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Dream Tomica Series List and Guide

Tomica Movie Car Diecast Line

This hub aims to be a definitive guide in listing and collecting the Dream Tomica series. For those who are not aware with what this particular series is, don't worry as this hub will explain what that is as well as the following information:

  • Brief description of toy maker brand Tomica
  • What is Dream Tomica
  • Movie car diecasts released by said company under its Dream Tomica series
  • Lots of photos

What is Tomica?

Tomica is actually a branch of Takara Tomy Co whose HQ is located in Japan and is the diecast vehicle production arm of its head company.

Tomica’s model list is currently over 20. This is quite a given since they have been producing diecast cars as early as late 70s.

The toy maker started out producing model replicas of local (domestic) vehicles but expanded to other models to compete with the global market.

One of possible reasons why the company’s products was not warmly welcomed in the international market is because it is more expensive than popular existing ones – Hotwheels and Matchbox. But the company did enjoy followers and collectors whose number gradually increased through the years.

Moving back to the main topic, interestingly, Tomica has been manufacturing movie car themed diecasts way before it released its Dream Tomica series. However, the company never advertised it as such. This is because those movie car replicas were exclusively released in accordance or as promotional pieces to the movie or show to which it has been based.


A good example would be the photos on the right. As can be seen, we have there Tomica’s Back to the Future. This particular movie car model is not part of any existing Tomica series but is released solely in commemoration of the movie.

The same goes for the second photo – Tomica’s version of the Mach 5 from the Speed Racer franchise (movie, TV cartoon, manga, etc…)

Aside from the two provded photos, listed below are other movie cars produced by the company before it released its Dream Tomica series:

  • Optimus Prime and Bumblebee from the Transformers
  • Batmobile, Batboat, and Batjet from the Batman franchise
  • Initial D, Super Mario Bros, Snoopy, and Disney merchandise

As mentioned, the Dream Tomica series is the company’s version of movie car replicas. It can be somewhat likened to Hotwheels’ Retro Entertainment series, Greenlight’s Hollywood series, and Johnny Lightning’s Hollywood on Wheels series.

If memory serves, Dream Tomica officially launched on the year 2012 with 15 models. Similar to standard Tomica packaging, the boxes of these models are numbered. However, it stopped on number 157 – which is the second model for the 2013 Dream Tomica series (Hyper Builder No. 1)

Anyway, listed below are Dream Tomica models released per year. If I miss one or something needs correcting, please feel free to do so by commenting.

Additionally, I will try to put some remarks on models that I can relate with.

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2012 Dream Tomica –

  1. Super Sonic Runner – box number 141. Seemingly based on a Lamborghini vehicle
  2. Transformers Bumblebee – box number 142. From Transformers film directed by Michael Bay
  3. Pikachu Car – box number 143. From Pokémon
  4. Mario Kart 7 Mario – box number 144. From Mario Bros
  5. Mijumaru Car – box number 145
  6. Batmobile – box number 146. Batmobile used in 1989 Batman film starring Michael Keaton
  7. Transformers Optimus Prime – box number 147. From Transformers film directed by Michael Bay
  8. Batmobile 4th – box number 148. Black Tumbler Batmobile replica
  9. Hyper Rescue No. 1 Type II – box number 149
  10. Mario Kart 7 Yoshi – box number 150. I don’t know what the number 7 is for but that is what it says on the box / package
  11. Hiyoko Chan Bus – box number 151
  12. Hello Kitty – box number 152
  13. Snoopy – box number 153
  14. Snoopy School Bus – box number 154
  15. Rilakkuma – box number 155

2013 Dream Tomica –

  1. Thomas Bus – box number 156
  2. Hyper Builder No. 1 – box number 157 (last Dream Tomica series model to have a numbered package)
  3. Initial D AE86 Trueno – Takumi’s panda Toyota Trueno with black hood. MUST HAVE for Initial D fans and collectors.
  4. Batmobile 4th (Camouflage version) – Tumbler Batmobile in camouflage color. Any reader who saw the first and third Batman film starring Christian Bale would surely remember that before the Tumbler came in black, it was in camouflage color
  5. Shimajiro & Beepy
  6. Kumamon
  7. Ranger Tanser
  8. Korilakkuma
  9. Hello Kitty Stripe Ribbon

2014 Dream Tomica –

  1. Speed Racer Mach 5 – as can be seen in the above portion of this hub, Tomica has already released Speed Racer’s Mach 5 before, making this one a re-issue with seemingly exactly the same model but a with a meager packaging.
  2. Mario Kart 8 Mario – I don’t know the difference of this from the one released last 2012 except for the numbers 7 and 8 in the package.
  3. Initial D AE86 Trueno (White Hood) – another must have for Initial D collectors and fans. This version comes with white hood. As can be remembered, Takumi’s AE86 has been improved / modified by the team after it was damaged racing with Team Emperor
  4. Lupin The Third – one item on my wishlist
  5. Shimajiro Car II
  6. Time Mechabuton
  7. My Melody
  8. Oigawa Railway C11 Thomas The Tank Engine
  9. Snoopy’s Sister Belle
  10. Godzilla
  11. Happy Birthday Hello Kitty
  12. Peanuts Girls Bus

36 Diecast Models

All in all, Dream Tomica series has 36 models.

Some are highly detailed and accurate while there are those that are quite meager and not very appealing for collectors.

If I were to rate the overall Dream Tomica series, I will give it a 4 since not all are desirable or appealing.

The ones that I already have are listed below:

  • Initial D AE86 Trueno (Black hood)
  • Pikachu car
  • Transformers Optimus Prime

That’s just about it! I will end this hub with some photos of the three cars mentioned directly above.



writerjj (author) on September 21, 2015:

Hi Gracieeeee,

Thanks for the appreciation :)

The Speed Racer cartoon is a huge part of my childhood :)

Gracieeeee on September 21, 2015:

Great article! Love the Speed Racer Mach 5!

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