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Dungeon Keeper 2 - Stratergy Guide!

Welcome To.... DUNGEON KEEPER 2 Stratergy Guide

I don't know if theres anything of this nature really on here, so like I thought why not? I wrote this from scratch for my girlfriend actually so she would play it with me xD so maybe i can get others into it?

Dungeon Keeper 2: Tye’s Crash Course To Become The Most Powerful Keeper Ever!

Welcome Keeper to a realm where goodly heroes try to stop us in our reign of terror.  I shall tell you everything you need to know in order to dominate the world of Dungeon Keeper 2; from the creatures all the way too strategies’ so sit back and enjoy this insight into the deepest dungeons. *evil laugh* and remember, evil is good.


The Contents.

1.    The Basics

2.    The Rooms

3.    The Creatures

4.    The Goodly Heroes

5.    The Spells

6.    Traps and Doors

7.    Tips Strategic Maneuvers and MORE!

The Basics

B.1 Introduction

B.2 Controls and features




Keeper, you are well on your way. Let us begin with the basics anyone should know to be a successful Keeper, firstly a survey to see if you qualify.

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1.      Does a sticky kiss from a small child, A) make you smile, or B) give you a stabbing pain between the eyes?

2.      Does the idea of job satisfaction include A) a wooden plaque that says “employee of the month” or B) piles and piles of gold?

3.      Would you rather give your employees A) Health benefits or B) a temple where they can worship your graven image?

If you answered b to any of the above you qualify to become a keeper. Now on to the basics.

Dungeon keeper is a god Style game where you are represented by the hand in the middle of the screen.  The aim of each game is to defeat either rival keepers or the goodly heroes in order to obtain what is known as a portal gem.  Once all of the portal gems are in your hands then you can reach the over world and destroy the goodly heroes forever and rule supreme.


B.2 Controls and features

You use the mouse to move the hand obviously.

If you normal click a tile of dirt or rock it will become highlighted and then your imps shall dig it out for you.  The indication of this is that the hand will be holding a pick axe.

The keepers hand also cast spells, and these can upset the battle quite tremendously, for example casting lightning on unsuspecting hero will cause them to fall and be at your mercy Keeper.  They are used by clicking the spell desired and more shall be in the next section.

You can pick up a creature by clicking on it, and drop it on your own land only.

Right click to slap them and increase efficiency.



Possession Mode Controls

In Dungeon Keeper, you will be able to get inside the head of your monsters and if need be, lead the battle yourself into the dungeon heart or lord of the land of your opponent by using your possession Spell

Ins – sniper mood only available to elves and dark elves

Numpad 0 – this button allows you to pick locks of enemy doors and open them.

1 – This is the melee technique

2, 3, 4 – these are all the other spells that you see the creature cast for e.g. The warlocks heal

6&7 – are the special abilities a creature may possess such as turn into a bat or hypnotized used by vampires, these abilities are not abilities which creatures will use on their own.

Left Click – use selected spell or melee attack

Right Click – leave your creatures mind



These Keeper are some fundamental basics such as gold and mana.  In the top left hand corner is a heart with blue lines around it, this is your Dungeon Heart’s health and by clicking it you are go directly to it.  What’s that Keeper? You want to know what the Dungeon Heart is? 

The Dungeon Heart is at it sounds the heart of your Dungeon; if it is destroyed it is game over.  If your Heart is attacked, all the creatures you have will fight to protect it, even your imps will drop what they’re doing and come to arms.

Mana – mana is the source of power generated by the Dungeon Heart, it is the box with blue numbers in it.  At any one time you may have up to 200 000 mana.  The red numbers indicate how much mana is drained per turn for imps and traps and the green is how much you gain, the maximum green is 500 which is the amount of land you own.

Gold – the source of all your dungeons rooms, training, building traps and of course paying the ungrateful creatures in your service

The hammer is the workshop items, the wand spells, the monster all the creatures in your dungeon, the imp figure lets you grab imps by clicking on them.

B.3 Tiles

Impenetrable Rock – hard rock which cannot be cut into

Rock – can be mined may take more time.

Gold Seam – finite amount of gold can be mined from these

Gem Seam – an infinite amount of gold is available from these

Claimed tile – a tile on the floor which has a coloured diamond on it

Claimed Wall – your imps will have a hard time actually getting through this

Dirt Path – unclaimed land basically

The Rooms

R.1 Dungeon Heart

R.2 Lair

R.3 Hatchery

R.4 Library

R.5 Workshop

R.6 Training Room

R.7 Prison

R.8 Torture Chamber

R.9 Treasury

R.10 Graveyard

R.11 Temple

R.12 Combat Pit

R.13 Portals

R.14 Hero Gates

R.15 Hero Portals

R.16 Mercenary Portals

R.17 Casino

R.18 Bridges (Stone & Wooden)


R.1 Dungeon Heart

The dungeon heart is the centre piece of your dungeon.  It is your beating heart of power Keeper.  It acts as a treasury storing up to 16 000 gold and is the source of your mana.  Without your life-force cannot be sustained.  It should always be heavily guarded for keeper, without it you shall lose your right to throne.


R.2 Lair

Minimum Size – 1x1

The lair, Keeper all creatures need a place to rest.  A lair will allow creatures to set up a bed and sleep; it is an essential part to any dungeon and is fairly cheap.  Because of their ability to be any shape they should be used in odd spaces.


R.3 Hatchery

Minimum Size – 1x1 (should be 3x3 or more though for efficiency)

The hatchery keeps your creatures well fed and like the lair is essential.


R.4 Library

Minimum Size – 3x3

The library is the source of all the knowledge and warlock could dream about.  This is the place your spells are researched and magical items stored. Creatures which can research are: Warlocks, Wizards, Maidens of the nest and Dark Angels.