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Dress Like Joel from The Last of Us

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When the end comes, will you be dressed accordingly?

One of the most immersive gaming experiences in years, The Last of Us blurred the line between blockbuster film and video game. Putting aside it's stunning graphics and enthralling, interactive story, though, today we're going to delve into the true importance of this groundbreaking game by taking a look at the clothing of the titles gruff and dangerous protagonist, Joel. (Hey! It's kinda important!)

From his shirt to his shoes, to his backpack and his flashlight, we're going to take a look at what it takes to dress like the biggest badass of the post-apocalypse. Being a video game, it's difficult to find the exact copies of each item Joel wears and uses, but we're going to do our best here to get it as right as possible.

Speaking of which, if you find any accessories or clothing that are more authentic matches than the ones mentioned below, feel free to leave me a comment at the bottom of the page and I'll go ahead and toss them in here.

The Shirts


Being the rugged, Texan, man’s man that he is, Joel’s most worn shirt shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Popular amongst outdoorsy, alpha male types throughout history, the flannel, western-cut shirt is the ultimate clothing for the survivalist who still wants to remain stylish without losing an ounce of masculinity.

Below is a link for a shirt specifically designed in the style of Joel’s. Add on a little dirt and cut it up a little with a blade to make it nice and grungy, and you should have a pretty spot on replica.

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The Angle-Head Flashlight


A favorite of the military, angle-head flashlights are ideal in the post-apocalyptic world. Aside from its ability to easily buckle onto your backpack strap for hands-free, forward light (don’t worry, the clickers can’t see), Joel’s angle-head flashlight is also waterproof and highly durable. It has a long battery life, but if they start to go, just give the flashlight a quick shake and you should be right as rain.

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The Backpack


Certainly the most practical and most used item Joel carries with him at all times is his backpack. This is where you want to keep all of your most cherished food and supplies. It’s also where you want to hang your beat-sticks from and where you’ll want to store your arrows. Joel’s is a very worn out bag, so you’ll want to fray the edges, slap some scotch tape on the areas shown in the photos above, and wrap a dirty white rag or some binding tape around the end of the left shoulder strap.

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The Watch


Joel’s watch (which he wears on his left wrist) is perhaps his most cherished item. A day before the outbreak first occurred, he received the watch as a birthday gift from his daughter, Sarah, to replace one that he had apparently broken months prior. 20 years after the outbreak, and his daughters subsequent death, Joel continues to wear the watch, even though it’s now cracked and nonfunctional (from two decades of surviving in a post-outbreak world). While it serves no practical purpose, it acts as a sentimental reminder of his daughter and how life use to be. Throughout the game, whenever Joel begins speaking about his past or becomes reminded of his daughter, you usually see him glance down or touch the watch while remembering.

Unfortunately the make and model of this particular item appears to be nonexistent outside of this video game. But according to many watch enthusiasts (yes, there are apparently watch enthusiasts) similar models include a Lum-Tec Combat on a NATO strap, a EGNIAN EG-0910 on a NATO or Zulu strap, and a Maratac Pilot Automatic.

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The Gas Mask


In a post-apocalyptic world where highly contagious spores are floating around all over the damn place, it’s always a good idea to carry around good gas mask lest you become an infected, flesh eating monster.

The mask Joel wears appears to be a variation of the S10 Gas Mask, without the top straps and the lenses tinted in green. Joel uses the right attachment for the filter (S10 having both sides) even when he is right handed, which is not useful aiming with long ranged weapons. The filter is not a standard S10 filter. However, other masks resemble the M40 gas mask that is used by the United States military. Some survivors, notably Bill wear this model instead of the S10. It is useful in as it allows the wearer to drink from a canteen without removing the mask. (information borrowed from

A costume mask should suffice for you here, unless you’re actually terrified of a real-life outbreak. Just be sure to read the description and product reviews of other buyers before you make a purchase. As some of the masks that most resemble Joel’s appear to be made of a non-solid material. Meaning that when you strap it onto your belt (or belt loop), Joel Style, it may hang there more like a flapping piece of cloth than an actual mask.

Look for it at…

The Revolver


Joel’s favorite weapon of choice is almost certainly his revolver. We see him first use what appears to be his personal revolver at the beginning of the game. Twenty years later, he once again begins using one after taking it off from a dead soldier outside of the quarantine zone.

It’s a Taurus six shot revolver used in the game, and while I can’t direct you to where to purchase your own (sorry!) below is a link to a less lethal stand in. Keep it wedged in the back of your pants on the right side so that the handle sticks out.

Look for it at…

The Modified 2x4


While Joel often uses a modified led pipe as a weapon, we’re going to focus more on the 2x4 here. The pipe is fine and dandy (and certainly more fatal) but it can be a lot to haul around. Besides, being a big fan and utilizer of the modified stick on The Last of Us’ multiplayer, I suppose I’m simply a bit partial toward it. Besides, aside from Bloaters, this sucker is an instant kill on any and every thing.

On the game you can use a Blade, Biding, and a Rag to upgrade your 2x4, but in real life, all you should need is some tape and an old pair of scissors. For a more authentic look, make sure the scissors are wedged through the end of the 2x4 instead of just taped on. And make sure to use a white colored tape instead of black or transparent. When not in use, keep it hooked on to the right side of your backpack for safekeeping.

Start building it at…

The Pants


Not too much complicated here, folks. Joel’s pants are, well, a pair of normal pants. They’re a pair of dark colored, faded denim blue jeans that you can find almost anywhere. You’ll want a snug but not too tight fit (no skinny jeans, for the love of god) and probably a boot cut.

And remember, Joel’s been living in very rough and dirty environment doing a lot of rough and dirty jobs. So try to scruff these suckers up a bit for real authenticity. Pretty much just toss a little dirt on there and roll around a little and you should be good.

Buy at…

The Boots


Last but not least, you’re going to need a good sturdy pair of work boots. It’s a jungle out there, so whether you’re traversing the rough and muddy environment of the post-outbreak world or you’re just having to stomp a few skulls in on your way to find the fireflies, you’ll want to be ready with some heavy and durable footwear.

Look for them at…


Haven't played it yet? What are you waiting for?!

As mentioned in the beginning, this really is one of the most immersive and film-like gaming experiences you'll ever find in a video game. It's for the Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 consoles, it's third person, comes with what many have said is the greatest multiplayer around today, and, rest assured, it's much more that just your typical shoot-em-up zombie-fest.

It's so much more, in fact, that The Evil Dead's very own Sam Raimi has announced he's going to make a live action motion picture of it! So check it out now so you'll be ready.

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