes: Slow but strong Vs Melee, Weak Vs Magic


Requires: Bone chamber

Notes: Weak attack but resilient unit that will heal itself between fights. Is a basic tank unit that goes great with other units to absorb enemy attacks while other monsters deal serious damage.

407 Tips

Dungeon Lord there are a few things that you can do to improve your odds of winning.

1)      Build Rooms as paths making it quicker for heroes to traverse through them and pick up equipment and knowledge.

2)      Aquire Monster homes fast to boost your Population number.

3)      A technique where you pool a lot of monsters in one place with the express goal of only killing the heroes. This works good as  a defense for your tower heart.

4)      Spreading Monsters out to give them a good fight as they go is a good idea.

5)      Goblins are weak and fearful creatures so building tunnels to access different rooms is a good idea but keep prestige items away from these tunnels and if possible place them to draw Heroes away from these tunnels.

Heroes will still use tunnels but this will give your goblins an easier chance to manage your dungeon and follow your commands.

6)      Have a large prison to hold many heroes. You will need the soul energy.

7)      Having the Guardian summoned as a precautionary element is a good idea but only if you have the excess soul energy to spare.

8)      Complete Quests. Go back and complete quests to earn more skill points to make yourself stronger. This is always a good idea and plus you get to torment heroes with the stronger you.

9)      Release Heroes to keep the champions away. To do this click on the hero in the cell and choose the release option. Champions are extremely annoying Dungeon Lord and it isn’t worth a few soul energy points to tangle with one.

10)   Map out on 9 command prompt all spells you need such as summon goblin, Convert Pentagram and any other basic spell. There is no reason to clutter up command prompt 1 with these spells.

11)   Use scrolls they are there for a reason.

12)   Having cheaper items is a good idea so investment in the Build Skills is a good idea but also remember to have some good attack spells as well.

13)   Invest in Agility and Strength to increase basic attack. Intelligence is a good idea too but as always it is up to you Dungeon Lord.

14)   Have fun. We are Dungeon Lords for a reason and if we don’t enjoy our work then the Heroes truly win and we cannot have that.

501 Conclusion

Congratulations owe dark one on reading through this humble guide to bettering your dungeon building ways. I have confidence you will be the bain of heroes and will be the top Dungeon Lord again in no time and all those that stand in your way will be punished severely. The fact that you chose this guide fills my dark heart with such joy.

Best of Luck to you, Dungeon Lord.


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